Michaels Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Michaels Senior Discount

You probably are a frequent customer and fan of Michaels stores. If you are a senior and interested to know “Is there a senior discount for Michaels?”, you are on the right page. Yes, Michaels does offer a discount for seniors.

Michaels as you must know is an American and Canadian arts and crafts chain store that was founded in 1973. So, if you want wall decor, floral decorative items, or any arts and crafts-related item as well as DIY kits, Michaels should be your destination. This article has all the information about Michaels discount for senior citizens you are looking for.

It will let you enjoy the privilege of an additional discount on your entire purchase, including the sale items. You will be able to apply Michaels senior discount automatically in the case of online and offline shopping. You need to inform the cashier about your eligibility at the time of making the payment. It will help in preventing you from missing such a great opportunity.

What is Michaels Senior Discount?

The Michaels discount for senior citizens is 10%. It will help old people to save money. Taking this point into high perspective, Michaels has successfully launched an exclusive discount for the elderly. It is the store’s gesture of care towards its senior shoppers. The Michaels senior discount age is a minimum of 55 years. With the help of this discount, the buyers will be able to enjoy the privilege of an appreciable discount of 10% at the time of shopping at the merchant. The buyers need to provide their photo identity card in original.

As the discount is limited to a certain period, it is advisable to make its best use. It is essential to confirm the discount eligibility before making any purchase. You can get complete information by logging in online.

Michaels is known to sell a wide range of art and craft items as well as decorations for special events including weddings. Apart from seniors, other buyers can save with the help of frequent sales and special coupons. In case of any confusion, it is advisable to give a call to the customer service team.

Why Michaels Discount for Senior Citizens?

The Michaels for senior citizens option has been crafted exclusively for aged people so that they may enjoy a lucrative discount at the time of shopping. If you can enjoy your shopping offline, then everything will take place in front of you. Also, there will be no headache related to shipping charges. But, on the contrary, there are certain situations when it becomes difficult to go out shopping.

A similar situation happened during the recent pandemic. In such a situation, online shopping will be considered to be the right choice. Then, the delivery charges make a certain difference. It is better to confirm the same from the company. If you cross the minimum order amount, then you will get free shipping.

The special deals are available in case of holiday seasons where you can enjoy higher discounts. It is good to keep an eye on the website to prevent missing the discounts offers and deals.

How to Get Michaels Senior Discount?

Now, if you are wondering about the procedure to avail Michaels senior discount, then below there is the step-by-step guide for your convenience.

  • First, sign in to your Michaels account or create one if you don’t have any. Seniors can sign up via Michaels Rewards account.
  • Follow the instructions in your account dashboard.
  • Register for Michael Rewards.
  • You need to keep your original photo ID ready. It will serve as proof that you qualify for the senior discount program. For Senior verification, you will need a government ID card or document. It must have your birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, or state-issued ID.
  • Verification is usually done in a few minutes. However, in certain cases when documentation has issues, it may take longer about 15-20 minutes.
  • Once you are done with the verification of your certification, you will get a special discount of 10%.
  • To avail Michaels discount, no matter online or in-store, you need to sign in to your account or provide your phone number for Michaels Rewards during checkout.
  • So, follow these steps to avail of Michaels Senior Discount in 2022 and enjoy savings.

Other Ways to Save Money at Michaels

In addition, there are some more ways to save money at Michaels. Yes, it is possible with the help of using promo discount coupon codes. It is easy to save, even up to 60% off on every purchase at Michaels. There are some additional coupons available for the buyers.

Go to the Deals section of the website to check coupons, Weekly Ad, All Clearance, All Sale  and Great Buy! There are some deals that are for online buyers only. Michaels coupons allow customers to get 20% OFF, 60% OFF, get an extra 25% OFF on sale price, etc. You can also browse through trending products on sale on the Michael’s website. You can find festival offers also like Valentine’s Day Offer.

So, visiting the website will help users save using the promo code, it will become easy to enjoy the privilege of senior citizen discounts by Michaels.

Michaels FAQs

The Michaels senior discount days will, no doubt, let you enjoy the lucrative benefits of appreciable discounts. Some additional questions related to Michaels discount include the following:

 What is needed to complete the verification process of Michael senior discount?

The verification process regarding Michael senior discount requires a government-issued ID or document.

Is there a senior discount for Michaels during Christmas and other special occasions?

No, the senior discount coupons cannot be utilized during special occasions, including Christmas.

What is Michaels Discount Tree Event?

It is their annual 50% OFF Tree Event

How much is Michaels military discount

Michaels Military Discount is 15%.

Can teachers also save money at Michaels?

Teachers get 15% OFF on purchases. However, they need to show their Teacher ID. It needs to be verified via the Michaels Rewards account.


Now that you know everything about Michaels Senior Discount coupon, how to avail it, and senior discount age, enjoy shopping at Michaels. Having a genuine identity card will help in the verification process.

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