Krispy Kreme Mission Statement and Vision Statement Analysis

Kelly Kreme’s mission statement is “to touch and enhance lives through the joy that is Krispy Kreme.” This mission statement is broad and covers the values that the founder of Krispy Kreme envisioned when he first began selling doughnuts directly to the clients. Rudolph’s vision and mission at that time were to make people happy by supplying hot doughnuts. He also aimed at expanding his operations in different parts of the world, which was possible through multiple local franchise stores that stock Krispy Kreme products. The mission statement has only one component as it is broad and vague.

  • To make customers happy

“To touch and enhance lives through the joy that is Krispy Kreme” was used in the mission statement to capture all the good qualities of Krispy Kreme. From the beginning, Krispy Kreme has inspired to lead the industry through commitment, service growth, innovation, and quality that they offer. Rudolph began the Krispy Kreme to spread joy to people, especially when he started selling the doughnuts directly to the customers.

The owner was committed to making a quality business that he invented machinery that allowed standardization of the doughnuts in Krispy Kreme stores. The innovation also improved the quality of the products as well as the efficiency of the company. Another innovation was the development of an innovative menu system that helps the customer order products in a fast and convenient manner.

In keeping with the spirit of innovativeness, Krispy Kreme designed and developed the “Hot Light App” that customers use to know when doughnuts are the hottest or perfect time to order doughnuts (Krispy Kreme, 2019b).

The app sends notifications to the user informing them the right time to order hit delicious doughnuts and beverages. The use of displays in Krispy Kreme stores also allows the customers to view and choose from different varieties of products.

The channel and franchise system used by Krispy Kreme to expand its operations in different parts of the world are also beneficial to customers. Opening stores in local stores make it convenient for the people who enjoy Krispy Kreme products to have them whenever they want. Also, the outlets are a source of income to the retailers and franchisees through the profits they make and the source of employment opportunities it gives people.


Krispy Kreme’s business began when Vernon Rudolph purchased a secret recipe for yeast-raised doughnuts from a New Orleans-French chef. Rudolph opened a doughnut shop in Paducah, Kentucky in year 937 and began to sell the doughnuts to the local grocery stores. According to Thompson (2019), the sweet and delicious smell of baking doughnuts attracted the passers-by who stopped by his shop to inquire if they could buy hot doughnuts. Driven by his vision for a successful business, Rudolph cut a hole in his bakery store and began selling the doughnuts directly to the customers on the sidewalk (Krispy Kreme, 2019a).

The popularity of the Krispy Kreme grew in the 1940s and the 1950s that led to the opening of more stores in the Carolinas. However, each store made their doughnuts from scratch, something that caused variation Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Consequently, Rudolph opened a mixing plant with machinery that helped in mixing and delivering the same dry dough to stores in different areas. The machines helped to standardize everything from cooking to glazing, which increased the consistency and efficiency of making them while also improving the quality of the doughnuts (Thompson, 2019).

Also, the Krispy Kreme doughnut bowtie logo was trademarked with the green and red coloring in the year 1955. In the 1960s, the appearance of the Krispy Kreme stores was also standardized using the heritage road sign and green tile roofs (Thompson, 2019). The standardization of the buildings and appearance of the corporation helped in branding the Krispy Kreme stores when they opened in new areas.

Krispy Kreme has since opened more than 1000 stores in different parts of the world such as the United Kingdom, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, and Japan among other countries through local franchisees. The vision and mission of the Krispy Kreme are to be a worldwide leader in sharing delicious tastes that is Krispy Kreme, which they achieve daily when they open new stores in different parts of the world.

Vision Statement

Krispy Kreme’s vision statement reads as “is to be the worldwide leader in sharing delicious tastes and creating joyful.” The authors used this vision to display the goals and inspirations of the company. People that enjoy the services and doughnuts from the Krispy Kreme outlets agree with this vision statement. Since its inception, the company has partnered with many businesses to help venture into new markets as well as creating technology that improves the quality of service delivery and their products. The growth of Krispy Kreme as a worldwide leader in offering delicious tastes and creating joy is reflected upon the increasing sales and rise in revenues (Krispy Kreme, 2013). For instance, the total revenues of the company increased by 11.4% in the fiscal year 2012 more than the one recorded in the previous year.

The components of the vision are:

  • Leading brand in the world
  • Sharing delicious tastes and creating joy

The element to be a “leading brand worldwide” indicates the vision that Rudolph had of opening Krispy Kreme stores in different parts of the world. The company has kept its signature that is easy to identify through standardized buildings and signs that indicate the presence of its stores. The company has also focused on introducing innovations that decrease the cost of operations while increasing the quality of services and the products. Krispy Kreme also introduces fresh doughnuts and other beverages that help it stand out amongst the competitors.

The “sharing delicious tastes and creating joy” component reflects upon the fantastic and delicious products served in Krispy Kreme outlets. The company also realizes this vision by offering products to various outlets such as schools, hospitals, wholesalers, convenient stores, and other outlets. Krispy Kreme also supplies its products to people that need them the most, thus creating joy. For instance, Krispy Kreme through its fundraising program has enabled the schools to buy uniforms and facilitate scholarships for needy students.

Core Values

Krispy Kreme values consumers. Consequently, the company strives to offer quality services to the customers by delivering quality products and collaborating with others to make it the best company in the world.


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