What Is the Mission Statement for Marina Bay Sands Casino?

If you have searched for online casino Singapore lately, you have probably come across tens or even hundreds of blogs and sites that recommend the Marina Bay Sands Casino. The glitz and glamor of this casino attract millions of tourists manually. However, not everyone knows the background of this international spectacle.

Marina Bay Sands Casino is a luxury hotel and casino, and one of the most sought-after live casino and entertainment hubs in Singapore. It was opened on 27 February 2010 and has grown to become the most prominent landmark in the Marina Bay area. It has an ArtScience Museum, a hotel with over 2500 rooms and suites, two floating crystal pavilions, two celebrity chef restaurants by Wolfgang Puck (CUT), as well as 20 retail stores on three floors of the shopping space.

Marina Bay Sands Casino Mission Statement

Marina Bay Sands Casino mission statement is “to become a premier entertainment destination with a vibrant diversity of attractions and facilities”.

Their vision is to build an integrated development that is timeless, a landmark that possesses a distinct identity that will distinguish Singapore from other cities.

Has Marina Bay Sands Casino achieved its Mission and Vision?

Based on the facts above, it is clear that Marina Bay Sands Casino has achieved its mission and vision. It features luxurious amenities in a magnificent setting, which makes this casino one of the most visited places by tourists from all over the world.

Facts about Marina Bay Sands Casino

There are a few things you should know about this casino, including:

  • It is the World’s Most Expensive Standalone Casino Property

MBS is an expensive investment. The initial investment commitment was $3.85 billion, but this escalated to $8 billion because of the high costs involved in building a casino on reclaimed land among other factors such as high costs of material, increased construction costs, and labor shortage.

  • It Generates Whopping Revenue

It is reported that Marina Bay Sands Casino contributes a significant amount to Singapore’s economy. In the last quarter of 2020, this casino netted a net income of over $170 million. It is also an employment generator. It employs more than 11,000 workers, and this is expected to increase as the number of visitors increases over time.

  • It Offers a Rich Gambling Experience

Every time you step into Marina Bay Sands Casino, you will feel like royalty. It offers one of the most luxurious experiences among casinos around the world and makes you feel like you are in a different world.

If you want to experience the best gambling games and stay at one of the most luxurious hotels in Singapore, this casino is worth considering. It will be an unforgettable time for sure!

  • It is Among the Top 40 Largest Hotels in the World

With 2,561 rooms and suites, 256 meeting rooms, 6 expo halls, and the largest ballroom in Southeast Asia, Marina Bay Sands Casino is among the top 40 largest hotels in the world.

More than 20 million visitors from all over the globe walk through its doors every year, making it one of Singapore’s most popular attractions and a must-see for tourists.


This casino features over 500 gaming tables, about 1500 slot machines, and more than 30 private gaming rooms. Some of the games you should consider playing when you visit this place include:

  1. Video poker
  2. Sicbo
  3. Baccarat
  4. Poker
  5. Roulette
  6. Slots
  7. Blackjack

The next time you head out for your much-needed break, consider visiting Singapore’s best luxury hotel and casino, Marina Bay Sands Casino. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience!

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