Golden Corral Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Golden Corral Senior Discount

Golden Corral is a famous American buffet restaurant chain where you can enjoy a lavish spread of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition to providing an expansive menu, this family restaurant also offers special discounts to customers. For example, the Golden Corral offers a senior discount policy of 10%, and it gives special discounts and deals to senior citizens on the range of restaurants items. It is important to mention that Golden Corral runs a franchise model, so the concession and rewards may vary from one location to another. Therefore, you must check the zip code to see if the Golden Corral discount for senior citizens is valid or not. 

What is the Golden Corral senior discount? 

Golden Corral senior discount is especially available for senior citizens who are 55 years and above. There are different types of Golden Corral discounts for senior citizens. This means that you can also enjoy your favorite food at a special price on golden corral senior discount days. 

So, if you have entered your prime, then it is time to enjoy this age, and what better than enjoying amazing offers and daily deals at Golden Corals. There are companies offering promo codes, discount codes that meet the senior requirement that helps in maximum savings. However, one must meet the senior age requirements to avail of huge discounts that can lead to real savings. Here is a brief overview of The Golden Corral discount for senior citizens. 

Early bird dinner and brunch: This offer is available for weekend brunch and dinner, and the Golden Corral senior discount age for this offer is 60 years. The Golden Corral senior discount days run from Monday to Saturday between 11 AM to 4 PM, where an entire buffet-style meal is going to cost you just $7.59 including drinks.  

Celebrate your birthday: Get a free treat at Golden Corral on your birthday, or you can also drop in the place on your birthday week. The Golden Corral discount days run for the entire week, and you can get a free meal.  

Join the Good as Gold Club: Don’t miss a chance to join the Golden Club. With a host of discounts and offers waiting for you, the Gold Club grants you access to exclusive offers. This Club offers are not merely limited to the senior citizens, but others can join it. The details are highlighted in the latter part of the write-up. 

Why is the Golden Corral discount for senior citizens?

When you are aging, then life should be simpler and things easier. There are several discounts offered by retail stores, airlines, and even restaurants. The Golden Corral discount for senior citizens is one of them. With this discount, senior citizens above 55 can get special offers and deals on the menu. Senior citizens can get an early bird discount on weekend dinner or brunch (including drinks). They will get 50 cents off on the regular menu prices. In addition, the Golden Corral also offers special membership, which is not limited to just the senior citizens. The Golden Corral Rewards members will earn points for every purchase they make. However, to redeem the points, you need the Golden Corral app and scan the receipt. Golden Corral Reward members get 1 point for every dollar.  

In addition, there is a bonus offer for those who download the app and join the Golden Reward membership program. The members get $5 off on the next purchase of $25. So, it is a beneficial deal for those who are 18 plus, including the senior citizens.  

To sum it up, the senior citizens can not only benefit from the special Golden Corral senior discounts, but they also benefit from the membership program.  

How To Get Golden Corral Senior Discount? 

By now, you know about the different discounts and membership programs offered by Golden Corral; let’s elaborate on the steps to avail of these discounts. 

Early bird discount: This discount is available for citizens who are 60 plus. They get a special buffet priced at $7.59, and this buffet also includes a drink. To avail of this discount, you must have proof of age or register as a member of the Golden Corral Reward program that entails all the details. 

Steps to join the Golden Corral Reward Program

If you wish to join this program, the steps are very simple. 

  • You can join online by logging in to
  • As you scroll down, you will find a detailed section highlighting your name, email ID, city, zip code, and birth date.
  • The birth date, name, and email address sections are mandatory since it helps the company identify if you are eligible for the special senior discount or not.
  • You need to choose a specific Golden Corral restaurant and further choose your criteria like Senior citizen (60+), family with children under 12, group dining, etc. 
  • Remember, this membership is available only for people who are 18 years and above.  

Joining the Golden Corral Reward program via App

A dedicated app from Golden Corral simplifies the process of joining the reward program and gives you the bonus offer of $5 off on the bill of $25 or more. The following steps will take you through the entire process:

  • Go to App Store or Google Play Store to download the Golden Corral app.
  • Once you have downloaded the app, you will be asked to agree with the terms and conditions and choose your age above 18. 
  • Once you have agreed, you can log in with your email ID.
  • The application opens up, and you can choose your favorite Golden Corral location’s zip code.
  • You can check the dashboard where you have the Reward section. 
  • To redeem the point, you need to scan the receipt QR code, or you can also feed the bar code number, and, you will be able to redeem points and avail of the discount.   

Golden Corral FAQs

1. Is there a senior discount for Golden Corral?

Yes, Golden Corral offers a discount for seniors. You can enjoy a special buffet price. In addition, the senior citizens can also join the Golden Corral Member program and redeem the points they have earned while buying at the Golden Corral. 

2. What is the Golden Corral senior discount age?

The age requirement for an individual to avail of a senior discount is 60 years and above for the early bird discount; otherwise, Golden Corral offers a 10% discount to seniors above 55 years of age. 

3. Is there a senior discount for Golden Corral franchises?

Since Golden Corral operates on the franchise model, you will have to check the location-specific senior discount.  

4. How do I become a member of the Golden Corral Reward program?

You can log in to and enter all the details, or else you can download the Golden Corral app from your App Store or Google Play Store.  

5. How do I earn points in the Golden Corral Reward Program?

If you make a purchase via the Golden Corral app, the points will be automatically added to your account. If you are purchasing at the store, you need to scan the QR code or enter the code to redeem the points. Also, you cannot earn points on the purchase of alcohol or discounted food.  

6. Is there an expiry date on the reward points?

Yes, these points are valid only for one year; after that, it expires. 


Golden Corral is a renowned American restaurant chain, and it offers an extensive lunch and dinner buffet along with breakfast. In addition to serving amazing food, Golden Corral also offers an amazing discount to the Golden Reward members and the senior citizens. So, if you are 55 years and above, you must avail of the special early-bird discount and also register with the Golden Corral reward program for an additional discount on food.

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