Is There an Amazon Employee Discount? Here’s Your Answer

Is There an Amazon Employee Discount

Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers, and as such, it employs many people. If you are one of those lucky employees or just considering working there, you may be wondering about the Amazon employee discount. What is it? How much can you save? Is there a Prime discount for employees? In this blog post, we’ll answer all of those questions for you! So, keep reading to learn more about Amazon’s employee discounts and benefits.

Is There an Amazon Employee Discount?

Yes, Amazon does offer a discount for employees! Amazon employees can get a 10% discount on eligible products. This includes anything from Amazon’s vast inventory, such as AmazonBasics products or Amazon Kindle devices. 

However, this offer comes with an annual limit. The Amazon employee discount can only be used for a total of $1,000 worth of purchases each year. Therefore, the maximum discount Amazon employees can receive annually is $100.

Once you’ve saved $100 with it, your discount will become invalid. That means you’ll have to wait until the following year to use it again.

Although the discount’s annual cap may seem disappointing, there’s still a silver lining! You can use your 10% employee discount even on Prime days if you work for Amazon. That means you can save even more money on Amazon’s already discounted items and special deals.

When Do You Become Eligible for the Amazon Employee Discount?

According to some Amazon employees, you have to work for Amazon for at least 30 days to receive the 10% employee discount. 

Additional benefits, such as insurance coverage, parental leaves, and investment options, will become available after you get officially hired. These perks will also become available at varying times during your employee tenure.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Amazon Employee Discount?

Although Amazon employees can enjoy a 10% discount on Amazon products, there are some restrictions you should keep in mind.

As we’ve mentioned before, Amazon employees are limited to a total of $1,000 worth of purchases per year. 

In addition to that, you can only apply your Amazon employee discount to products sold directly by Amazon. Therefore, if you want to buy Amazon products from a third-party seller, you won’t be able to use your discount on those purchases.

How Do You Get an Amazon Employee Discount?

It’s quite simple. All you need to do is get your individualized employee discount code.

You can access your unique employee discount code by signing into your Amazon A to Z account and clicking on the profile tab. Your Amazon employee discount code will be displayed below your staff photo on your profile page.

On this very page, you will also see how much of your employee discount balance is left. The $1000 purchase limit will reset every year on your employment anniversary.

Do You Get a Free Prime Membership as an Amazon Employee?

Sadly, Amazon employees don’t get a free Amazon Prime membership. The 10% Amazon employee discount can’t be used on other Prime memberships either. So, if you want to enjoy Amazon Prime benefits, you’ll have to pay for a membership.

What Other Benefits Can You Get When Working at Amazon?

In addition to the Amazon employee discount, Amazon offers its employees a wide range of other benefits. These perks can make working for Amazon even more attractive. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Health Benefits

Amazon offers various Medical plan options to select the health care coverage that is right for you and your eligible family members. Depending on what type of care you need in your area, you can choose from several plans, including a Health Savings Account and multiple network providers.

In addition to enrolling in health, dental, and vision plans, you can also sign up for flexible spending accounts for dependent care.

You can reap these benefits from your first job day if you work more than 20 hours a week.

Financial Security

Amazon’s 401(k) plan allows you to set aside money for retirement while also getting a company match. There are multiple investment options available to help you reach your financial goals.

Amazon provides Basic Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, with the option to enroll in additional coverage for yourself and your dependents.

Amazon also offers short-term and long-term disability coverage that is paid for by the company.

Restricted Stock Units

Amazon allows employees to own stock in the company through Restricted Stock Units, which vest over time. Amazon is always looking for new ways to give employees ownership opportunities.

Network of Support

At Amazon, they want all our employees to be healthy and happy both inside and outside of work. That’s why they offer the following benefits free of charge:

  • Amazon’s free Employee Assistance Program. This counseling service is free for all employees and household members. This includes up to 3 in-person counseling sessions per year.
  • Online resources for parents of children with developmental disabilities. Child and elder care referrals and assistance are also available.
  • If you or a loved one is facing a life-threatening illness, Amazon’s financial counselors can assist with estate planning and other services.

Adoption Assistance

Adoption comes with a lot of heart but also a significant amount of financial pressure. For those adopting domestically or internationally, Amazon offers assistance to help cover qualified costs like attorney fees and travel expenses, up to $5,000 for single-child adoptions and $10,000 for sibling/group adoptions.

Maternity and Parental Leave

At Amazon, full-time employees are entitled to up to 4 paid leaves before their baby is born and ten weeks after. 

Tuition Reimbursement/Career Choice 

The Amazon Career Choice Program is an opportunity open to all hourly employees. The company will pre-pay for 95% of the cost of tuition, textbooks, and related fees so that the employee can focus on their studies rather than worrying about how they’ll pay for it.

Career Choice helps employees to gain skills for in-demand occupations such as medical technicians, robotics engineers, and solar panel installation professionals.

Employees at Amazon are given 95% tuition reimbursement for an associate’s degree or certificate if they have worked there for one year.


So, yes, Amazon does offer a 10% Amazon employee discount. Even though it comes with a few limitations, it’s still worth a try. Besides, Amazon offers its employees a wide range of benefits to ensure their physical and financial security. So, if you’re considering Amazon as your next employer, rest assured that you are in good hands. 

Hopefully,  this article has given you a better understanding of Amazon’s employee benefits and the Amazon employee discount program. Thank you for reading!

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