LEGO Mission Statement Analysis

Lego Mission Statement


Danish toymaker Ole Kirk Christiansen created LEGO blocks over 80 years ago in Billund, Denmark. Today, the company is popularly recognized as LEGO, and the name is based on the Danish phrase “leg godt” which means play well. The company began developing its initial plastic brick in 1949, a brick prototype with linking studs and tubes at both stops. Godtfred Kirk, who took over the company after his father’s death in 1958, patented it in 1958. 

Billund, Denmark, opened the first LEGOLAND theme park in 1968. Soon the LEGO bricks started catching on popularity throughout Europe. Afterward, LEGOLAND was established internationally in different countries’ locations. DUPLO was introduced in 1969 as a line of more giant bricks for young children who had trouble handling the regular LEGO bricks. Minifigures, the yellow humanoids that became part of LEGO’s themed playsets nine years ago, are known as the company’s smiley Minifigures. 

Invented in 1998, the MINDSTORMS products contain programmable robotic blocks containing customized bricks. They went through multiple iterations over the next decade that gradually became increasingly complex. 

A simple, child-friendly design, attributed to LEGO bricks’ longevity, remains unchanged since the toy was patented. Lego, a company owned by the Christiansen family for generations, was inducted into the U.S. The mission of the company is to promote, inspire creators and boost their imagination. Lego envisions enhancing creativity, improving coordination skills, and promote learning while playing. To ensure this, LEGO has a set of values that underpins the organization. It instills the joy of creating new things, work together to achieve bigger goals, value each other, and create a positive impact. With this information, let’s delve a bit deeper into LEGO mission and vision.  

LEGO Mission Statement  

LEGO mission statement is “Inspire builders of tomorrow.” In simple words, it wants to inspire and evolve future builders. The company strives to help kids imagine creatively, work systematically, and experience the endless possibilities of creating a new world. Let’s elaborate on the mission statement of LEGO:

1. Boosting creativity: The primary objective of LEGO is to promote creativity in kids. With simple building blocks, LEGO gives infinite ways to create a world that one desires. Each Lego block has been designed meticulously to club together and create a strong structure. The bright colors motivate the kids to work and build their world.

2. Inspiring builders of tomorrow: LEGO mission statement indicates that it aims at inspiring builders. With mini LEGO blocks, kids can create a number of structures, and these may range from small houses to massive structures. This promotes imagination and coordination skills which are very helpful in later stages of life.   

LEGO Vision Statement  

LEGO vision statement is “A global force for learning-through-play” and defines what and where it plans to be in the future. These lines indicate that LEGO wants to promote learning while the kids are playing. Using blocks to create structures presents an opportunity to tinker and create. It fosters various motor skills, problem-solving skills, imagination power, spatial skills, and coordination skills.

  • Make learning fun: There are various ways of learning, and LEGO envisions making learning fun. With its colorful blocks and myriads of products that motivate kids and even adults to create impeccable structures. 
  • Environmental sustainability: Another important area where LEGO is actively working is to create a sustainable environment. One of the initiatives it has taken is to phase out all plastic packaging from LEGO boxes and introduce sustainable packaging by 2025. 
  • Enhancing its reach to promote learning: LEGO also plans to reach out to around 8 million children. The LEGO Foundation and UNICEF will promote activities that will encourage learning while kids are having fun.   

LEGO Core Values  

LEGO has a strong mission and vision, supported by the strong and affirmative LEGO core values. Over the years, the company has worked to create products that can boost imagination and encourage learning, and its core values have played a crucial role in this. 

  • Imagination 

Curiosity drives children to ask WHY and to think of possible explanations in the process of free play. This is how children develop their imagination and creativity. The idea is to create new games and boost the thinking power of kids to create a replica of their imagination in real life.   

  • Learning 

To learn, we need to experiment, collaborate, and be curious. This gives new insights and helps in developing new skills. Building, unfolding, re-building, thus creating new things and developing new ways of thinking about ourselves and the world. Playing teaches us to put something together, take things apart, put the pieces back together differently.  

  • Creativity 

It is an essential 21st-century skill. One needs to be imaginative and creative to be able to produce new, unexpected, and valuable ideas. Logic, reasoning, and playfulness combine with imagination in a particular type of creativity known as systematic creativity.  

  • Fun

Active play, excitement from an adventure, delight in a child’s enthusiasm, and the joy of a positive surprise are all aspects of what makes fun. When skills are in balance with the challenge and we are making progress on a goal, joy is when we are fully engaged in something that demands mastery.  

  • Quality 

Providing quality play materials to children and their development, our community and partners is what we call quality. We are committed to continuous improvement and welcome challenges. Our commitment to manufacturing excellence and trust garnered by our customers is the reason we developed a reputation for excellence and the reason why they recommend us. 

  • Caring 

Care is about giving back to the world and making an excellent contribution to the lives of kids, our colleagues, and our partners. And putting the additional effort into something not only because we have to, but also because we care. 


The Lego Group is one of the most famous and enormous toys making companies in the world. The company has earned its reputation and stood up worldwide. Meeting every child, the Lego Group is the expert in toy making. LEGO makes a promise of ensuring fun while playing, learning while building, and at the same time, it promises to keep the environment safe and adopt an eco-friendly approach. The group’s statement and services are the factors that everyone likes. Maintaining LEGO mission and vision from the decade played a vital role in the company’s enhancement.

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