NSBE Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

NSBE mission statement is “to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.” The following components make up this statement:

  1. Mobilize black engineers
  2. Exceeding expectations

As shown by the first component, NSBE was primarily founded to encourage and give minority groups a chance into the engineering world. It does this by offering a variety of programs, academic support, scholarships, jobs and internships. In addition, NSBE makes its presence felt through other approaches such as advocacy and targeted initiatives to mobilize these groups as well.


The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is a student-run institution whose primary duty is to look after the welfare of black engineers in the academic world and outside. Ever since it was started in 1975, NSBE has made tremendous milestones in the U.S. by constantly providing opportunities not only for the black but also for other students classified as minority engineers. Its success for all these years is stemmed from its core values, mission and vision statements.

A corporate vision statement identifies the growth path into the future, while a corporate mission statement describes how to achieve this progress. In the case of NSBE, the vision statement is all about creating an equal platform for the minorities in the engineering world. Its mission statement emphasizes on encouraging more black engineers into the discipline and industry. The core values of NSBE strengthens the ability of this organization to honor its pledge towards the mission and vision.

Vision Statement

NSBE vision statement is “we envision a world in which engineering is a mainstream word in homes and communities of color, and all Black students can envision themselves as engineers. “The statement can be analyzed using the components:

  1. Global change
  2. Equality for all

In the first component, NSBE strives to have its impact felt beyond the U.S. border. The organization is ambitious about making engineering a common career for all backs and other people of color irrespective of where they are. Such an achievement would satisfy the second component as well by ensuring there is a fair platform for all aspiring engineers.

Core Values

NSBE core values comprise “excellence, exposure, community, empathy, and leadership.” The organization uses these values to guide how it runs its business.

The organization ensures that it is a place where the people it serves feel welcomed, appreciated, and assisted in the right direction. With these values, NSBE remains vibrant and focused towards its mission and vision as well.


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