How to Get Free Stuff at McDonald’s? (All the Hacks Are Here)

How to Get Free Stuff at McDonald’s

Who doesn’t love free stuff? McDonald’s is known for its delicious food, but it also offers a variety of freebies to its customers. In this article, we will discuss all the ways you can get free stuff at McDonald’s. We will also provide tips on how to get the most out of your freebies! So, whether you are a longtime fan of McDonald’s or you are just looking to save some money, keep reading for information on how to get free stuff from Mickey D’s!

How to Get Free Stuff at McDonald’s?

In order to get free stuff at McDonald’s, you will need to take advantage of the various promotions and offers that the restaurant chain provides. McDonald’s frequently offers free food and drink items to customers who make a purchase through the app or sign up for the loyalty program. You can also get freebies by participating in customer surveys or by downloading the McDonald’s app.

Let’s take a look at all the existing hacks that’ll let you in on free food from McDonald’s! As always, we have done this hard work for you.

Download the McDonald’s App

To get started, download the McDonald’s app on your smartphone. Once you have the app, you can check for free food offers under the “deals” section. There are a lot of coupons for free food and drinks that show up in the app every week. You can look for your local restaurant to discover all the deals.

The app also offers you coupons for buy-one-get-one-free items, as well as discounts on items you regularly order. So, the more you use the app, the more offers and coupons you’ll get instead.

Sign Up for the McDonald’s Newsletter

Another way to get free food at McDonald’s is to sign up for the newsletter. By subscribing, you will receive exclusive offers and coupons that can be redeemed at any participating McDonald’s restaurant. The newsletter is free to sign up for and only takes a few seconds. You can sign up for the newsletter by visiting the McDonald’s website.

Earn Points with MyMcDonald’s Rewards Program

McDonald’s also offers a loyalty program called MyMcDonald’s Rewards. With this program, you can earn points every time you make a purchase at McDonald’s. These points can be redeemed for free food and drink items. To sign up for the program, download the McDonald’s app and create an account. You will need to provide your name, email address, and phone number.

You will get 1,500 points for every $15 spent. Furthermore, you can use these points to get free items that are worth more money. MyMcDonald’s Rewards has four different levels. The more points you have, the higher level you are. Each level unlocks new menu items. When you want to get your free item, go to the McDonald’s Rewards section in your mobile app. Select your free item, and then either add it to your order and choose “Use at Restaurant.”

Fill out the receipt survey

You can also get freebies by participating in customer surveys. McDonald’s will occasionally send out survey invitations to customers via email. The surveys usually take less than five minutes to complete, and you will be entered into a drawing to win free food such as a free burger, free fries, free drinks, or other prizes.

Enjoy a Free Birthday Dessert

Another way to get free stuff at McDonald’s is to enjoy a free birthday dessert. To get your free dessert, you will need to sign up for the My McDonald’s Rewards program. When you sign up, you will need to provide your birthday. McDonald’s will send you a free dessert coupon on your birthday. It can be redeemed at any participating McDonald’s restaurant. Just keep in mind that it has an expiration date, so you will need to use it before it expires.

Use Gift Cards

Although a gift card is not exactly free, it will help you buy more things. For example, if you buy a $50 gift card for $30, you get $20 worth of food and drink for free.

Gift cards can be purchased from a variety of retailers, such as grocery stores, gas stations, and online. You can also purchase them from the McDonald’s website.

Go without ice

One way to get free stuff at McDonald’s is to go without ice. When you order a drink, you will be asked if you want to add ice. Ice can take up to 50% of the cup, so by saying no to ice, you are essentially getting your drink without paying extra.

Play McDonald’s Monopoly

You can also get free food at McDonald’s by playing the Monopoly game. The game is held every year, typically from late February to early May. To win prizes, all you need to do is play the game and collect stamps. Moreover, you will even get a chance to win a McDonald’s VIP Card. It’s the top prize you can get by playing McDonald’s Monopoly. With it, you will get a free McDonald’s meal weekly for a year!

Check online regularly for deals

You can also find freebies by checking online regularly for deals. McDonald’s offers a variety of deals and coupons on its website. These deals are typically updated on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often. You can also find deals by following McDonald’s on social media. The fast-food chain frequently posts deals and promotions on its various social media channels. Keep an eye out for these deals, and you’ll be able to enjoy free food and drink items from McDonald’s.

Take Advantage of the Student Discount

If you’re a student, you can get a free Saver Cheeseburger, McFlurry, or Chicken Mayo when you buy an Extra Value or Wrap Meal. To get the discount, you will need to show your student ID at the time of purchase.

Double Up on Free Toppings

You can also double up on free toppings. When you order a sandwich, you can ask for extra pickles, onions, or other free toppings. This is a great way to add more flavor to your sandwich without spending any extra money.

Avoid cold fries

Last but not least, avoid cold fries. When you order fries at McDonald’s, they are typically served fresh and hot. However, if waiting too long, the fries can become cold and soggy. If you find that your fries are not up to par, don’t hesitate to ask for a fresh batch. McDonald’s is typically happy to oblige.

Don’t Forget about the Senior Discount

In addition to the student discount, McDonald’s also offers a senior citizen discount for those who are 55 or older. However, the discount itself varies depending on the store because it is up to the franchise owner. Typically, the senior citizen discount is around 10-15% off the purchase. Seniors can also get a free cup of coffee or tea with the purchase of any breakfast sandwich. To get the discount, you will need to show your ID at the time of purchase.

Take Advantage of the McCafe Loyalty Program

If you’re a regular McCafe customer, you can take advantage of the McCafe loyalty program. With it, you can earn free coffee for every 5 you purchase. You can also get free refills on brewed coffee and tea. All you need is to use the McCafe Loyalty Program in the McDonald’s app. To sign up, simply download the app and create an account. Then, you can start collecting stamps with every McCafe purchase.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get free food and drink at McDonald’s. Whether you take advantage of the student discount, McCafe loyalty program, or simply ask for extra free toppings on your sandwich, you can save money and enjoy a free meal. So next time you’re at McDonald’s, be sure to keep these tips in mind. Who knows, you might just end up with a free meal!

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