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Peloton is a renowned name in the fitness industry since 2012. In a few years only, the company carved a niche and soon won millions of patrons. Alongside registering a sale of a whopping 400,000 bikes, they came up with their first treadmill in late 2018. Peloton made a huge impact on Americans working out, and people have become obsessed with their fitness bikes.

Peloton’s mission is to connect the whole world through fitness awareness with the help of their exclusively design and advance-technology equipment that can be used conveniently irrespective of the place and time. To make the long gym sessions fun-filled was their primary idea. It created a library of fitness classes synced with music that keeps people connected with Peloton and create a community of fitness lovers.

This company targets striking a balance between the demanding jobs and the essential fitness level. They made it their mission to make workout sessions an easy and integral part of people’s lives. In addition, they have focused on creating machines that give gym like results at home. 

When Peloton first came to the market, people with adequate ideas and vision already knew that this would be the future of fitness. Robin Arzon, head instructor of Peloton was no different. She told in the show ‘CNBC Make It’ how she was obsessed with Peloton and how an exercise bike became an industry! It has become a cult and changed the lives of people.

According to Peloton, they offer the platform to connect and bond with their millions of members. They also want the members to find out the best version of themselves with the help of Peloton’s community events, great instructors, effective classes and the powerful software and beautifully designed hardware combined. 

Peloton Mission Statement

The Peloton mission statement is, Peloton uses technology and design to connect the world through fitness, empowering people to be the best version of themselves anywhere, anytime.” 

The company wants to design and manufacture their exercise equipment utilizing the latest technology so that they produce effective results. Their focus is on spreading the awareness amongst the people to be fit and healthy! This simple mission carries the theme of positivity to motivate people to embrace a healthier life. Let us analyze the various components of their mission statement.

  • Connect the world through fitness: People all around the globe are different in their cultures, values, upbringing, and morals. However, one thing that everyone has in common is their concern about good health. No matter who you are and where you belong, health must be on the top priority list. Peloton, with its millions of subscribers, connects everyone through fitness and wellness across the world. 
  • People empowerment: Health is a valuable asset and blessed are those who have good health. Peloton looks forward to empowering people with this greatest wealth at its best. Their interactive, instructor-led sessions have changed people’s lives and given them more physical and mental power.
  • Best version of the mankind: As per Peloton Mission Statement, not money, but good physical and mental health ensures that one become the best version of oneself. Peloton focuses on making people be and look the best and get more confident about themselves. 
  • Anytime and anywhere: Gym sessions can be challenging and energy-draining too. With regards to this, they understood where it was lacking. Coping up with the hectic schedules of the modern world, it is hard to hit the gym regularly. Peloton focuses on the fact that nothing should be a barrier between people and their fitness. Keeping the Peloton mission statement in mind, they invented something that became the future of fitness.

Peloton Vision Statement

As mentioned on, the Pelton vision statement is “Our vision is to create an amazing fitness experience which is convenient and fun.”

As per this statement, it is obvious how serious Pelton is about creating a fun fitness experience for which it manufactures technologically advanced and innovative fitness tools and equipment.

The co-founder of Peloton, John Foley, had an idea of bringing a boutique fitness atmosphere inside the home. What he thought was just an idea, and the same was shared by the co-founders as well. Together, they turned it into reality! 

However, the question was where to start from and how far to go. Their vision was clear; it was to deliver world-class fitness facilities to people’s homes. They designed and developed their bikes and other products and did everything that was needed. 

Not only software and hardware, but they also took world-class fitness experts into the project, created their content, made music, did the marketing, took care of supply, logistics, chain, retail, made their apparel, and the list goes on!

The company doesn’t stop with making the best exercise machines and equipment for the people. Moreover, it also actively invests in learning and development. The company has invested $20 million into the learning and development of its team and has also increased the hourly wages of the non-commissioned hourly team. They have truly made something phenomenal, and they do not want anyone to be left behind as well!

Peloton Core Values

Pelton’s core value acts as the ‘soul’ of the company; they give an idea about what is next and how they act. The Peloton’s core values are:

  •  Put members first
  •  Operate with a bias for action
  • Empower teams of smart creatives
  • Together we go far

Let’s now delve into each of these core values of Peloton.

  • Put members first:For Peloton, their loyal members (more than 4.4 million people on its platform) always come first. Peloton always focuses on what could make the sessions more beneficial and better for its members. Not just the members, Peloton has also emphasized on the interest of its people i.e. employees. They are the members who make Pelton mission and vision possible.
  • Operate with a bias for action: Knowledge without action is of no use. Therefore, only knowledge about fitness and wellness does not make one healthy or fit. From the company’s perspective, they believe in the right execution for progress. For members, it advocates exercising, biking, having fun, and staying fit.
  • Empower teams of smart creatives: The company fosters creativity and innovation.  When the idea first came to the founder’s mind, they still had a long way to go. Doing something which is first of its kind would not have been possible without a powerful team. Thus, it continues to give its team the freedom to think and creatively.
  • Together we go far: Peloton believes that teamwork has got the company so far. With their team of software engineers, mechanical engineers, instructors, product designers, marketing folks, musicians, logistic departments and many more, Peloton has come this far. Therefore, the company focuses on teamwork and gives credit to its people and members. Further, they believe the more they work together, the longer they can go. 


Peloton changed the way of working out in America. Peloton mission and vision is to pull everyone up and empower their lives with world-class fitness equipment and experts. They have brought fitness to people’s doorstep. Following Peloton mission, it has formed a new community of fitness enthusiasts who are eager to stay in shape with their technologically advanced fitness equipment.

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