Instructure Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

Instructure is a technology company focused on education. Its headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, and it was founded in 2008. The company is most famous for Canvas, an online interactive learning platform. Its parent company is Thoma Bravo, as of 2020. Instructure now has more than 6 million users all across the world. 

Instructure mission statement is to “elevate student success, amplify the power of teaching, and inspire everyone to learn together.” This mission, along with the vision of “connecting education, career placement, and career growth,” is backed up by six core values – openness, relationships, equality, ownership, and simplicity. When it comes to working at Instructure, the company is focused on impacting education, employee development, community engagement, flexibility, culture, and opportunity. 

Read more about the Instructure mission and vision, as well as its core values, in this short read. 

Instructure Mission Statement

Instructure mission statement is “We’re an education technology company with a mission to elevate student success, amplify the power of teaching, and inspire everyone to learn together.” The company is working towards it by providing customers with more than ten useful and education-oriented programs. The products are aimed towards K-12, higher education, corporate education, and Instructure partners. 

Instructure Vision Statement

While Instructure doesn’t have an official vision statement, based on its website, Instructure is committed to “connecting education, career placement, and career growth.” The Instructure team of more than a thousand employees is working towards this vision by focusing on impacting education, employee development, community engagement, flexibility, and company culture. 

  • Impacts on Education. Instructure claims that, when working for this company, people show up to work and feel good about what they do. Learners and educators that are a part of this dedicated team are passionate and innovative. Instructure consistently works on improving education and learning by providing top-notch products and services in these areas. 
  • Employee Development. Instructure is dedicated to employee development. This is especially important considering that a company can be successful only if the employees are individually successful as well. This company organizes Basecamp Employee Development Week – a yearly event where employees have an opportunity to learn and grow professionally and personally. 
  • Community Engagement. While Instructure has paid products, it also offers a ton of tools, services, and resources that students, parents, and teachers can use for free. On top of this, the company is focused on giving to the community, so it offers different scholarships to students, awards for educators, and leadership programs. 
  • Flexibility. Instructure believes that “how you work is much more important than where you work.” This is why it offers employees an opportunity to work from home and have flexible time off. Satisfied workers are much more likely to deliver high-quality results than those who aren’t happy with the work conditions. Instructure flexibility option is an amazing way to motivate employees and give them an environment to thrive.
  • Company Culture. As stated, the working environment is one of the crucial factors that affect employee satisfaction and productivity. This is why Instructure provides a fun, supportive, and friendly culture for the whole team.
  • Opportunity. Instructure employees are given plenty of opportunities for further learning, growth, and career development. Focusing on employee satisfaction as much as on providing customers with the best product and services, this company is able to achieve phenomenal things in the world of education technology. 

Instructure Core Values

Instructure core values are “openness, relationships, equality, ownership, and simplicity.

Instructure claims that its core values exist not only in the handbook, but in everything the company does, in every area, and with every employee and customer. They are the guide to making the products and services as well. Instructure core values are openness, relationships, equality, ownership, and simplicity. 

  • Openness. As stated on the Instructure website, “open minds open doors.” This company values openness toward new ideas, experiences, people, and opportunities. The management always strives to look into new ways to make things better while being collaborative and transparent at the same time. 
  • Relationships. “People come first,” according to Instructure. The company is focused on building meaningful relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and success. This is true for every relationship within the company, and with the people the company collaborates with, as well as with customers and clients. This core is especially important in order to make long-term collaborations.
  • Equality. Apart from building a culture based on mutual respect, support, and friendliness, Instructure works on inclusivity as well. This company believes that everyone deserves equal opportunities, so it welcomes everyone the same. As stated on their website, “you can’t have equality without equity,” and Instructure is doing its part in providing it.
  • Ownership. Instructure takes accountability and responsibility for everything that happens within the company. It is certain of the excellence of its products, services, and people, so ownership is a particularly important core value. “Say. Do. Repeat.” as it’s stated on the company’s website. 
  • Simplicity. Apart from making amazing products and services in education technology, Instructure also makes them simple. It aims for conciseness and clarity in every area. This is especially important for students, teachers, and other partners who want to take advantage of online learning resources but are not particularly tech-savvy. Instructure helps burn that bridge by making its technology accessible and easy to use for everyone. 


Instructure is a company specializing in making products and services in the field of education technology. Instructure mission is to help students succeed, amplify the power of teaching, and inspire people to learn together. This company’s vision seems to be to “connect education, career placement, and career growth.” Its core values are embedded in every part of the company, and they are openness, relationships, equality, ownership, and simplicity. When it comes to working at Instructure, you can expect to have an impact on education, development opportunities, work on community engagement, flexible work conditions, and a pleasant and nurturing working environment.

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