Lululemon First-Responder Discount Requirements and Details

Lululemon First-Responder Discount Requirements and Details

Lululemon’s mission statement is “to give back to people who fight for the safety of people“. The brand was founded by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada, in 1998. The company started as a design studio and in 2000, it became a standalone store.  Lululemon is known for its yoga wear, but the brand has now expanded its product line, including athletic wear, lifestyle apparel, accessories, and personal care products.

While the company continues to serve people with exceptional quality clothes, it also gives back to society. They offer a first responder discount to all those who avail of it. They believe in giving something to people who always put their lives at stake just to save the lives of others. In recognition of their services to humanity, they give first responder discounts to the people who are eligible for it. This is how they show they are grateful to the responders.

Why Should You Ask For Lululemon First Responder Discount?

All those who are eligible should take advantage of Lululemon first responder discounts because it helps them save a lot of money that they would have otherwise spent. The discount that they give is like none others in the race. They offer a huge discount of 15% to all the first responders. This also shows the amount of respect that you command in your community.

It is always a blessing in today’s hard times when you are eligible to receive discounts. It always feels good to save that money that you can reinvest in some other expenses for yourself or your family. And if you are in a profession that involves risks to your life, it is always necessary that you save wherever you can and whenever you can. But if you are not, then is another great saving opportunity – Lululemon Customer Satisfaction Survey. Just tell the company your honest opinion and enjoy amazing discounts instead!

How Much Is the First Responder Discount At Lululemon?

However, you can also reap the benefits of additional discounts by using coupons. Lululemon gives a huge discount of 15% to its first responder customers. It could climb up to 70%. And when you place your orders through Amazon, the discount is a mere 10%.

Who Can Take Advantage of Lululemon First Responder Discount?

First responders are the people who will run in first at the site. The firefighters, policemen, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and support staff. Sometimes even nurses and doctors are included in this list because even they are on-site in case of accidents.

At Lululemon, the first responders are the people like police, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians who are eligible for the first responder discounts. Then you can easily avail of the first responder discount from Lululemon.

If you are in the military or a spouse of such a person, you are also eligible. Even the nurses, doctors, and support workers can avail of this discount.

How to Get Lululemon First Responder Discount?

Lululemon offers a discount for first responders to give back to these people for their selfless services and daily sacrifices. It helps these people to benefit by getting a discount of 15%.

If you are a first responder, you are easily available to the people in need when they dial 911. You are eligible to get very attractive discounts compared to other companies. All it requires you to get their discount is to prove your job profile. Your ID verification is a must on their site for you to take their discounts.

Follow these steps to avail of the discounts:

Step 1

Login to and click on this link to register your account. If you already have an account, you can log in by clicking on the same link.

Step 2

You need to enter your details, whether you are military personnel or a first responder. Lululemon has toed up with SheerID, a third-party identity verification service that will confirm your digital identity. Hence, make sure that you fill in the right information.

Step 3

After your verification is over, you will get a confirmation email, and you will be able to get the discount.  You may be required to enter additional information if required.

Step 4

You are eligible for a 15% discount on online and in-store purchases.

Other Ways You Can Save With Lululemon

While these discounts are available for military personnel, and first responders, there are other ways to save on your purchase made from Lululemon. These are highlighted below:

  • You take the registration discount if you are new to the shop. Here again, you will enjoy a 25% discount on your shopping.
  • Sometimes they offer a discount on the first registration of the credit card.
  • Alternatively, talk to their customer care service about the discounts. You will also get information on their social media accounts for discounts.
  • Or you could also go through for additional information. You will find several discount codes available on this website, saving you a good amount.

Similar Companies That Do Offer First Responder Discounts

Stores that offer first responder discounts are many in number. They include stores like 5.11 Tactical, Adidas, ASICS, BN3TH, Brooklyn Bedding, Clarks, Columbia, Costco, etc.

Lululemon FAQs

Does Lululemon Offer First Responder Discounts?

Yes, the company offers a first responder discount.

How Many Times Can You Use Your First Responder Discount at Lululemon?

After you avail of the first responder discount of 25%, you get an additional 10% discount any time.

Who Is Eligible for This First Responder Discount?

EMTs, nurses, doctors, firefighters, police, military, and veterans can get the discount.


Lululemon’s competitors do give similar discounts, but the discount at Lululemon is always one of the best because of the numerous and huge discounts that they give to such brave hearts of the nation. They offer discounts to these people to show that they care for them. This is one way that the company gives back to the nation that has given so much to them. This just shows the humane touch the company has. It is indeed laudable that they are ready to part with their profits just to show that they are thankful to these people.

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