What is a Mission Statement in Branding?

From identity to brand mockup, a lot is going on when promoting and advertising your brand. And, each one plays an equally important part in putting your brand in front of your audience in the best light possible.

However, there’s one crucial component of branding that can either make or break everything. Yes, we are talking about the mission statement.

In case you’re new to branding or even an expert polishing his skill, do not worry. Below, we have brought together all the essential-most things you should know about mission statements in branding.  Read more to unravel!

What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement refers to the summary of the brand’s objectives, aims, and perspective. It conveys what the brand is about to the audience in the shortest form possible.

Mission statements are typically two to three sentences long. Some companies may even stretch it to a hundred words. But, it should not be more than that.

The brand must represent itself clearly and concisely in the mission statement. Since these statements also help reach the target audience,  you need to be vigilant about the tone. 

It doesn’t have to be necessarily formal, though it is recommendable. If a brand has a warm and casual identity, it can always create humorous and funny mission statements. One can even add content that encourages networking with the brand and attracts potential investors/customers.

Elements of a Mission Statement

Formulating a mission statement can be a difficult task, especially if you’re a newbie. However, an understanding of a mission statement’s features can help you in the process.

A quality mission statement comprises a few important components. These include:

  • Statement of Vision: It refers to the perspective of the brand.
  • Statement of Core Values: It states the things a brand values the most.
  • Statement of Goals: It outlines what objectives the brand plans to achieve.

If you write each of these three statements and combine them, you will have a quality mission statement at hand. Please note, since all these things keep on evolving with a brand, one can always revise a mission statement and update the pages accordingly.

Others Important Tools in Branding

Apart from the mission statement, there are several other important tools that one must pay attention to when branding.  Here is a brief overview of these tools:

  • Brand Identity

The brand identity includes everything that makes it up. It is what makes your brand unique from others. Usually, it revolves around visual elements that represent the brand, such as colors, graphics, and fonts. 

  • Brand Mockup

A brand mockup is a visual representation of the brand logo and products. Graphic designers create the full renderings of the design. Hence, helping clients make changes in the logo, business cards, and labels before printing.

  • Brand Voice

The brand voice refers to the communication tone and method. It is how the company talks to the audience or customers. Often the brand voice is professional and straightforward.

All these tools, when used properly, can allow you to make an outstanding start in today’s saturated market. Good luck!

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