Oakley First Responder Discount Requirements and Details

Oakley sirst responder discount requirements and details

Oakley’s mission statement is “to provide products that are superior in quality, safety, and affordability in a sustainable manner.” 

Oakley is a well-known brand in the U.S. that manufactures premium accessories and apparel. The company’s products are known for durability and sturdiness. 

While Oakley manufactures a wide range of products, the brand is best known for its high-performance sports sunglasses. The design, quality, frames, and lenses of Oakley’s sunglasses are remarkable. 

Oakley also produces trendy lifestyle pieces and sports equipment like shoes, goggles, watches, sports visors, backpacks, apparel, and more. 

As a frontline worker, you might wonder whether the Oakley first responder discount is available in 2022. Fortunately, Oakley offers a special first responder discount known as the Oakley Standard Issue

So, are you excited to learn more about the Oakley first responder discount and its eligibility requirements? Keep reading!

Why Should You Ask for Oakley First Responder Discount?

Have you ever seen all military members and frontline workers wearing Oakley sunglasses? Well, this is all because of the benefits of the Oakley Standard Issue discount program. All the products in this program are designed explicitly for government employees, U.S. military service members, firefighters, first responders, and others. And as a frontline worker, you can buy these products at discounted rates. 

The good news is that you can combine the Standard Issue Discount Program with other promo codes, discounts, and sales at Oakley. For example, Black Friday, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and July 4th Sales. In short, the Oakley first responder discount offers a lot of perks for every frontline worker.

How Much Is the First Responder Discount at Oakley?

Oakley has an entire website dedicated to the Standard Issue Discount Program. Head over to the SII website to buy products at almost 35% to 50% less than the retail price mentioned on the regular Oakley website. In rare cases, you may even find products at 60% and 70% off. 

Who Can Take Advantage of Oakley First Responder Discount? 

This Oakley Standard Issue Discount Program is strictly for first responders and frontline workers, which is why it has got a dedicated website. This means if you aren’t a first responder, you don’t qualify for the discounts. 

Here is a complete list of professionals who can take advantage of the Oakley first responder discount:

  1. National Guard Personnel
  2. U.S. Military and Federal Active Duty Military Personnel
  3. Military Reservists
  4. Military Veterans
  5. Federal Fire and Emergency Response
  6. Fire and Emergency Response
  7. Federal Law Enforcement Officers
  8. U.S. State and Local Law Enforcement
  9. U.S. Coast Guard
  10. Fire Department Personnel Official
  11. Law Enforcement Official
  12. U.S. Military Retirees, Retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces
  13. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Personnel Official

The Oakley first responder discount is the same for frontline workers of all ranks, years of service, and service lines.

How to Get Oakley First Responder Discount?

The membership in the Oakley Standard Issue Discount Program is entirely free. However, you must first apply for a membership to prove your eligibility. The best part is that the whole process is pretty straightforward. 

To give you a helping hand, we are jotting down the registration process, rules, and limitations of the Oakley first responder discount. Read on!

First of all, you need to visit the Oakley SI website, https://www.oakleysi.com/en-us, and then follow these simple steps:

Provide Your Identity and Employment Status

First, you must ensure that you have a valid government, military, or first responder email address. Plus, you must have an official ID that proves your employment status. 

Step 2:  Register as a Member

After getting everything ready, you can start the registration and verification process by visiting https://www.oakleysi.com/en-us/register/register-si. Enter basic information like your name, valid email address, and a scanned copy of your identification proof in the specified fields on the Oakley SI website. 

Verification Email

After completing the registration process, you will receive a verification email at your official email address. Open that email, verify your registration, and your membership process will be complete! 

Step 4: Shop at Discounted Prices

After verification, you’re ready to enjoy the perks and benefits of the Oakley first responder discount! Just visit the Oakley SI website, and you will see a list of countless bestselling products with discounted prices; choose the ones you like and start shopping!

Rules and Limitations

Like every other discount program, the Oakley Standard Issue has some rules and limitations. First, the Standard Issue Discount Program is strictly for military members, government officials, and first responders. 

Second, the eligible members cannot transfer their accounts to any other person. Moreover, this discount program is a tribute and honor, so members cannot sell the purchased products; they’re strictly for personal use. Any member found violating the rules will have their accounts suspended.

Similar Companies That Do Offer First Responder Discounts

You may want to check out whether Oakley competitors offer similar discounts to frontline workers. Here is a list of some similar companies and stores that offer first responder discounts:

  • Apple: Apple offers a 10% discount for first responders on selected products. 
  • Ozark Armament: The retail store offers a 10% discount to first responders.
  • Reebok: This company offers a 50% discount for first responders on online purchases.

Oakley FAQs

Can Civilians Buy Oakley SI Products?

No, civilians can not shop on the Oakley Standard Issue website. The discounts available on the website are only for first responders. 

Does Oakley Offer Cashback?

No, Oakley does not offer cashback.

Can I Get Free Shipping at Oakley?

Yes, Oakley offers free shipping in the U.S.


Oakley offers discounts to first responders, military members, and government officials through the Standard Issue Discount Programs. Frontline workers should visit the Oakley SI website and purchase high-quality products at amazingly discounted prices. You must submit valid identification proof to qualify for the discount. Apart from Oakley, you may want to buy from similar companies and Oakley competitors like Apple, Ozark, and Reebok.

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