Hobby Lobby Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Hobby Lobby mission statement is “offering our customers exceptional selection and value. Serving our employees and their families by establishing a work environment and company policies that build character, strengthen individuals, and nurture families.” The following main parts make up this statement:

  1. Distinguished products and services
  2. Improving lives

The first part echoes the passionate nature of this organization to not only support but also promote creativity in the U.S. To do this, the company identifies and markets the finest works of art by different creators such as ornaments, décor and pillows, mirrors and wall décor, and many other event-based creations. The second part explicates more on the impact of Hobby Lobby in the lives of its clients through its products. In fact, the DIY projects and videos reveal more creative approaches that the company uses to make the lives of its clients fun-filled.


The mission and vision statements of Hobby Lobby are a reflection of a corporation that understands the dynamics of its business. It, therefore, perfectly responds by making its approaches and growth path clear through its corporate statements. A corporate vision statement describes what a company desires to do or accomplish in the future. In contrast, a corporate mission statement comprises a description of how a business looks to stimulate its growth and development.

In this case analysis of Hobby Lobby, the vision statement alludes to influencing change in the art and crafts store with Christian values. The mission statement of this company emphasizes on the importance of close inter-relationships between the company and the clients for the success of the business. Hobby Lobby also employs its core values to position the company strategically. This is because they create a unique culture that supports all the stakeholders, including the clients.

Vision Statement

Though Hobby Lobby is yet to publish its official vision statement, the company has been led by the desire “to influence and market creative arts while incorporating Christian values.”

Since the David and Barbara Green opened the first store in 1970, this has been the guiding vision of this company. In fact, the products showcased by the company in all its more than 850 stores in the U.S. is proof of how committed Hobby Lobby is to this duty.

Core Values

Hobby Lobby core values comprise “innovative ideas, passion, and hard work.” These values are credited to the reputation that this company enjoys today.

They are responsible for inspiring and maintaining a progressive culture among every worker, partners and stakeholders related to Hobby Lobby.


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