Kroger Senior Discount Requirements And Details

Kroger Senior Discount Requirements And Details

Kroger’s Mission statement is defined by a purpose that states, “To Feed the Human Spirit”. To adhere to this purpose, the company is driven by an ethos that revolves around the value of honesty, integrity, and respect.   

The grocery chain headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, has many branches, all located in the states of Alaska, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia. It means the chain operates in more than one-third of America. But most of the 96 stores that are in operation under the banner have discontinued their senior discount. Yet the most heartwarming news is that there are still some stores that offer the discount every first Tuesday of the month. So as a senior citizen, if you wish to avail of their discount, you will have to place a call at your local Kroger store and find out whether they have the discount offer still.

How To Get Kroger Senior Discount?

Who would not like a discount at any store when you are a senior citizen with no income at all? It would be great for everyone to save money at this stage in life. So if you can do your daily shopping from one of the Kroger stores, would it not be great? It would definitely be because you can save a lot. 

But unfortunately, Kroger has discontinued its senior discount policy. Yet, from the 96 outlets that the brand has all over the United States, most of them have stopped with the policy. But again, there are still some outlets that do offer discounts. So the best way would be to make a call at your local Kroger store and get the details before making your purchases. And the news is still good. Even if they do not give their 10% senior discount, they have reduced their prices for everyday items. This means that you could save every day of the week. So this means that you should continue your shopping with Kroger, discount or no discount. To know if the Kroger store is offering a senior discount or not, then you need to call up the store and inquire whether they offer the discount. 

Earlier, the Kroger senior discount was 10% and was given every first Tuesday of the month, but now the store has discontinued it. If the Kroger store in your location is not offering a discount, as such, still you can get products at dropped pricing. In case the nearby Kroger store is offering a senior discount, then you must be 55 years of age and above. It will be given to you once you present your Kroger Plus Card.

Other Ways You Can Save With Kroger

Kroger doesn’t offer a discount for senior citizens, but at some point, it gave a 10% of the total shopping value on the first Tuesday of every month to senior citizens who are 55 years and above. You can instead get the product at lowered prices. It means a discount every day of the week. The discount was given on all private brands of apparel, accessories, shoes, home & garden accessories, and equipment, auto, toys, jewelry, and electronic items. They have discontinued beauty and health care products. They even do not give discounts on lotteries and liquor items, cigarettes, pharmacy items, or stamps. 

Take the Company Survey

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey is yet another way that you can save with the company. But you must take this survey within seven days from the date of purchase or the receipt that you have.

Kroger Plus Card

If you have this card, then you are in for more discounts. With this card, you get enrolled in Kroger’s Fuel Program. For every dollar, you get one fuel point, and with 100 fuel points, you get a 10% discount on fuel. This discount has no limit of one month, but it will last for only 60 days, and it does not roll over to the next month. Again, this discount comes with in-store or online purchases after registering with your Shopper’s Card. Digital coupons will give you three times more discounts. You can also sign up to receive weekly ads that are given online. As and when the coupons are available, you are eligible for the discount. For their cashback program, make a digital account and start receiving the offers by scanning your card at the register. Select your amount and redeem your money with the Shopper’s Card or through PayPal.

Discount and deal coupons

There are several online portals like to get the coupons. Once you get the coupons, you have to follow these steps to avail of the discount:

Step 1 – Go to or a similar website that has special discount coupons. 

Step 2 – Go to and add to your shopping cart as per the list of the items on discount.

Step 3 – Copy the related code on your clipboard.

Step 4 – Go back to the homepage and paste your code into the box designated for it.

Step 5 – Complete your shopping and see the discount when you checkout.

Similar Companies That Do Offer Senior Discounts

Stores that offer senior discounts are American Discount Stores, Bi-Lo, Compare Foods Supermarket, DeCicco Family Markets, Fred Meyer, Fry’s Food Stores, Gristedes Supermarket, Harris Teeter, etc.

Kroger FAQs

Does Kroger have senior hours?

No, Kroger does not have senior hours.

What is Kroger’s senior discount age?

There is no Kroger’s senior discount currently. However, when Kroger used to offer a senior discount, it was available for seniors who were 55 years and above.

Is there a senior discount day at Kroger?

The senior discount day at Kroger’s is the first Tuesday of every month in all the stores that do give the senior discount.

Does Kroger accept AARP?

Yes, Kroger accepts AARP.


Kroger Competitors have similar discounts, but at Kroger, you save in various ways even if they have discontinued their Senior Discounts. But there are still some outlets of the 96 outlets that offer the discount. However, do not lose heart if you do not get what you are looking for because they have made up for it in several other ways.

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