Is Aldi Coming To Canada? (Probability, Potential Locations + More)

Is Aldi Coming To Canada

As one of the largest discount grocery chains in the world, Aldi has become a staple for shoppers looking for low prices and quality products. With over 11,200 stores in 20 countries across Europe, Asia, and Australia, it’s no surprise that many Canadians are wondering if Aldi is coming to Canada. This blog post will discuss the probability of Aldi entering the Canadian market, potential Aldi locations, and more.

Is Aldi Coming To Canada?

At this time, it is unclear whether Aldi will make a move to enter the Canadian market. While there is plenty of evidence of high demand from Canadian shoppers, Aldi has yet to make any official statements or announcements about opening stores in Canada. 

At the moment, the store chain seems to be focused on expanding its existing markets, namely the US, with plans to launch more than a hundred new stores in 2022. Given that,  it’s unlikely that Aldi will be entering the Canadian market anytime soon.

Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To Canada?

Since Aldi remains tight-lipped about their plans for entering the Canadian market, we can only speculate as to why they may be hesitating. 

That said, Canadian Grocer, a publication focused on the grocery industry in Canada, has named several key factors that could potentially prevent Aldi from making a move to enter the Canadian market. 

For one, Aldi’s business model of offering already low-cost items could prove to be a challenge in Canada. Aldi may simply struggle to succeed in a saturated market. 

Aldi is successful in the US largely because they can undercut the prices of small regional chains. As a result, people are willing to drive to a different part of town and shop at Aldi for savings. Being able to offer much lower prices compared to the bigger rivals is what keeps Aldi’s success across the US. 

However, this strategy will not work that efficiently in Canada. That is because Canada already has an established market of low-cost grocery chains that people are accustomed to, such as No Frills and FreshCo. That means people are already used to shopping at lower-cost stores. 

In fact, almost 40 percent of the grocery market in Canada is made up of discount grocers. That means that Aldi’s low prices would seem insignificant in comparison. Plus, it would be much harder to attract customers away from chains they’re already familiar with. 

Another potential challenge for Aldi could be finding affordable real estate. The prices to lease commercial space in Canada are significantly higher than in other markets. This could make it hard for Aldi to keep its operational costs low and profitable. And since Aldi relies on low operational costs to keep prices attractive, this could be a deciding factor. 

Plus, they have their own property requirements and would be hesitant to enter the Canadian market without reasonable real estate to do so. 

Do Canadians Want to See Aldi In Canada?

Without a doubt, there is a high demand from Canadians to see Aldi come to Canada. 

A quick scroll through Reddit or any other social media platform will show you there are plenty of Canadians eagerly awaiting the arrival of Aldi. After all, people are always eager to find discount grocery stores that they can trust, and Aldi seems to be the top choice. 

Plus, considering the number of questions on the internet from Canadians asking when Aldi is coming to Canada, it’s clear that there is a definite demand for the store. 

Where Is Aldi Most Likely to Open Stores In Canada?

If and when Aldi does decide to expand into the Canadian market, there are a few likely locations that would be ideal for the store’s entrance. These include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, and Ottawa.  

Toronto and Montreal are two of the largest cities in Canada, making them prime spots for Aldi to open stores. Additionally, Toronto has a large population of German immigrants and ex-pats who may be familiar with Aldi, which could make it a great market for the chain. 

Vancouver and Calgary are both popular tourist destinations, with a large number of foreign visitors who may already be familiar with Aldi stores. Furthermore, these cities are also home to a large population of ex-pats from the US and other countries, who would likely be familiar with Aldi’s low prices and quality products. 

Lastly, Ottawa is a city with a large population of government workers and professionals who may be looking for discounted prices and good-quality products. 

Overall, these five cities could be ideal locations for Aldi to enter the Canadian market. However, those are only speculation based on demand and the population of each city. The actual locations could be different depending on business opportunities, customer demographics, and more. 


So, is Aldi coming to Canada? That is still unclear. While there certainly seems to be a high demand from Canadians for the store, some potential obstacles would make it difficult for Aldi to enter the market. 

Therefore, it remains to be seen whether Aldi will come to Canada and, if so, which locations they will choose. Until then, Canadians can only keep hoping that their favorite discount grocer will make its way to their hometowns soon. 

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