How to Spot Fake Lululemon? (Tips, Retailers + More)

How to Spot Fake Lululemon

Counterfeiting has been a long-standing problem in the fashion industry. Scammers are cashing in on unsuspecting shoppers by producing fake versions of their products. Although cheap knock-offs may seem like a steal, they’re never actually worth it in the end. With Lululemon’s premium quality and popular designs, the brand has become a prime target for counterfeiters. So, how do you know if a Lululemon product is fake? Read on to find out!

Do Fake Lululemon Products Really Exist?

You’d be surprised how many fake Lululemon items are out there. A quick search on the internet will yield numerous results of counterfeit Lululemon products. It’s actually a pretty lucrative business for scammers since people are often willing to pay a discounted price for what appears to be a premium product.

For this reason, it is always best to purchase authentic Lululemon items from reputable retail outlets or the official Lululemon website. By using these authorized retailers, you can have peace of mind knowing that the product is genuine and not fake.

How to Spot Fake Lululemon Items?

The best way to spot a fake Lululemon item is to pay close attention to the details. Here are a few key points to keep in mind when identifying fakes: 

Fabric Quality

Lululemon only uses the highest quality fabrics for their designs. Given the premium materials used, original Lululemon products will always feel soft and smooth to the touch. 

Counterfeit items, on the other hand, have a stiffer and rougher texture. This is because they’re made from cheaper fabrics that lack the same level of quality as genuine Lululemon products. That leads to the conclusion that if the fabric feels rough and of low quality, it’s likely a fake.


Because Lululemon items are made with precision, the stitching should be flawless. It should have clean lines and even tension throughout. Any loose threads or uneven stitching is a tell-tale sign of a counterfeit item.


Similarly, the seams should be perfectly straight and evenly spaced. If they’re crooked or uneven, then it’s a sure sign that it’s not a genuine Lululemon item. Again, you can easily spot these mistakes if you look closely.

Rip Tags

You should also consider the rip tags, which are the small white or black fabric squares found inside a garment. Genuine Lululemon items are usually labeled with a tear tag with the brand’s logo and an identification number. 

Fake versions, however, typically have a tear tag printed with no logo or anything else. Plus, the logo might be blurry or misspelled, which is another thing that can hint at a fake Lululemon product.

Price Tags

Authentic Lululemon items have price tags attached to the side of a seam, not the inner rip tag. So, if you find a price tag inside the rip tag, then it’s definitely not an original product. 


Fake logos often have a different color or font than the real deal. Plus, the very shape and form may be slightly off. Compare the logo to photos of original Lululemon products that you can find online for comparison. If it looks a bit off, there’s a good chance it’s fake.


Finally, you should also be wary of items that are drastically discounted. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. For example, fake Lululemon items are usually sold at heavily discounted prices to entice buyers. 

That is why it’s always a good idea to check the original retail price of a Lululemon item. If the price is much lower than the usual retail price, it’s likely a fake. 

What If My Pants Don’t Have a Logo?

All Lululemon items are designed with a logo. However, if all the signs point to a genuine product but the logo is missing, it could be because the logo has simply fallen off. Although it is rare, it can happen.

In some cases, the logo can also be found located in a different place than usual. For instance, some pants come with the logo on the calf instead of the usual spot above the buttocks. If you are unsure, it is always best to double-check with customer service for clarification. 

However, if you find a logo that is deformed or doesn’t resemble the original Lululemon logo, then chances are it’s a fake. In this case, avoiding the product and looking for a genuine Lululemon item is best. 

What Does a Real Lululemon Tag Look Like?

You won’t find rip tags on all Lululemon items, but if it comes with one, the signs of a real Lululemon tag should be easy to spot.  

Real Lululemon tags will be slightly matte in appearance, and the font used to print the details will always be the same. Additionally, all countries will be correctly capitalized, and there won’t be any spelling errors or additional text beyond the product’s origin and size information. 

How to Spot a Fake Lululemon Tag?

Since you already know what to look for in a genuine Lululemon item, it’s easy to spot the differences between an authentic and a fake tag. That said, fake Lululemon items might have one of the following characteristics: 

  • Use of different fonts throughout the tag
  • Incorrectly spelled words, accents, or other languages
  • Shinier than expected texture 
  • The price tag is located on the inner rip tag instead of the side seam.

Do All Lululemon Items Have Size Dots?

A size dot is a small, round mark used to identify a garment’s size. Most Lululemon items have this feature, but there are some exceptions. For instance, tank tops and sports bras usually don’t come with size dots. Reversible items and accessories also don’t have this feature.

How to Spot a Fake Lululemon Size Dot?

When it comes down to the size dot, there are a few things to look out for. 

Authentic Lululemon-size dots are never covered with plastic; they’re just stickers. However, size dots on fake products often have an additional plastic layer on top of them. So, if you can’t just peel off the size dot like a sticker, then it’s fake. 

Furthermore, size dots are always placed on authentic Lululemon items in specific locations. For instance, pants have size dots on the inside waistband or the calf. The size dot should be located within the pocket if it’s a garment with pockets. Any other location could indicate a fake. 

Finally, the print number on the size dot should match that of the item itself. If it doesn’t, it could also be a sign of a counterfeit product. 

Where Can You Buy Authentic Lululemon Products?

To ensure you buy a genuine Lululemon item, it’s always best to shop directly from the official online store or in-store. That said, there are also other trusted sources you can use.

Lululemon Outlets

These are special stores where you can buy discounted Lululemon products. All items sold at these outlets are genuine and come with the same manufacturer’s warranty. You can find a list of all Lululemon Outlets here

Lululemon Studio Partners

If you’re a fan of yoga, pilates, or other similar activities, you may be able to find genuine Lululemon products at the studio itself. As a way to promote the brand, Lululemon provides stock to fitness centers, gyms, and other partners. So if you see branded clothing items there, they are likely genuine.

Lululemon Collaboration Partners

Finally, some collaboration partners work directly with Lululemon to create special products. These include retailers, influencers, and even colleges. All items created through these partnerships are genuine and come with the same warranty as other products in the Lululemon catalog. So if you see any information about collaborations on the Lululemon website, check it out. 

What Websites Should You Avoid?

It’s important to be aware of the risks associated with buying from third-party websites. Many of these sites are not authorized by Lululemon and could potentially be selling counterfeit products. That said, it’s best to avoid buying from websites like eBay, Amazon, or any other sites that are not linked to Lululemon. 

Bottom Line

Hopefully, these tips can help you spot a fake Lululemon item and make sure you’re buying the real thing. To sum up, you should avoid buying items from third-party websites and pay attention to the details, such as the quality of the material and locations of tags and size dots. Plus, you should always pay attention to how the product is priced – if it’s much cheaper than what Lululemon usually charges, that could also be a red flag. 

Therefore, as long as you buy from authorized sources and ensure the product has all the features we’ve discussed, you should be good to go. Happy shopping!

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