Does Hilton Price Match? Hilton Price Match Policy Offers The Lowest Price Adjustment And Additional Discounts

Today most companies have a price match policy to enhance credibility and increase sales. These policies are a way of telling the customers how much the company values them and want to offer them the best price. Like many other companies, Hilton Hotels and Resorts provides not only a remarkable experience by providing the best facilities but also offers the best rates to the customers.

To ensure that they offer accommodation to their customers at the best price, Hilton has a clearly defined Hilton price match policy. You might have also seen Hilton Price Match Commercial on TV.

Hilton does provide its customers with the best rates, but at the same time, it also assures them that if they come across a lower price of the room (booked by the customer) on other websites, Hilton honors lower price and gives 25% off as an added discount per night.

So, if you are traveling and have booked the Hilton hotel, don’t miss the chance to compare the room tariff price match and enjoy a huge discount. The further sections of the blog will highlight the details of the Hilton price match guarantee policy and the steps to know how Hilton honors price match.

The Hilton price match guarantees its customer the best rates for their bookings. If you have booked a room and find a lower qualified price for the same room and terms before your reservation or 24 hours after making your reservation, then you can claim for a price match. But to get a claim for this, you must make the booking through one of the official Hilton booking channels. The company will verify your claim and give you an additional 25% off on the room rate for each night of your stay.  

How to Get Hilton Price Match

There are two ways to get the price match, one is via claim form, and the second is over the call. The following segment highlights the details of both these processes:

Option 1

  • To make a claim, you have to fill the price match guarantee claim form by clicking on this link 
  • In the form, you will need to give details of the lower rate. You also need to mention the website where you found the lower rate.
  • Here you will be asked to fill in the confirmation number and last name, and it should be the same as that of your booking.
  • Fill in the details and submit the form. 
  • You can claim for the lower price up to 24 hours after making the reservation.
  • The name mentioned on the form should match the name on the claim.
  • You can submit only one claim for each reservation.
  • Hilton will send you a confirmation mail or you will get a phone call within 24 hours from the time you submit the claim form.
  • Make sure that you have the screenshot of the app and the reservation details handy with you.

Option 2 

Hilton price match can be done over the call. You just need to call up the center agents and claim for the lower price. But remember, this is only valid if you have made the reservation or up to 24 hours after making the reservation. You can connect on 1-800-445-8667 if you are calling from U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. For other places, you must connect with the local reservation office of your region.

You must not miss here because you must check the different pricing for the same accommodation via Hilton authorized booking channels and book the one at the lowest price to be eligible for this price match policy. 

Authorized Hilton booking channels 

• Official Hilton website

• Official Hilton call center

• Hilton Honors app

• Directly contacting a Hilton hotel

• Accredited travel agents

One has to fulfill the following parameters to qualify for the lower price: 

  • The qualifying lower price should be there on one of the official booking channels of Hilton; if otherwise, you cannot qualify for the lower price.
  • This policy is valid for the same accommodations available at a lower price on the official booking channels of Hilton.
  • There should be no restriction on the booking, and it is bookable and viewable by anyone. 

Exceptions for the lower qualified pricing: 

  • If you have booked a different room, for example, if you have booked a queen room and are comparing it with the price of a king room, the Hilton price match policy won’t be applicable.
  • You cannot claim lower qualified pricing for the same hotel. For example, if you have booked in Waldorf Astoria, Beverly Hills, then the price is valid for the Beverly Hilton.
  • If you have booked a sea view room, you cannot claim a lower price or partial sea view.
  • The check-in and check-out dates should be the same. 
  • If the number of guests is different, the lower-priced one will not be valid. For example, if you have booked a room for 2 adults and 1 kid and are looking for a lower price of a room for 2 adults only.
  • The terms and conditions of the room booking should match.

Process of claim review: Key Pointers

Hilton reserves the right to review the claim and check if it is valid or not. The following segment highlights the process of claim review:

  • Hilton will review the claim form within 24 hours of submission.
  • When you are claiming on the call, Hilton will validate the claim immediately.
  • To know that your claim has been received, Hilton staff will send you an e-mail or call you within 24 hours.
  • The same accommodation must be available for booking.
  • In case you plan to stay for a longer duration, Hilton will evaluate the total room price for the entire stay.
  • Hilton reserves the right to cancel the claim if the percentage of difference price is 1% or lesser than it.

Once Hilton completes the verification process and qualifies it, they will provide 25% off on the room price for your entire stay. 


Now that you are aware of the Hilton price match policy in detail, the next time you book with them, you can cross-check the prices on other sites. Remember, Hilton, reserves the right to cancel the claim in case it doesn’t match the qualifying parameters mentioned by the company. Hence, you must cross-check the qualifying parameters and then compare the same before applying for the claim.

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