Popeyes Happy Hour: Savor the Flavor, Reap the Rewards

Popeyes Happy Hour

For those who love the rich taste of Louisiana-style chicken, Popeyes is a household name. Known for its delicious chicken, biscuits, and rich side dishes, Popeyes has been serving up joy for many years. And now, with the introduction of the Popeyes happy hour, this love just got a bit more rewarding.

What is Popeyes Happy Hour?

Popeyes Happy Hour is an exclusive promotion targeted at rewards members. It takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 9 PM, during which you can avail of regular sides for just $2. This deal is perfect for anyone looking to indulge in some of Popeyes’ famously delicious sides like Cajun Fries, Coleslaw, Mashed Potatoes, or their Red Beans & Rice.

To participate in Popeyes Happy Hour, you need to be a Popeyes Rewards member. If you’re not a member yet, you’re missing out on not just the Happy Hour deals but also a slew of other benefits.

How to Become a Popeyes Rewards Member

Joining Popeyes Rewards is a straightforward process. Membership is free, and signing up can be done either on their official website or through their mobile app. Once you’re a member, you can start earning points every time you place an order at Popeyes. For every dollar spent, you’ll earn 10 points. These points can be redeemed for mouthwatering menu items, making your Popeyes experience even better.

Additionally, the Rewards program offers personalized challenges to earn points faster. You can also earn 50 additional points on specific combo meals and a whopping 100 additional points on family meals, ensuring that your points tally grows quickly.

Why Popeyes Happy Hour is Worth It

Variety of Sides

One of the standout features of Popeyes is the variety of sides offered. From seasoned fries and biscuits to creamy coleslaw and hearty red beans and rice, the range is extensive enough to satisfy any craving. During Popeyes Happy Hour, you can sample these at an unbeatable price of $2.

Exclusive to Rewards Members

Being a rewards member brings with it the advantage of enjoying exclusive deals and offers, including the Happy Hour specials. Since membership is free, there’s no reason not to join and reap the benefits.

Pair it With Your Favorites

The $2 sides during Popeyes Happy Hour are the perfect complement to your favorite Popeyes chicken meal—whether it’s the crispy Chicken Sandwich, spicy tenders, or classic fried chicken.

Makes Dining Out Affordable

Dining out, even at fast-food establishments, can add up, especially if you’re ordering for a family or group. Happy Hour promotions like this one from Popeyes make it more budget-friendly, allowing you to enjoy a hearty meal without breaking the bank.

Maximizing Your Popeyes Experience

To get the most out of Popeyes Happy Hour, you can follow these tips:

  1. Plan Ahead: Since the Happy Hour is only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, mark your calendar and plan your Popeyes visit accordingly.
  2. Combine With Other Offers: Check if you can combine your Happy Hour deal with any other ongoing promotions or discounts. Sometimes, you can stack up deals for even greater savings.
  3. Go Digital: Keep an eye on the Popeyes app and website for any updates or changes to the Happy Hour or Rewards program. You can even set notifications to ensure you never miss out.
  4. Family Time: With the availability of 100 bonus points on family meals, why not make it a family affair? Earn those extra points while enjoying quality time and good food.


Popeyes happy hour offers $2 regular sides every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-9 p.m., exclusively for Popeyes Rewards members. Signing up for the Rewards program is free and unlocks point-earning opportunities, including bonus points on select combo and family meals. 

Essentially, Popeyes happy hour and the Rewards program provide a delicious and cost-effective way to enjoy your favorite meals. So, don’t miss this winning combo!

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