IgniteTech Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

IgniteTech is a company founded in 2000 with no headquarters, as all of its 100+ employees are remote workers. This company claims to be “a place where software goes to live” and that it “provides an innovative home for the software solutions the customers rely on.” IgniteTech provides several solution suites for its customers.

Functional Process Automation is designed to help companies improve quality and reduce costs in the fields of operational functions, such as HR and finances. Information Technology Acceleration helps customers manage their IT environments, leverage data, and save. The communications and Remote Management suite helps companies stay connected and engaged internally. Commerce and Digital Management suite helps those who work in e-commerce fields accelerate selling, deliver amazing customer service, and manage commerce. Customer Experience Management aids companies in managing and collecting customer data and requests, while simultaneously providing top-notch customer service experience. Sales and Marketing Enablement is a solution suite designed to help customers maximize their sales. 

None of these fantastic solutions would be possible if the company didn’t have a clear mission, vision, and core values. IgniteTech’s mission statement is focused on having “the most disruptive approach in the industry,” which, in turn, provides “amazing success for the customers.” This company’s vision statement is about saving and stabilizing, innovation and transformation, as well as adding unlimited value. Finally, IgniteTech core values are transparency, openness, value addition, merit, and diversity. 

IgniteTech Mission Statement

IgniteTech is an enterprise greatly invested in its users, which is expressed in IgniteTech mission statement: “We have the most disruptive approach in the industry, and that equals amazing success for our customers.” Furthermore, the CEO, Eric Vaughan, states: “Our current customers are our only focus, and each should expect excellence from every aspect of IgniteTech.” 

This mission statement is followed by the promise always to find new and innovative ways to help organizations, optimize their expenses, and continue improving IT systems and infrastructure. Moreover, IgniteTech is doing its part in making the world a greener place. Having a fully remote workforce, the company reduces CO2 emissions by around 3 million lbs, accounting for commuting time and pollution.

IgniteTech Vision Statement

IgniteTech vision statement is “Where software goes to live.” The corporate vision of this company is built on three pillars – saving and stabilizing, innovating and transforming, as well as adding unlimited value for its customers. IgniteTech continuously invests in more than 1500 clients it serves. It is focused and dedicated to providing services and solutions that can help organizations bring their businesses to the next level. 

  • Save & Stabilize. The first pillar IgniteTech relies on is saving and stabilizing. This refers to the software and businesses this company acquires. Their CEO explains that they choose software to acquire based on how complementary they are to IgniteTech solution suites. This is all with the goal of not letting the existing and future customers down. 
  • Innovate & Transform. Growing the technology, innovating, and transforming is another one of IgniteTech pillars. When applicable, the company will update and grow the software to meet the client’s needs. If innovation is not necessary, as the CEO puts it, they “give it a safe home,” meaning that instead of letting the software collapse, IgniteTech lets it live by acquiring and maintaining it. This is particularly useful for clients accustomed to older software solutions. 
  • Add Unlimited Value. The third and most interesting pillar of IgniteTech is adding unlimited value for the customers. The company does this by implementing Netflix-style software licensing. Just like people pay a certain amount of money to access the unlimited Netflix catalog, IgniteTech clients have unlimited access to their services and solution suites, all at one price. This type of licensing has emerged from the goal of helping clients make the most out of IgniteTech expertise. 

IgniteTech Core Values

IgniteTech core values are “transparency, openness, value addition, merit, and diversity”.

When it comes to working at IgniteTech, this company is in good standing, according to the employees’ reviews. The enterprise’s core values are based on transparency, openness, value addition, merit, and diversity. Other than that, IgniteTech is contributing to pollution reduction by having a 100% remote work policy. All the employees work from the comfort of their own homes, all around the world. 

  • Transparency. When finding a new job, transparency is of utmost importance. IgniteTech knows this, which is why this company provides a transparent and clear compensation structure, so you always know how much you should earn based on your experience and expertise. Moreover, the employees are supposed to track hours, which can seem a bit tiring at first, but it is the best way to know how much exactly the salary should be, based on the employee’s rate per hour. 
  • Openness. IgniteTech employees share feedback with the whole team, and even the CEO is included in the process. This can seem intimidating, but this kind of openness can help workers learn from each other regularly, with the goal of improving individually and, therefore, as a team. 
  • Value Addition. IgniteTech representatives state that the company only works with those already subscribed to the Ignite Unlimited Software. This adds value to the company itself. 
  • Merit. Anyone interested in working in IgniteTech should be absolutely certain about their abilities and knowledge. This company hires only those in the top 1% of the industry.
  • Diversity. IgniteTech is composed of a global team that speaks more than 30 languages. This company values diversity because it is aware of the value a broad range of perspectives can bring to the team. 


IgniteTech mission and vision statements are extremely meaningful. Its mission is to provide customers with the means to achieve great success by improving IT systems and infrastructure, helping customers, and optimizing their expenses. IgniteTech vision is based on three pillars – saving and stabilizing software, innovation, and transformation, as well as adding unlimited value to the customers. When it comes to the core values this company operates under, those are transparency, openness, value addition, merit, and diversity.

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