Marriot Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Marriot Senior Discount

After spending all these years taking care of family responsibilities, now all you need is time for yourself. Exploring the world is a brilliant idea, isn’t it? Well, if you are a senior wanting to travel alone or with your partner what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags and see the world. 

Well, you must be wondering, although it does sound exciting to travel the world however you will require a place to stay and how you will meet travel expenses without exceeding your budget. So here is good news for you, many hotel chains like Marriott International offer exciting deals for seniors. The Marriott senior discount is a deal to steal and enjoy your holidays. 

Marriott is an American multinational hospitality company that has a presence in 127 countries across the globe, with more than 6,000 major hotel chains. The brand is known for looking after its guests and giving them the advantage of various offers and discounts. So, now your question might be, “Is there a senior discount for Marriott?” One such brilliant and amazing money-saving deal, Marriot Hotels is offering 15% discounts for senior citizens on their room prices globally. 

Marriott senior discount

What is Marriott senior discount?

Marriott senior discount aims to encourage senior citizens to travel without having to worry about booking the hotel rooms at high rates, exceeding their budget, allowing them to enjoy their stay with an international brand. The Marriott brand offers up to 15 percent discount or sometimes even more on standard rates of the room for citizens aged 62 years or above. 

However, these discount rates may vary based upon the location, season, and some other factors as well. So, it is your responsibility to check with the hotel before you make the bookings. While you look for a hotel to stay in, look for Marriott Hotels. After going through this article, you will have adequate knowledge on how you can enjoy senior discount rates in Marriott hotels with the promo codes and deals for seniors, whatever is applicable.

Why Marriott discount for senior citizens?

Marriott senior discount

It has been noticed that post-retirement people love to travel as they have the time and interest both. However, a lot of budget-friendly senior citizens think twice before planning a trip, as the hotel stays may cost more. Therefore, the Marriott hotel property has started special discounts for senior citizens over 62 years old. These awesome savings of 15% or more on the base rate add to the advantage of travel discounts for uninterrupted traveling.

Marriott does not have any fixed Marriott discount for senior citizens for all their hotel chains. The Marriott Hotels can even give you discounts up to 25% on select hotels (like Florida-based Marriott hotels) while some may give you a 15% hotel discount. It is best that before you book the hotel, you inquire about the senior discounts with your choice of hotel. A 15 to 25 percent discount on the price of the room can save a great deal of money.

Important Information About How to Get Marriott Senior Discount?

Getting the Marriott discount for senior citizens is easy and simple, keeping in mind the senior citizens’ preferences. Below, we have a few tips to get the best senior rate for hotel and resort deals.  

  • Carry a government-approved identity proof or age proof like a driver’s license or passport to show at the check-in counter. 
  • You are only eligible to book two rooms per night for a single member proven eligible. 
  • There is a possibility of you not finding any rooms available for Marriott senior discount on the dates you have chosen. This could be because you are traveling during the peak season when most hotels are already booked. 
  • Marriott always thinks for its customer’s ease and hence you can book a room at your choice of Marriott hotel through online reservations on the website or over the phone with a Marriott representative or on the Marriott App, or through travel agents. While booking over the phone, you need to tell the agent or the employee about all your needs, and they will arrange it accordingly. 
  • To receive Marriott discount for senior citizens, follow the regular hotel room booking process on the Marriot website. Select the dates for which you need to book a room. There are many room rates in the “special rate” drop-down menu to choose from, so select the “senior discount” rate from the drop-down menu.
  • Please bear in mind an AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) card will not get you a discount for seniors as the Marriott senior discount age is 62 years and above. 
  • You will find many exciting packages while exploring the Marriott website. These combine flight, hotel booking, and car rentals together for convenience. This also helps to get good discounts. Do specify that you are a senior citizen.

Marriott Discounts FAQs

  • Who is considered Senior as per Marriott policy?

People 62 years or older are considered senior, and they are eligible for the Marriot Senior discount.

  • Is AARP membership also required to avail of the discount?

No, AARP membership is not required to avail of the discount, as it is completely based on age.

  • How many rooms can be booked using this discount?

Well, if you are eligible to avail of the discount, you can book two rooms for a night. Though, it is also subject to availability.

  • What other information do you need at the time of making an advance reservation? / What are the check-in requirement?

The Marriott Hotel will ask you to provide your complete address, valid email address, mobile number phone number, and preferred way of making the payment for your reservation.

  • Are discounts available on all hotels of Marriot?

Yes, it is available for all the Marriot brand hotels across the world.

  • What time is the best time to book?

High seasons are not Marriott senior discount days. Therefore, it is suggested that you travel during the off-season. You will not only manage to get Marriott senior discount, but you will also be able to avoid a lot of crowds. 


Marriott International is well-known for the high level of service it provides in its hotels and resorts. They provide some of the most competitive prices, which makes them popular. The hotels and lodges of Marriott International are equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure that guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Marriott International also provides special event discounts, which you should take advantage of if you qualify. Through their Marriott Rewards program, they also provide several advantages, including bonus points for individuals who meet specific criteria. If you fall in the senior bracket, grab Marriott discount for senior citizens, explore the world and create beautiful memories. Let Marriott senior discount open the doors to uninterrupted happiness. 

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