Goodwill Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Goodwill Senior Discount

If you are a fan of the Goodwill thrift store, you will be glad to know that there are several ways to save money at Goodwill. If you are a senior, you would ask, “Is there a senior discount for Goodwill?” Yes, there is. With this amazing discount, the joy of shopping will get multiplied. In other words, as a senior citizen, availing of the Goodwill senior discount coupon code will let you enjoy lucrative discounts on every purchase.

If you are looking to know everything about Goodwill senior discounts from age to how to get discounts and more, you are on the right page. Are you interested to come across the same in detail? Here is a detailed description of the same!

What is Goodwill Senior Discount?

As a senior citizen, you may feel burdened at the time of purchasing certain items. In such a situation, availing of a favorable discount coupon code will be of great help. On your way to search for discount coupons, you will come across a wide range of choices. However, the Goodwill for senior citizens discount coupon will be a great choice.

Goodwill senior discount policy is a 10% discount every Tuesday to 60+ seniors. However, it is different at various locations. For example, there are one-day senior discounts, seven days discounts. There are also midweek discounts and other such schemes.

By availing of senior discounts, you will be able to come across some great deals while making purchases of any item. You can buy anything from clothing and books along with other items belonging to daily necessities. You will be able to save a great deal against every purchase made.

Why Goodwill discount for senior citizens?

Availing a discount on every purchase will certainly add to the joy of shopping. With Goodwill senior citizen discounts, the senior citizens will be able to enjoy lucrative benefits of a favorable amount of discount of good percentage. The general discount offer is available every Tuesday where the senior citizens will be able to enjoy a standard discount of 10%.

Do inform the cashier at the time of making the purchase. In some cases, you get an additional day of saving, a midweek discount. In such a case, you get a whopping discount of 25%. You may either avail of this discount online or offline.

Goodwill even has Colored Tag Discount Days. In this, you can get varying discounts from 10 % to 50% using color-coded tags. There are half-off Saturdays too. In some stores, you may even get 25% off. You may even get huge savings of 50% or more. So, discounts to senior citizens will help in saving a good amount of money for the future.

To come across the discounts and avoid the missing of these schemes, it is essential to stay up to date with the schemes launched.

How To Get Goodwill senior discount?

  • Find out about the Goodwill senior discount days. As of now, it’s Tuesday.
  • Visit the Goodwill store.
  • Move around the store, explore various sections, and select items you need.
  • Go to the cash counter and show your ID and ask for a senior discount.
  • Make payment and enjoy savings!

Tips for Saving Money at Goodwill

Goodwill discount for senior citizens will help you to save a good amount of money against every purchase you make. Following are some useful tips to help you enjoy savings at Goodwill. You can spend the savings on your retirement bucket list. Isn’t that great? So, let’s find out the handy tips.

  • Returning later when the item of your choice is available – Some people commit the blunder of making unnecessary purchases just for the sake of discount. To make proper utilization of the Goodwill senior discount scheme, it is advisable to purchase only those items that will be useful to you genuinely. Purchasing unnecessary items may result in unnecessary wastage of money. Also, it will be nothing other than wasting the coupon code.
  • Book lovers Must Wait for stock rotation sale – If you are a book lover, you must be excited to add to your collection of books. However, the high cost of the books may be giving you nightmares. Hence, it is essential to wait for the discount scheme by Goodwill senior discount days.

You will be able to grab some of the best collections of books at high discounted price rates. It will become easy to stock the desired books with ease. During stock rotation sale, you can get 50% off on not only paperback but hardcover books too.

  • Joining the online club – Joining the club is another important tip to follow to avail of some lucrative benefits associated with senior citizen discounts. All you need is to provide your active email address at the time of registering, where you will receive notifications. With a wide range of mails, you will be able to make out the best and the one that will suit your needs.

This is another step that will help you to avail a great discount at the time of making a purchase. In this manner, you will receive constant notifications that will help in making out the best.

  • Coming across the desired item – Everyone desires of buying high-quality furniture for the home to give an exclusive touch to the house. But it is the high price that discourages the buyers. In such a case, it is advisable to wait for special offers released by Goodwill. All you require is to apply the offer and get the item delivered to your home. Afterward, applying some grease or paint will help in giving a new look to the furniture pieces.

Goodwill FAQs

What is the best day for shopping at Goodwill?

Many frequent buyers suggest that Monday and Tuesday are the best days, as weekends are very crowded. Also, homeowners usually drop stuff on Sunday nights.

Is a military discount available at Goodwill?

Yes, military discounts can be easily available by applying Goodwill discount coupons. Veterans who have signed up for the rewards program will also be able to enjoy the discounts.

What is Goodwill senior discount age?

It is 60+ years.

How can I save 50% at Goodwill stores?

Goodwill offers 50% off on select merchandise daily. They have color-coded tags that are changed on Tuesdays. You need to pick items with a tag that matches the “Color of the Week” display to get a discount.


In conclusion, it can be easily made out that the Goodwill senior discount 2022 will let in the easy saving of the money. To enjoy the benefits, it is advisable to stay up-to-date with their newsletters. The time has come to grab one for you and enjoy the lucrative perks associated with discounts.

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