How to Create a Mission Statement for a Smart Innovations Company?

How to Create a Mission Statement

Does your company sell a smart refrigerator or a smart garage door opener? In any case, Smart Innovations is the only main thing you should focus on.

Smart means intelligent and bright. However, in today’s world, it’s more commonly known by the acronym: Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology. Any company that manufactures smart technology and devices has to leave room open for innovation. Why?

The reason is simple. Technology is a result of innovation. You cannot create unique products or derive new ways to solve existing problems if you don’t innovate. Innovation is the change. It’s everything that a person needs to add uniqueness to a product/service. So, for a Smart Innovations Company to be truly innovative, there should be an innovation mission statement.

Read more to learn what it is and how to create one!

What’s an Innovation Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a summary of the main objectives and goals. It can be used by a person, company, or any other organization that wants to fulfill a purpose. Please note that a mission statement doesn’t state what an organization is or does. Instead, it tells the purpose of existence. 

So, what does an innovation mission statement mean? An innovation mission statement is simply a mission statement that defines the goals to achieve innovation. It gives the company a clear direction to focus on and maximize the level of innovation the company.

3 Steps to Create a Mission Statement for a Smart Innovations Company

Writing a mission statement for a Smart Innovations Company is not at all problematic. All you must have is little patience and understanding. Here are the three steps to create a perfect mission statement!

Give Yourself Time to Think

The very first step is to dedicate some time to the thought process. Think about the purpose of innovation and why you want it in your company.

Is it because you want employees to become more open to trial and error? Do you want the intellectual curiosity to increase in your team? Are you looking for better business opportunities through innovation?

Consider these questions without limiting yourself to the company’s niche or legal structure. For example, a hardware company can totally focus its innovation efforts on a social cause. That’s okay! It’s great if you can sit down in a quiet place and just think. But, it’s not necessary. You can do this while you’re on the morning walk or exercising in the gym.

Draft the Mission Statement

Now, give some substance and structure to your innovation mission. Create a sentence, paragraph, or even an illustration. There are no set rules. However, make sure your mission is clear, simple, and meaningful. Most companies find it easier to convey their innovation mission through a few lines. Some famous examples include:

●    Microsoft – to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

●     Nike – to do everything possible to expand human potential.

●     Tesla – to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Discuss It With Others

Once the innovation mission statement is final, let everyone in the company know about it. It will help increase coordination between employees and yield faster results. You can host a conference for senior team members and key employees. These people can then pass the information down to other employees. Alternatively, you can make use of newsletters and emails to inform about the change.

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