Mission Statement of the three main cannabis producers in Germany


In the whole of Europe, Germany holds the largest number of consumers in the medical Cannabis market with over 128,000 patients receiving it annually. Since its legalization in 2017, several companies have emerged to meet the demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries in treating their patients.

Out of the numerous companies that have ventured into the supply of cannabis in Germany, three have shown exceptional progress based on the quality and mode of operation. In this article, we’ll discuss the vision and core values that drive these companies to achieve success in the Cannabis industry, Germany.

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First, we have Aphria, the first licensed cannabis supplying company in Germany. Aphria aims at inspiring and empowering its consumers to live healthy lives. To ensure that they improve the quality of life for their consumers, they focus on investing in their products and the earth at large. Their desire to remain at the top spot is guided by these core values:

  • They put people first

At Aphria, their customers are their topmost priority. Every action and investment made is to promote a healthier lifestyle for their customers – this is also seen in the quality of their products. They have also encouraged diversity at their company to help them gain insights into how each class of people in the community views their products and services.

  • They lead by example

Aphria tries to be as responsible as possible. Hence, all their actions and decisions strictly adhere to the community standards and the standards of medical and pharmaceutical bodies too. They also believe in setting standards that support the health and well-being of their consumers and the communities where they operate.

  • They promote sustainability

Keeping the earth safe is a big part of their operations at Aphria. They make sure the nature of their operations is not detrimental to the earth. Instead, they keep their operations safe and nature-friendly.


Aurora is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of Cannabis in Germany. They are dedicated to helping society improve its wellness, health, and lives. They aim at opening the doors to a new era of medical cannabis products and giving patients a variety of options to select from. Being the meticulous brand that they are, cultivation and management of their products are done in accordance with the standards of each region they operate in. 

The vision at Aurora is to build a leading cannabis company by constructing and utilizing facilities that don’t only increase the number of their products, but also the quality as they work relentlessly to reach a more global audience.


Demecan is an independent supplier of cannabis in Germany. Compared to other brands, all the production process is done at their company. At Demecan, they aim at becoming a reliable and consistent supplier of cannabis in Germany, supplying only medical cannabis that meets the highest standards of pharmaceutical quality.

The primary goal of this cannabis manufacturing company is to deliver its products to the Federal Institute of Drugs and Medical Devices ( BfArM).

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