Mission Statements of the 4 Most Popular Furniture Manufacturers in America


Finding quality furniture at a reasonable price in the USA keeps getting difficult every year. With so many furniture manufacturers storming the industry each year, finding the perfect USA brand for your interior desires might seem impossible in the next decade.

However, four out of the numerous furniture companies have dominated the industry, impressing homeowners with appealing sofa covers and furniture designs. In this article, we’ll be seeing what motivates these brands to keep offering top-notch services and the core values that guide them through facing challenges associated with being at the top.


Producing high-end furniture for their customers has been Stickley’s dream, and they seem to have been living up to that dream for about 120 years ago. They offer their customers uniquely crafted furniture with inherent value. However, you could always purchase Mamma Mia covers to add to the appeal of these pieces of furniture. They aim at being globally recognized as the manufacturers and suppliers of the finest wooden furniture. Their work ethic is driven by an unshakeable philosophy of excellence, honest craftsmanship, and an endurable tradition. These values keep Stickley at the top of the furniture manufacturing industry.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of furniture in the USA. They believe in the impact a strong economy and sustainable natural environment have on the future and quality of human life. At Herman Miller, these goals are not seen as separate, so they aim to achieve one as they set others in progress. They also believe that the success of one leads to the success of others.

This top furniture manufacturer is motivated by the ideology that the future of mankind is dependent on the capability to meet their present and future demands as the human population grows. They thrive to meet these demands without jeopardizing the safety of the ecosystem.

Core Values

·         They believe that employees at all levels are extraordinary.

·         They strive to be reliable.

·         They put their best efforts into any action.

·         They believe in the power of team spirit.

Smith Brothers of Berne

Smith Brothers of Berne is one of the oldest furniture manufacturers, founded in 1926. At this furniture company, their core values stem from the desire to ensure smooth interaction and seamless operation. The core values of the Smith Brothers of Berne are Trust, Respect, Creativity, and Fun. And the employees at the managerial level ensure that these values guide their daily operation and decision-making to protect them from chaotic possibilities.

At Smith Brothers of Berne, Trust is the governing principle. They prioritize trust in their interactions and believe in placing it as the foundation for building business and life relationships. They also believe in the joy and fulfillment inculcating a trust culture brings to their company.


HNI Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of office furniture in the US. They believe in the collaborative efforts of all team members and leverage the power it has to birth success, which is then shared as a testimony with their local communities.

The members of HNI Corporation aim at selling value that’ll last for a long period to their stakeholders. They also desire to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers, leaving a long and lasting impression. Employees are also put into consideration, and creating a positive work environment is of topmost priority.  Customers, shareholders, suppliers, and communities are treated fairly and equally at HNI Corporation.

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