Great Clips Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Great Clips Senior Discount

Great Clips Mission statement is to make it easier, convenient, and comfortable for customers to avail amazing haircuts and hairstyles at an affordable price. Reaching out to maximum people for a great haircut at a pocket-friendly rate is what Great Clips aim for.

A reliable and popular salon established back in 1982, Great Clips, Inc. started its journey in the hairstyling industry in Minneapolis. With more than 4,400 hair salons throughout the United States and Canada, Great Clips has surfaced as the world’s largest and most esteemed hair salon brand in its 40 years of journey. Great Clips has a huge franchisee network with 1,200 franchises throughout different locations, employing over 40,000 hairstylists. As a brand, it has business in almost 180 markets.

Unbeatable style and pro haircuts for men, women, and kids make Great Clips a favorite choice of more than two million customers. Great Clips strictly adheres to professional training and skilled hairstyling, for which stylists undergo an exclusive training program that also focuses on Great Clip’s customer care services. Dedicated efforts to offer uninterrupted and top-notch hairstyling to customers keep Great Clips ahead in the competitive market. Great Clips offer services 24/7, so the customers can avail themselves of whenever they want. 

Why Should You Ask for Great Clips Senior Discount?

Great Clips is the leading salon brand in the US that offers professional and exclusive hairstyle and personal care services by trained and skilled professionals. So, when you need the best styling for yourself at affordable rates and fall in the senior age bracket, you must ask for the Great Clips senior discount without hesitation.

To check such offers, you can visit their official website, or you can download their app to get such notifications. This way, by adding your name to the waitlist as you head for the salon, you can avoid the rush and save time. Besides, pro customer service includes the Clip Notes facility, with which every time you visit them, technicians keep a note of your favorite haircut so that you can get it at any Great Clips outlet. So, this seems to be an easy option for seniors who can not only save dollars with senior discount but save time as well with Great Clips exclusive benefits.

How To Get Great Clips Senior Discount?

At Great Clips salons, they do offer senior discounts on their existing low regular prices for haircuts. However, there is a certain age limit for availing of this discount. Moreover, there is no specific senior discount day celebrated in this salon. This implies that Great Clips offers a senior discount every day, all you need to be is eligible. All participating salon outlets of Great Clips offer this discount. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • As per senior discount, you get $2 off on regular haircut prices.
  • The discount is only valid on a haircut and not on any products or styling services.
  • Senior discounts might vary at participating salons. So, you can call your nearest outlet to know their offers.
  • Seniors of 65+ age qualify to avail of the senior discount.

Step 1

While you book an appointment at your nearest Great Clips salon or any outlet, over the phone or via their official site, simply mention your age while filling up or providing details.

Step 2

When your hairstylist calls you, simply mention that you qualify for the senior discount. Your senior discount will be automatically applied to your haircut session.

Other Ways You Can Save With Great Clips

Take the Great Clips Survey

Great Clips Customer Satisfaction Survey allows you to win the Great Clips coupon code just for spending a few minutes to take their online survey at Tell them if you are satisfied with their services and your opinion on key aspects like staff behavior, management, and complaints if any. 

The company values customer feedback and wants to know how its customers feel and what they think about their services. They want to make use of this data to better themselves. To take the survey, you need to be a valid resident of the USA, UK, or Canada whose age must be a minimum of 18 years. Only one survey per purchase is allowed.

Similar Companies That Do Offer Senior Discounts

There are few salon brands and stores that offer senior discounts. While here you are informed about them, there is no shame in asking a salon if they offer such a discount. Many salons arrange exclusive benefits for seniors, which include discounts. Here are two salons apart from Great Clips which arrange for senior discounts.

  • MasterCuts is another salon that offers a senior discount for those above 60 years of age and older. A discount of 20% is provided from Monday to Thursday on all salon services and hair care products. However, to avail of the discount, one must present a senior discount card, at any outlet.
  • Supercuts senior discount is also available. However, not all, but some Supercuts locations offer a senior discount of $2 on their regular adult prices for a haircut. This offer is for customers 60 years of age and older.

However, discount offers and services may vary from location to location of salons, so be sure to ask a salon about their senior discount offers.

Great Clips FAQs

Do Great Clips have senior hours?

No, Great Clips do not mention any specific hour for availing of the senior discount. It can be availed any day at any time, just make sure you verify with your selected outlet if they are participating in the discount offer.

What is Great Clips senior discount age?

A customer needs to be at least 65 years of age or older to avail of the senior discount at Great Clips.

Is there a senior discount day at Great Clips?

There is no specific senior discount day at Great clips.  Great Clips senior discount offer is available every day of the week.

Do Great Clips accept AARP?

As of 2021 records, Great Clips did not adhere to AARP discount policies. However, for updated information on AARP discount availability with Great Clips, you can check out their website.


Great Clips’ competitors try their best to beat them. However, Great Clips is a branded salon quite popular in the US. With exclusive customer services and enhanced experience, they have been able to beat their competitors. Check-in Online and Clip Notes make your experiences at Great Clip hassle-free, along with ReadyNext text that alerts you about your turn just 15 minutes in advance, minimizing your waiting time at the salon. Thus, excellence and customer satisfaction top the priority list. Great Clips is one of the best haircut shops for young and old alike. Save with exclusive Great Clips discount deals for seniors!

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