How Do You Write a Mission Statement

how to create a mission statement

You’re about to start your first business, but you’re not sure how to convey your message? Mission statements are short but powerful paragraphs or sentences that explain how unique your business is. Before you jump to the ‘How to write a mission statement’ guide, make sure to read about what this statement is, the key elements it has to include, and how it differs from a vision statement. 

how to write a mission statement

What Is A Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a short, concise statement that discusses your brand’s purpose, values, goals, the products/services that you offer, and how you can make your customers’ lives better. This short paragraph explains what your company does, why you do it, and how you craft solutions for your audience. 

The Difference Between Mission And Vision Statements

writing a mission statement

Are you confused by the terms mission and vision statements? Aside from having completely different meanings, these two also have different purposes. But, first things first, let’s start with the meaning. 

A mission statement is meant to help your customers have a better understanding of your business’ purpose and is mainly oriented towards the present. On the other hand, a vision statement is oriented towards the future and is meant to show your customers what you want to achieve and your brand’s goals. 

When writing statements for your business, you can create two separate: one mission statement and one vision statement. Another route to take is to write a lengthy mission statement that will include a vision statement. 

The mission statement’s goal is to guide your customers through the basic information about your company, how you help the community, customers, and employees, your current objectives, and core values. Your vision statement will cover the long-term goals, how you want to impact the community, your employees, the customers, your company’s dreams, the problems you want to solve, and what you expect to achieve in the future. Since your goals and values can change over time, it’s totally fine for you to want to change either or both statements. 

Why Write A Mission Statement?

Creating a mission statement is an essential step in building a successful business because it will help customers better understand your brand, separate you from the competition and bring your target audience closer to you.

Another strong reason you should focus on crafting a catchy, well-thought-of statement is that it will answer your customers’ questions regarding who you are, what you want to accomplish, your goals, what you can do for the community, and your values. In general, it brings people much closer to your business and creates a welcoming feeling. 

The Key Elements Of A Mission Statement

What are the key elements to keep in mind when creating a compelling mission statement? Since this statement has to encompass a few essential points, here’s a shortlist of the elements you have to include when writing it:

  • Goals: Aside from stating your company goals, you should also include how these goals will motivate you to do better and lead your employees on the best path in the future.
  • Values: Discuss your standards, culture, and values, both regarding your audience, customers, and employees. 
  • Inspiration: How do you inspire your employees, and what makes people want to work for your business?
  • Credibility: Plausibility is the key element that will help customers trust your company. 
  • Purpose: How will your company contribute to society, and what’s your purpose? This is the part that can help customers notice you before the competition. 
  • Specificity: Wrap everything together and stick to the nature of your business. 

How To Create A Mission Statement

how to write a mission statement for a business

If you’re a new business owner (no matter if big or small) or planning on starting a brand, you’re probably wondering how to write a mission statement for a business. Of course, each statement is different because every company is in a different niche, has different goals, values, and purposes. However, there are a few essential components you have to know when you write mission statements:

  • Niche: What niche is your business in, the industry, and target audience? Stick to the industry you’re in, and talk to your target audience in a way they can understand you. 
  • Contribution: Start with what your company offers. Do you sell products or provide specific services? Customers need to know what you have on your menu and specifics about the services/products. Ensure that you discuss what your solutions can do for your audience and enforce a change in the community. 
  • Competition: What sets you apart from the competition? This is the component where you need to discuss why your business is better, why customers should turn to you, and how you plan on changing the community or the world for the better. You should also mention the solutions you offer that will be compelling to the audience and what makes your services unique. 

Tips For Creating A Compelling Mission Statement

  1. Straight To The Point

Make it short and sweet! When writing a mission statement, you should be precise and wrap things up in a few sentences.

  1. Consult Your Employees

Although this sounds strange, your employees can provide valuable feedback and make your statement even better. 

  1. Long-Term Goals

Don’t hesitate to include long-term goals in your statement. Also, don’t limit yourself to a particular target audience of the product line because there’s always room to grow. 

  1. Be Ready For Changes

Your mission statement won’t always be the same. As time goes by, a lot can change, so can your values, purpose, and goals. Therefore, it’s totally fine to change your mission statement and upload a new one. 

  1. Say It Out Loud

After writing the statement, read it out loud. It can make a huge difference.

  1. This Isn’t An Essay

Don’t write long paragraphs that are complicated to read. Instead, stick to a few concise sentences that include all the key elements. 

Examples Of Effective Mission Statements

How to create a mission statement, and what does it look like? If this is your first time doing it, the entire experience will be much smoother if you take a look at a few examples and follow their lead: 

Healthy Food Company

We aim to bring the best organic food to your table, nourish your body, and promote well-being. Ever since our beginnings in 2001, our company has been focused on elevating the lifestyle and health of customers, team members, and people worldwide. 

Clothing Company

Dress it up or dress it down; our mission is to provide ethically created clothes from sustainable sources at great prices. 

Coffee Shop

Waking the world up, one person at a time, with the most irresistible, highest-quality coffee you can get. 

Airline Company

We bring back flying with style! As a leader in domestic travel, our goal is to provide the highest-quality planes, superb service, and the best customer service you can get. 

Furniture Company

Founded in 1990 and available in 5 states, our company delivers the widest range of highly-functional furniture at prices no one can beat. We aim to provide everyone with stylish pieces without breaking your budget. 

Beauty Brand

Taking care of your beauty since 1993, X aims to emphasize your beauty and offer you an effortless experience. 


Although a business plan doesn’t include a mission statement, drafting one should be your priority. This statement explains your company’s purpose and brings new customers to the table. So, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, get all the information you need, and start writing your brand’s mission statement. 

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