How Long Will CVS Hold a Prescription for You?

How Long Will CVS Hold a Prescription for You

If you have a prescription from your doctor that needs to be filled at CVS, it’s important to know how long the pharmacy will hold onto it for you. Generally speaking, CVS will only keep a prescription on file for two days before they must return the medication to their inventory. This means that if you don’t pick up your medicine within those two days, you’ll need to contact your doctor and get another prescription to get the medication again. So planning and ensuring you can pick up your medicine in time is important!

How Long Can CVS Hold a Prescription?

CVS cannot hold a prescription for more than two days. After the two days, CVS must return the medication to their inventory, and you will need to obtain a new prescription from your doctor to get it again. 

It’s important to know how long CVS will hold your prescription for you so that you can plan accordingly and ensure that it doesn’t expire before you can pick it up. Knowing the policies of your local CVS can help ensure that all goes as smoothly as possible.

What Does CVS Do to the Prescription if I’m Late to Pick It Up?

If you cannot pick up your prescription within two days of it being ready, we recommend reordering immediately. CVS cannot hold onto the medication for more than two days.  After that, they must return the medication to their inventory. 

How Long Does It Take till CVS Prescriptions Are Ready?

The amount of time it takes for your prescription to be filled at CVS depends on various factors, including the type of medication you need and whether your doctor’s office sends it electronically. Generally speaking, most prescriptions take between 24–48 hours to be ready, but this can vary depending on the complexity of the medicine. 

Checking with your local CVS ahead of time can help you get an accurate estimate of how long it will take for your prescription to be ready. By understanding the policies of CVS when it comes to holding prescriptions and filling them, you’ll be able to ensure that you receive the medication you need promptly.

What to Do When Prescription Is on Hold?

If your prescription is on hold, it’s important to contact your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will be able to provide more information about why the medication is on hold and what you can do to get it released. It’s also a good idea to call your local CVS pharmacy and inquire about their policies regarding holding prescriptions and filling them. 

Can I Move My Prescription to Another CVS Location?

Yes, you can move your prescription to another CVS location. All you need to do is visit the CVS website and select the option ‘Transfer Prescription.’ Enter the required information, such as your name, phone number, and prescription number, to begin the transfer process. Once complete, your prescription will be transferred over and filled at the new location.

Can a Prescription Be Ordered Online?

Yes, you can order a prescription online through CVS. To do this, visit the CVS website and select ‘Order Refills.’ From there, enter your prescription information and payment method to complete the order. Once done, your medication will be shipped directly to your home or local store.

How Long Will CVS Keep My Medical Record? 

CVS will keep your medical record on file for ten years. After that, it will be destroyed by the law and regulations regarding medical records retention. It’s important to keep a record of your medications and treatments so that you can refer back to them if needed. Knowing this ahead of time will help you keep track of any changes or additions to your medical history.


Does CVS Deliver All the Medicine?

No, CVS does not deliver all medications. Certain prescriptions require that you pick them up in-store due to safety considerations.

Can I Pick Up My Prescription from Any CVS Location?

Yes, you can pick up your prescription from any CVS Pharmacy location. All you need is your prescription number and a valid ID.

How Can I Ask for My CVS Order to Be Delivered?

If you want your CVS order delivered, simply select the ‘delivery’ option when placing your order online. You can then enter the address where you’d like your order shipped. Depending on your location, there may be an additional fee for delivery services.

Can I Get a Refill on My Prescription?

Yes, you can get a refill on your prescription at CVS. When you go to the pharmacy, simply provide your prescription number and ask for a refill. Sometimes, you may need to get authorization from your doctor before your refill can be processed.

Can My Prescription Be Picked Up by Someone Else?

If you need to pick up a prescription for someone else, then you will need to have a written prescription from their doctor. This document should include the patient’s name, doctor’s information (name, address, phone number), and the medication they are being prescribed. You will also need to provide your photo ID. Once these documents have been presented, then someone else can pick up the prescription for you.


Regarding holding and filling prescriptions, CVS provides customers with many options. You can move your prescription to another location, order it online, and even request delivery. It’s also possible to get a refill on your prescription or have someone else pick it up for you. Knowing this information and understanding their policies will help ensure you get your prescription when needed.


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