Lowes Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Lowe’s mission statement is “together, deliver the right home improvement products, with the best service and value, across every channel and community we serve.” Since 1921, this company has learned how important it is to meet the needs of its customers. That explains why it prioritizes on delivering the right products. This statement shows that Lowes:

  1. Delivers distinguished services
  2. Exceeds expectations

The brand of this company is built on the quality of the products that it supplies. As a result, Lowes does not compromise on the specifications of all its products categories from hardware, electrical, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor living, and home décor & furniture. The experts at the company bring you what they promise and nothing short of it. There are many other complementary services offered by Lowes that show it gives more to its customers. Some of these comprise delivery, professional installation, and plant guarantee among others.


Lowe’s mission and vision statements are proof of the progressiveness and commitment of this company to the people it serves. For close to a century, this company has been the leading brand in the home improvement sector in the U.S. Through its mission and vision statements, Lowes has cemented its reputation as a dependable company.

A corporate vision statement points out the future achievements that a company works for. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement identifies the appropriate ways that would enable the company to achieve the desired future. In this case analysis, the vision statement of Lowes emphasizes on the quality of services that the company provides its customers. Similarly, its mission statement echoes the experiences that the clients enjoy while dealing with Lowes.

Services at Lowes are further enhanced by the core values of this firm. They foster an acceptable practice that prioritizes the treatment of the customers as the most important aspect of the business. Today, Lowes has earned itself respect among consumers in the U.S due to its friendliness.

Vision Statement

Lowe’s vision statement is “we will provide customer-valued solutions with the best prices, products, and services to make Lowe’s the first choice for home improvement.” The statement underscores the treatment of the customers in the right way. The statement has the following features:

  1. Customer-valued solutions
  2. Affordability

The company shows that it is highly skilled in market domination through its strategies of customer services. Often customers become loyal to suppliers or businesses that comply with their demands. This is what Lowes is good at as shown by the home solutions that it provides. To improve its position, the company assigns the most competitive prices to its products, in addition to other special offers including the military discounts.

Core Values

Lowe’s core values comprise “customer-focused, ownership, respect, teamwork, passion for execution and integrity.” The company indicates that these are the elements of identity at Lowes corporation. The values are credited for establishing the winning culture at Lowes, and this is what every employee of the company should display. Together, they all become part of this future-oriented company.


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