Park Medical Billing Mission Statement

Park Medical Billing is a medical billing company dedicated to providing the best healthcare billing services, electronic medical records solutions, accounts receivable management, and outstanding customer service to their customers.

At Park Medical Billing, they use innovative technology to provide their clients with ethical and accurate billing services. Their dedicated staff prioritizes your billing and insurance reimbursement needs, leaving you with enough room to focus on what’s important for your patients.

Moreover, Park Medical is HIPAA-compliant, and the company keeps abreast with changes in the medical billing industry. With a team that has a combined experience of 25 years in medical billing and 15 years in information technology, you can trust them to submit your claims accurately and on time, give you customized and timely online reports, and streamline your practice revenue cycle.

They also have a mission to become the most respected medical billing company. To achieve this, their representatives have an organizational culture that supports their employees so that they can provide the best services to the customers. They also ensure their staff undergoes continuous training to keep them up-to-date with the changes in the industry.

Although the team at Park Medical has people from diverse backgrounds, they have shared values that unite them. 

These six core values also help the company work towards its mission and purpose of providing the best billing solutions to its clients.


At Park Medical Billing, the employees are focused on keeping the customers happy. They strive to provide the best experience, putting their customers first in everything they do. The employees are also devoted to the company’s goals, objectives, and mission.

As a company, they are further dedicated to the growth of their staff, which they achieve by allowing the employees to offer their contributions during decision-making, take on more significant roles in the organization, and attend training sessions that build their skills.


At Park Medical Billing, they use state-of-the-art technology to automate the billing process. With the help of innovative technology, data entry of patient details is made easy, errors are eliminated, and the clients get comprehensive, accurate, and real-time reports.


They are HIPAA-compliant and adhere to HIPAA’s privacy and security rules. You can trust them to keep your data safe. They also ensure their coders undergo constant training on protecting their clients’ data. The software programs of the company are also well protected against online hacks, and they have established policies on how to access, use, and dispose of patients’ data.


Knowledge is what drives them. They are always learning to expand their skills and expertise. The company prides itself on being up-to-date regarding any billing and coding changes in the industry.


As a reputable medical billing company, they are always upfront about their dealings. They keep their customers informed of their services and the costs involved. The firm also offers real-time online reports to its customers to keep them informed of what’s happening with their revenue cycle, insurance reimbursements, and billing performance.


At Park Medical, they take accuracy seriously. To achieve the industry accuracy goal of 95%, they hire skilled and experienced coders. They also adhere to coding guidelines and use innovative technology to ensure accurate reimbursements and the keeping of accurate data.

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