MarshallsFeedback Survey: Give us your opinion and win $ 500


Have you ever imagined that sharing how your shopping experience has been in a store you would be rewarded with $500? Now, thanks to MarshallsSurvey, this could come true. The Marshalls off-price chain, which is part of the TJX Companies group, has launched a customer satisfaction survey that, besides allowing improvements to the company’s facilities, it will give participants the opportunity to win a $500 Marshalls Gift Card.

The survey is currently available at, and can be accessed directly, or by searching in Google “marshalls feedback com”. It is also possible to participate via e-mail, although it is recommended to do it at the official site.

MarshallsFeedback Survey is an initiative of TJX Companies aimed to learn firsthand what customers think of the stores, to know their positive and negative opinions and finally use that knowledge to bring improvements to stores, trying to improve the shopping experience of their customers. All kinds of suggestions, opinions, complaints and ideas about the stores, products and service offered at Marshalls’ stores are accepted.

As a reward for participating in the survey and sharing their valuable opinions and suggestions, you will have the opportunity to participate in a raffle, which prize will be a $500 Marshalls Gift Card. One new winner will be announced every month until a total of 12 participants are awarded with a gift card.

Reasons to participate

Always seeking to put the customer first, Marshalls wants to know the opinion that their customers have about their service and their stores. Then, based on the answers, propose changes and concrete improvements that allow them to fully satisfy its customers.

If the customers are happy, they will surely recommend the store to their friends and relatives, generating a long-term business growth and prosperity. If you have comments and suggestions or if you have had a bad experience that you want to share or even if you wish something was different within Marshalls stores, this is your opportunity to express yourself and directly generate a change.

By participating in this survey, you will be communicating directly with the company to ask for what you need regarding attention, service, products or the store layout. Your answers will allow the company to make a diagnosis, analyze the problems and modify whatever is necessary so that you do not have to face the same inconveniences again in the future. All kinds of experiences are accepted and you are free to share both the minor issues you have had, as well as the most significant troubles: all of them will be taken into consideration.

As a way of thanking you for giving your opinion and sharing your experiences, after completing the survey, you will have the chance to participate in a raffle for a $500 Marshalls Gift Card. At the end, 12 people will be winners through monthly draws.

How to win the Gift Card

Survey Requirements

1. As a customer, you should be willing to share your shopping experiences and opinions about any of the Marshalls stores.

2. In order to answer the survey, you need to have access to a computer, tablet or Smartphone with a good Internet connection.

3. It is necessary that your browser settings have cookies and javascript enabled. If not, please enter the privacy settings and enable both functions.

4. You will only be able to participate if you are a legal resident in the US or Puerto Rico, and if you are older than 18.

5. You must have at least basic use of English or Spanish. The survey will be enabled for those two languages.

6. It is necessary that you have purchased at a Marshalls store in the US or Puerto Rico in the last time, and that you keep your purchase receipt.


• No employee, representative, officer, manager or administrator who works at Marshalls or any of its associated companies is allowed to answer the survey.

• Those who live in regions where participating in this type of survey is illegal, may not answer.

• If you reside outside the US, you are not allowed to answer the survey.

• The raffle prize is not transferable nor is it possible to sell it to a third party.

• The survey and participation in the raffle will only be valid if the rules expressed in the MarshallsFeedback Survey terms and conditions are fully respected.


The satisfaction survey may be cancelled by Marshalls at any time without explaining any reasons. Suggestions or comments that have not been accepted within the survey form, available at, will not be taken into account.

To participate, follow the steps below:

• 1: Enter

• 2: Pay attention to all the instructions.

• 3: Have a receipt of any purchase you have made in Marshalls in the last time, and locate the “Survey Number” that appears there. Use it to fill in the corresponding box in the form.

• 4: Complete the date and time of the receipt in the corresponding box.

• 5: Press “Start”.

• 6: Answer each question honestly.

• 7: Share opinions and suggestions in the allocated space.

• 8: To participate in the raffle, your contact, mail and telephone information will be required.

• 9: Review your answers and press “Submit”.

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