Isagenix Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Isagenix mission statement is “to create the world’s greatest health and wellness products and business opportunity that together would transform lives both physically and financially.” The ambition in this company, as stressed by this statement, is to prioritize the interests of the customers. Isagenix does this by:

  1. Providing distinguished quality
  2. Improving lives

From the very begging of Isagenix, one of the founders, John W. Anderson, demonstrated his obdurate attitude when he shot down partnership proposals to use his health and wellness products, creating formulas using cheaper ingredients. Since then, the company has gained recognition for caring about its customers more than profiteering. Its use of natural ingredients free of synthetic additives directly promotes better health in its customers, leading to better lives. Today, it has products in weight loss, performance, beauty, and personal care niches.


Isagenix is an American multi-level marketing corporation that manufactures and distributes personal care and dietary supplement products. The 2002 founded firm has created a reputation of its kind due to its non-compromising attitude enshrined within its mission and vision statements. Isagenix desires to be a reliable and trustworthy provider of goods that meet the expectations of all clients.

A corporate vision statement is all about having a future goal in a company. Isagenix vision statement emphasizes leadership and dependability in the market. Every company needs a corporate mission statement as well, which provides the technical options of realizing a vision. The mission statement of Isagenix points at the minimum standards that would enable the company to transform into an entity that impacts on the lives of people. Together with the core values that Isagenix incorporates to guide the working atmosphere, these corporate statements have been critical in shaping this company.

Vision Statement

Isagenix vision statement is “to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process, create the largest health and wellness company in the world.” It has two main parts:

  1. Inspire and empower
  2. Best lives

The firm stirs a sense of satisfaction through dependable and affordable products. The aesthetic appeal that they give unlocks potential in customers, enabling them to enjoy stress-free lives.

Core Values

Isagenix core values include “freedom, health, integrity, innovation, and transformation.” These are the forces that drive Isagenix. They establish a culture that defines what this company values. In this way, they influence its growth and reputation.


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