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The following article will discuss everything you might need to know about Home Depot employee resources, associate information, benefits details, and work schedules. We will focus primarily on the Home Depot associate login at the employee portal.

What is home depot?  

Home Depot is the largest company of all the home improvement retail chains in the United States. The chain sells home-products, appliances, construction materials, besides offering a wide range of home construction services. Headquartered in Cobb County, Georgia, Home Depot was founded back in 1978 and is the 5th largest employer out of all the S&P 500 listed companies, with over 385,000 associates.

Steps for home depot Mythdhr login  

The entire process for accessing the associate’s portal is quite simple. Using your employee credentials, you can quickly log into the portal. The following prerequisites are required to start the home depot employee login:

  • Internet Browser
  • PC/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet
  • Working internet connection
  • Mythdhr login web address 
  • Valid User credentials for Mythdhr account

Once the preceding details have been secured, you will need to follow the step-by-step guide given below.

Step 1. Open an internet browser

Step 2. Go to the portal MythDHR login page at

Step 3. On the Left Tab of the main webpage, you’ll see several page options

Step 4. Click on ‘Self Service’ from the available options

Step 5. Below the Self Service page’s details section, you’ll find two links.

Step 6. If you are a current employee, click on ‘Current associates, click here to login.’

Step 7. You’ll be directed to the Self Service validation webpage

Step 8. Enter your location: Your AIS ID for the ‘Store’ option, or your LAN ID for the ‘Other Location’ option.

Step 9. Enter your correct User ID in the space provided

Step 10. Enter your correct User Password in the space provided

Step 11. Click on the Login Button (make sure all fields are filled)

Upon providing correct information, you’ll get access to the home depot self service portal.

Employee self service home depot (ESS)  

The Home Depot Employee Self Service (ESS) offers many functionalities and resources for the associates to use. You can operate the following list of functions and operations as an associate.

  • Change one’s mailing address and other personal information
  • Review one’s associate profile 
  • Change tax withholdings
  • Activate a payroll card
  • Mythdhr your schedule
  • View and print statements and historical payslips
  • Review project outline information
  • Change direct deposit information
  • Change or enroll in Homer deduction
  • Checking Leave of Absence (LOA) status
  • Review LOA details 
  • Print LOA packets

Mythdhr Financial benefits  

Being an employee at Home Depot company comes with many perks and benefits that you’ll hardly find elsewhere. An associate at MyTHDHR can avail of many discounts, financial leeway, and more, all accessible and manageable straight from the ESS employee portal.

You can avail of the following financial benefits as an associate at Home Depot. The best part is that you can directly view the status and processes for each benefit at the Home Depot Employee Self Service portal.

  • Extra 15% discount in the company stuck if buying shares (Employee Stock Purchase plan)
  • Dental insurance 
  • Future/Retirement funding 401(k) Plan
  • High-quality healthcare assured with the help of medical insurance 
  • Life insurance
  • Insurance for accidental death/paralysis/dismemberment
  • Vision insurance: coverage for ocular expenses 
  • Investments plan to allow employees to take ownership of the company
  • Direct Deposit
  • Full-time employees get $5000 per child, while part-time employees receive $1500
  • Spending account

Services offers 

Apart from the facilities and financial benefits provided by, there are many separate services available at the portal, including:

  • Career Depot
  • Employees Self Service
  • Paying
  • Diversity
  • Inclusions
  • Life Events
  • Birthdays


The Home Depot employee self-service portal offers a one-stop management system for all Home Depot associates. You can quickly locate your personal information, modify records, review your address, print statements, view tax certificates, claim financial benefits, and get direct payments, all from the portal.  

All you need to sign into the system is an internet device, a stable internet connection, an internet browser, and your Mythdhr credentials. As long as you have all that, follow the steps given above, and you’re good to go.

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