How Big Are Crumbl Cookies? (Sizes, Servings + More)

How Big Are Crumbl Cookies

Are you a fan of Crumbl Cookies? Have you ever wondered just how big these delicious treats really are? Well, wonder no more! In this blog post, we’ll explore the size of Crumbl Cookies and give you a better understanding of just how much cookie you’re getting with each bite. So, let’s dive right into it!

How Big Are Crumbl Cookies?

Crumbl Cookies come in two sizes: regular and mini. The regular cookies have a diameter of approximately 4.5 inches and weigh between 150-160 grams, while the mini cookies are approximately 3 inches in diameter and weigh around 52 grams each.

Crumbl Cookies are definitely larger than the average store-bought cookies. Since they are made by hand and contain extra ingredients, they are denser and heavier than traditional cookies.

To give you an idea, imagine that a standard Oreo cookie has a diameter of approximately 1.75 inches and weighs around 12 grams. A Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookie, on the other hand, has a diameter of around 2.25 inches and weighs around 16 grams. 

So, you can imagine how much bigger a Crumbl Cookie is compared to these two popular brands.

How Big Is One Crumbl Cookie?

One regular Crumbl Cookie is approximately 4.5 inches in diameter, while a mini cookie is around 3 inches across. A single Crumbl Cookie will keep you full for quite a while, while a mini cookie is a perfect size for an afternoon pick-me-up or late-night snack. 

How Many Servings Are in One Crumbl Cookie?

The number of servings per cookie varies based on how it is cut, how big the slices are, and how many people you’re sharing with. 

Generally speaking, one regular Crumbl Cookie can be cut into four slices, while the mini cookies are best served as individual pieces. 

Given the size of a regular Crumbl Cookie, a single cookie can easily serve 4-5 people. So, you get plenty of servings per cookie.

What Сan You Compare the Size of a Crumbl Cookie To?

A regular Crumbl Cookie has a diameter of approximately 4.5 inches, which is about the same size as a standard-sized burrito or a small plate. A mini Crumbl Cookie, on the other hand, is about the size of an egg or a smaller plate. 

If you were to compare the size of a regular Crumbl Cookie to other popular desserts, it would be about a medium-sized donut, a small pancake, or a waffle. Similarly, a mini Crumbl Cookie would be comparable in size to a cupcake or a sweet.

For a completely different type of comparison, you can compare one Crumbl Cookie to that of a floppy disk (for those who remember those!). Both have a diameter of around 4-5 inches and are relatively thin in size.

How Many Crumbl Cookies Are in One Box?

Crumbl Cookies offers different box sizes depending on the quantity and size of the cookies you order. Here are the most common box sizes and the number of cookies they typically contain:

  • 4-pack: 4 regular-sized cookies
  • 6-pack: 6 regular-sized cookies
  • 12-pack: 12 regular-sized cookies (also called the “Dozen Box” or “Party Box”)

One box of regular-sized cookies can easily feed 4-5 people, depending on how you slice it. The cost of the box varies depending on how many cookies you order and how much you’re willing to spend. 

What Are the Best Crumbl Cookies Flavors?

Crumbl Cookies is known for its ever-changing creative, and delicious cookie flavors menu. Here are some of the most popular Crumbl Cookies flavors:

  • Chocolate Chip: A classic cookie that never goes out of style, the Crumbl Cookies version features a soft, chewy center and plenty of melty chocolate chips.
  • Milk Chocolate Chip: Similar to the classic chocolate chip, but with the addition of milk chocolate chips that add extra creaminess and sweetness.
  • Chilled Sugar: A soft, buttery sugar cookie that’s topped with a generous layer of frosting and served chilled.
  • Biscoff Lava: A decadent cookie filled with rich Biscoff cookie butter and topped with a drizzle of white chocolate.
  • Cinnamon Swirl: A soft, cinnamon-spiced cookie that’s swirled with a sweet cream cheese frosting.
  • Snickerdoodle: A classic cookie that’s coated in a blend of cinnamon and sugar with a soft and chewy center.
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip: A peanut butter lover’s dream, this cookie is loaded with chunks of chocolate chips and plenty of peanut butter flavor.

However, these flavors might not be available all the time. Since Crumbl Cookies changes its menu every week, it’s hard to keep up with all of its delicious flavors. On the flip side, it means you can always come back for something new! 

Are Crumbl Cookies Worth It?

While Crumbl Cookies might not be on the cheaper side of the spectrum, they are definitely worth every penny. They are handmade from scratch with only premium ingredients and have a great taste that offers something different from everyday cookies.

The variety of flavors is incredible, and the portion sizes are generous. Although they are high in calories, indulgence is worth it. Plus, they stay fresh for up to two weeks if you store them properly.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious treat that won’t disappoint and is sure to please, Crumbl Cookies is worth looking into! 


In short, Crumbl Cookies are bigger than the average store-bought cookie and can easily be shared with friends. A regular-sized cookie is about 4.5″ in diameter, while a mini Crumbl Cookie is about 3″ in diameter. It’s a great treat for those craving something sweet and delicious. Plus, the variety of flavors is guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth!

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