GSK Mission Statement

In the world of health care and pharmacy, GlaxoSmithKline also known as GSK is one of the topmost players globally, 6th largest as per Forbes as of 2019. GSK was founded in the year of 2000 with Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham merger. Before the merger Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham were individual brands that had their own set of success stories.

gsk mission statement

GSK manufactures medicines for asthma, neurological disorders, cancer, infections, diabetes and more. Several medicines developed at GSK are now sold as generic medicines. GSK also has a consumer healthcare division, that makes oral healthcare products including the popular Sensodyne toothpaste along with drinks like Horlicks and Boost that are quite popular in India.

Glaxo Timeline

Joseph Nathan founded a trading company under his name as Joseph Nathan & Co in 1873. Glaxo became part of the Joseph Nathan & Co in 1935. In 1947, Glaxo became the parent company and the entire organizational structure was changed. By1978, Glaxo becomes the key player in the US market. In 1983, The American branch Glaxo Inc. moves to Research Triangle Park and Zebulon in North Carolina.

Wellcome Timeline

In 1880, American pharmacists Henry Wellcome and Silas Burroughs establish Burroughs Wellcome & Company in London. In 1902, they established the first research lab by the name of Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories. In the 1920s, they established a research facility in New York which was the headquarter of the company. By 1971, the company moved to Research Triangle Park. In 1959, the Company took over Copper, McDougall and Robertsons Inc. and entered into animal health. In 1995, Glaxo and Wellcome merge to become Glaxo Wellcome Plc.

Beecham Timeline

In 1848, the Beecham Group was founded in England by Thomas Beecham and started producing a laxative Beecham’s Pills. In 1859, the first factory was opened by Beecham. In the 1960s, Beecham was busy with the research of penicillin, toothpaste. He came out with Amoxil in 1972 that became a popular antibiotic later. Augmentin, an antibiotic came out in 1981. J. B. Williams bought The Aqua Velva and Geritol brands in 1982. It was in 1989 when the Beecham Group plc and SmithKline Beckman merged to become SmithKline Beecham; and in 2000, SmithKline Beecham and GlaxoWellcome came together to form GlaxoSmithKline.

SmithKline Timeline

In 1830, the first pharmacy by John K Smith was established. Mahlon Kline and Smith became partners in 1865 and after 10 years their company became Smith, Kline & Co.

In 1929, this company along with a French company Richard and Company was known as Smith Kline & French Laboratories and collaborated to do research. Later by 1969, they went international and purchased labs in Canada and the United States. In 1982, they bought the skin products brand Allergan and merged with Beckman Inc to become SmithKline Beckman. In 1989, they saw the merger of SmithKline Beckman with Beecham Group of companies and came to be known as SmithKline Beecham.

As you see the extensive history of various companies coming together to form the company that we know today as GlaxoSmithKline or GSK.

GSK Mission Statement

GSK Mission Statement is “To improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better, live longer.”

The GSK mission statement paints a clear picture in simple words to explain what exactly the company lives by and strives to achieve i.e.

Enhancing the quality of life: GSK is a pharmaceutical company that aims to fulfil the medical needs of the people by manufacturing effective medicines and other products so that they can lead a better-quality life. In other words, the company aims to play a key role in allowing people to live a better, longer and healthy life through its medicines, vaccines and other products.

Enable people to do more: This part of the mission statement can be deciphered in 2 ways. One, the company through its innovation in the field of medicines, vaccines and healthcare products helps the public to live healthily and achieve more in life. The second way of interpreting this is concerning GSK employees.

In tune with GSK mission statement, the company also invests in research activities related to immunity, genetics, and advanced technologies. The company is also aware that the healthcare needs of millions are still not met. For this, the company has taken many initiatives to improve global health and help people fight diseases like polio, malaria, and HIV etc. The company also works to fight the root causes of diseases to help communities live in a healthy way. For this, it makes use of science, advanced technologies, and affordable prices of its products.

The company values its employees and conducts a 6-monthly survey to know their thoughts about the company and workplace. Talk sessions are also conducted to share ideas and opinions. Moreover, the company respects its employees’ rights and allow them to voice their opinion. The company upholds the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and also follows the labor standards as stated by the International Labour Organization. GSK has also signed the UN Global Compact. This signifies the seriousness of the company towards employee welfare.

The company has two programs named Orange Days and PULSE that allow its employees to do volunteer work for communities and their health, which also enrich their experience.

GSK Vision Statement 

GSK vision is quite similar to GSK mission statement. The company’s vision states “The opportunity to make a difference to millions of lives every day.”

GSK keeps its vision statement crisp and to the point to convey its message effectively. As per GSK vision, the company feels obliged and is humbled to have got the opportunity to serve the community. This speaks about its eagerness to work for society and that profitability is not the sole objective of the company. This is proved by the fact that the company takes up several initiatives to make a difference in the loves of the poor and needy who cannot afford or are not aware of healthy living.

GSK aspires to make a change in the lives of people and make it healthier and better life through its medicines, health products, and various initiatives to help the poor. To attain GSK mission and vision, the company devised certain strategic priorities in 2008. These include growing business in a balanced manner, deliver products for improvement, efficient business model, and meet the expectations of everyone through responsible business.

Making a positive difference in the lives of people is at the core of GSK vision statement. Here people are not only its customers and clients but also the employees of the company. 

GSK Core values 

Let us now take a look at GSK core values that propel the company and its people towards GSK mission and vision. 

  • Patient Focus

Many people across the globe do not have access even to basic medical supplies and facilities. Keeping that in mind, the organization tries to do the best it can for the patients it can reach. They are constantly trying to research and develop medicines and vaccines to help people across the globe, especially those whose medical needs are still unmet.

  • Transparency

The company is committed to sharing its clinical data with complete honesty and transparency. GSK believes in disclosing the facts and figures related to the research, experiments, and clinical trials as they are. The trial results are shared irrespective of the outcome negative or positive. In 2004, the company introduced GSK Study Register online, which can be accessed online by anyone. It contains the details of GSK clinical research. There are thousands of GSK clinical studies in this online register.

  • Respect

GSK is very well aware that we live in a world which is diverse and full of different types of people, different cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicity. They do not discriminate and strive to follow an inclusive culture where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. 

  • Integrity

Integrity means doing the right thing always, no matter what. GSK believes in keeping its word, thus it is very honest in its operations and dealings. Pharmaceutical companies are expected to work with integrity and keep the interest of patients first. GSK is committed to following high standards of integrity that are reflected in its operations, quality of products, and happy employees.


GSK mission and vision statement along with its core values guide the company in a positive direction not only in terms of its profitability but also in making people and communities healthy. The company has made a mark globally and has achieved several milestones through its breakthrough research and discoveries like discovering the penicillin nucleus, medicine for HIV, effective treatment for asthma, and more. The company also believes in making the planet healthier and strives to follow a sustainable approach that protects the planet. 

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