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Burger King believes that its customer experience is one of its greatest assets. For this reason, it invests regularly in getting accurate feedback from its consumers to help them aid enhance the experience. 

To take part in the feedback, you have to purchase from any of the outlets. On purchasing, make sure that you keep the receipt. Only legal residents of the United States of America can participate in this survey.

On completion of the purchase, you can only access the survey online at Use the details of the receipt to access the survey and give honest survey answers about your experience.

On completing the survey, the consumer gets a validation code that they can then redeem for a free whopper at any of the participating burger king outlets. There can be only one entry per person. The validation code you receive at the end of the survey is redeemable at any time in the future. The survey is currently active for anyone to take part. Customer Survey Details & Requirements

Purchase Required?Yes
PrizeA whooper 
Entry MethodOnline 
Entry LimitOne person per entry
LocationOman, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia
Receipt Valid ForUnlimited

Survey Requirements

  •  This survey is only open to those over the age of 18
  •  It is only open to legal residents of Egypt, Oman, and Saudi Arabia
  • The survey can be voided if it is prohibited by the law
  •  One person has just a single entry
  •  To participate in the survey, you have to make a purchase
  • To access the reward for the free whopper, you should have the validation code

Survey Restrictions

There are requirements outlined in the lengthy terms and conditions. Below is a simplified summary:

  • Entrants have to make a purchase at any of the participating burger king outlets.
  • They should also need a valid receipt from the purchase they made
  • Only current and legal residents of Egypt, Oman, and Saudi Arabia can participate in the survey and get the reward
  • Participants are required to have a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet with a stable internet connection
  • Entrants should have a basic understanding of either English, French, or Arabic
  • Entrants should be capable of remembering their experience at the Burger King outlet

How to Take the Customer Survey

Step 1.

Visit any of the participating Burger King outlets in the United States and make a purchase.

Step 2.

Ensure you get a receipt as proof of purchase. This receipt will be used to enter the survey and answer the questions on your experience.

Step 3.

Using a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, visit the feedback website and choose your country.


Step 4

On accessing the website, enter the restaurant number as found on the receipt for the purchase, the date, and the time of your visit.

Step 5

Press the Next button to get another prompt. Here you’ll have to enter the store number that is seen at the top of the receipt. After entering the store number, click the next button.

Step 6

From the new prompt, you will have to enter the survey code. This code is in the middle of the receipt. After you are done, click the next button. 


Step 7

After completing the previous step. You will have the opportunity to give honest answers to some questions on your experience. These questions will include:

  • What type of order you made?
  • What was the level of satisfaction you had with your experience?
  • You have the opportunity to report issues you had with the restaurant
  • You can also give honest feedback on the safety of the restaurant
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Step 8

When you have completed the survey, you will get a validation code. This code can be redeemed in any participating outlet for a free whopper.

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About Burger King

Burger King is a Florida-based fast-food restaurant chain started by David Edgerton and James McLamore in 1954. They have grown considerably to thousands of outlets spread across the globe. The chain is the largest hamburger chain in the world, feeding over 11 million people a day.

The company’s operations are not centrally owned but are mostly owned by private citizens as franchises. As of 2016, over 99.5% of the outlets are owned by the franchisee. The role of the franchisor Burger King Holdings has several obligations and responsibilities such as designing and issuing corporate training, they also oversee brand standards such as designing the building and promotional materials.

Given this international presence, they have had to adapt to foreign markets to offer food they like. They achieve this primarily through client feedback survey, contributing to their splendid success. This is clear with their success in the Middle East.


The fast-food franchise is highly competitive, especially in the United States, coupled with the low margins they operate under, which makes running them especially difficult. Many companies have adapted by using the franchise model where the risk is taken up by many people rather than the central company.

Burger King understands that they have to stand out to be profitable. They also understand their customer’s experiences are an asset. As such, they invest in getting fast hand input from these same customers. This helps them adapt quickly to the needs and wants of their customers. This would keep them head and shoulders above their competitors.

It also allows the customers to feel more invested, as their input can be seen in the food changes and aesthetics of the brand. Since the customers are heard, it breeds customer brand loyalty.

Customer Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 600-522-224

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