What is the Mission and Purpose of Carnation Cash Counters?

If you run a business that is heavily dependent on cash, you may already be well familiar with cash counters. A top-of-the-line cash counter ensures that you focus on your business’s strategic operations more than simply dealing with cash round the clock. Carnation, one of the leading electronic money counter brands on the market, is a Chicago-based manufacturer and distributor of various money counters, counterfeit bill detectors, coin counters, mixed denomination money counters, and more. It’s easier to produce just any money counter than the one that delivers top-notch quality functions with reliability. That is what Carnation promises to do.

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A company’s mission and core values directly impact the quality of goods and services provided to its customers. Some company’s focus more on increasing their market share whereas brands like Carnation try their best to not compromise on the quality of their services for utmost customer satisfaction.

What is Carnation’s Mission?

Carnation’s basic purpose is to capture returning customers by exceeding their expectations relating to the product. Their innovative products are proof that they want to increase the efficiency of a business by saving their time dealing in cash.

Unlike many other cash counter brands, Carnation sets its services apart by delivering its products almost all over the world. It distributes its products to Mexico, Europe, Canada, Asia, Middle East, and more. This has also helped Carnation to gradually reach its mission, which is to be the “world-renowned best provider of counting and counterfeit detection devices”.

How Carnation is Approaching Its Vision?

To be the world’s best money counter and counterfeit detection device provider, Carnation has incorporated exceptional features and technology in its devices. Where other brands’ devices fail to precisely detect fake notes or coins, Carnation doesn’t.

Carnation uses the most innovative technology in order to detect fake bills such as magnetic, infrared, and ultraviolet detection. This gives its customers peace of mind that there won’t be any chances of missing fake notes and therefore loss of income.

For added convenience, many products offered by Carnation carry testing and approval status by the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England, European Central Bank, and more.

The Kind of Devices Carnation Offers

In addition to the innovative technology Carnation offers, it stays true to its mission by minimizing the time of cash handling for its customers. Its devices are engineered with LCD screens to make it easier for the supervisor to keep count of the bills (including different denominations).  

A lot of Carnation devices are also lightweight and compact, making it easier for its customers to hold and carry them no matter where they go. Its devices are equipped with super-convenient modes like check mode, batch mode, stamp mode, free mode, and so on to make operations hassle-free. Not to forget that its devices operate with multiple currency kinds as well.

Top Cash Counter Choice for Top Brands

By providing such features and technology, major brands like Tiffany & Co., WB, McDonald’s, Verizon, Walmart, Sprint, Mercedes Benz and more are availing its services as well.

Perhaps, staying true to its brand’s mission and purpose has made it successful and popular even among the world’s famous brands.

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