How Many Calories Are in Crumbl Cookies? (Nutrition Facts, Calories + More)

How Many Calories Are in Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies are known for their delicious, gourmet flavors and indulgent goodness. But how many calories are in each one? Are they a healthy treat or an indulgence? To answer these questions and more, here is a look at Crumbl Cookies’ calories, nutrition information, and other common questions.

How Many Calories Are in Crumbl Cookies?

An average Crumbl Cookie contains about 500-600 calories per cookie. However, the exact calorie count can vary based on flavor. That said, here are the calorie counts for some popular flavors:

  • Milk Chocolate Chip – 560 calories per cookie 
  • Classic Pink Sugar – 520 calories per cookie 
  • S’mores – 600 calories per cookie 
  • Raspberry Cheesecake – 680 calories per cookie
  • Old Fashioned Doughnut – 400 calories per cookie

It’s important to note that these calorie counts are for one whole cookie, and Crumbl Cookies typically list a serving size as 1/4 of a cookie. So, if you see Crumbl Cookies in a store, it’s important to remember that the calorie count listed on the label is for 1/4 of a cookie. 

This means that if you eat a whole cookie, you’re consuming more calories than what’s listed in the nutritional information

How Are Crumbl Cookies Calories Counted?

To determine the calorie count of Crumbl Cookies, analysts first examine the nutritional content of the ingredients used in the recipe. Then, they calculate the calorie count based on the number of calories in each ingredient and the serving size of the cookie. With this data, analysts are able to determine a precise calorie count for Crumbl cookies. 

Why Are Cookies So High in Calories?

Cookies can be high in calories for several reasons. Here are some factors that contribute to their high-calorie content:

  • Sugar – Most cookies are made with a lot of sugar, adding calories without providing significant nutritional value. Sugar also contributes to the addictive quality of cookies, making it difficult to stop eating them.
  • Fat – Many cookie recipes call for high-fat ingredients like butter or oil, which can add a lot of calories. Fat is also a dense source of calories, meaning that a small amount can contribute a lot of calories to a food item.
  • Flour – Cookies are made with flour, which is a carbohydrate that provides energy. However, some types of flour, such as white flour, are highly processed and have less nutritional value than whole-grain flour. This means that cookies made with white flour may have more calories and fewer nutrients than those made with whole-grain flour.
  • Portion size – Cookies are often consumed in large portions, which can add up to a lot of calories. Many people don’t realize how many calories they’re consuming when they eat cookies because they don’t consider the portion size.

All these factors contribute to Crumble Cookies’ high-calorie content. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Crumbl Cookies as part of a balanced diet. The key is to be mindful of portion size, choose lower-calorie flavors, and enjoy them in moderation.

Are Crumbl Cookies Healthy?

Crumbl Cookies are a tasty treat, but they are not considered a healthy food option. They are generally high in calories, sugar, and fat. These ingredients are not necessarily unhealthy in moderation, but it’s important to be mindful of portion size and frequency when consuming Crumbl Cookies. 

How Many Crumbl Cookies Can I Eat?

There is no strict ban on how many Crumbl Cookies or any other treat you can eat. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how much you want to indulge based on your own preferences, hunger levels, and health goals.

It’s important not to obsess over counting calories or to restrict yourself too much. If you want to enjoy some Crumbl Cookies, go ahead and savor them mindfully. After all, enjoying treats in moderation can be a part of a healthy and balanced diet. 

However, if you are watching your weight or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you may want to limit yourself to one or two Crumbl Cookies per day. Limiting treats to 20% or less of your daily calorie intake is recommended. So if you’re trying to stay within a 2,000-calorie diet, you should limit Crumbl Cookies to 400 calories daily. Depending on the flavor and size, this may equate to one or two Crumbl Cookies. 

Calories in Crumbl Cookies Compared to Other Treats

When compared to other snacks, Crumbl Cookies can be considered fairly high in calories. Generally speaking, cookies tend to be high in calories because they are often made with ingredients like sugar and butter.

For example, a regular Crumbl Cookie typically contains around 500 to 600 calories. Compared to a serving of potato chips, which typically contains around 150 calories, Crumble Cookies are significantly higher in calories. Similarly, Crumbl Cookies contain more calories than a slice of cake, which typically contains around 300 to 400 calories.

Overall, Crumble Cookies are high in calories compared to many other snacks. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Crumbl Cookies as part of a balanced diet. Just make sure you practice portion control and enjoy them in moderation. 


Crumble Cookies can be considered fairly high in calories. Depending on the size and flavor, a single Crumbl Cookie can contain 500 to 600 calories. Although it’s not the healthiest snack option, Crumbl Cookies can still be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. Just remember to make room for other healthy snacks and treats in your diet! 

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Happy Eating!

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