Top 7 Prank Call Websites

The thought of pranking your friends would have certainly struck your mind at some point. So, how do you do that? Well, you can make free prank calls to your friends using popular prank call websites. You may easily do so with the help of your mobile phone, but it may result in coming across your phone number. Hence, it is better to carry on with this thing with the help of some reliable websites. Hence, we have got this list of popular prank call websites that are safe to use. Before proceeding, we would like to recommend that you set the limitation of prank calls. It should be intended to have fun and not trouble the other person.  

What are prank calls? 

Popular Prank Call Websites

A prank call is a type of joke that is programmed to irritate your nearest and dearest ones. Surprisingly, the phone number is kept secret in this case, due to which it becomes difficult to trace the person. It is especially meant for funny purposes instead of harassing someone. Some people commit the blunder of annoying and harassing people through prank calls, which should not be done at any cost. 

If you are planning to joke with your nearest chap, then it is high time to properly utilize technology. Though SMS services can be used for joking, the lucrative benefits associated with prank call websites are remarkable. These websites work in the best possible manner to let you establish your activity smoothly without harming anyone.  

How do prank call websites work? 

The prank phone call websites work similarly to VoIP. If you are experienced in using Skype, then operating these websites will hardly be of any challenge. The number dialed through prank websites passes through an IP gateway. The gateway transmits the data from the internet to the respective networks of the phone. 

As a result, today’s companies adopt this specific technology to build an uncertain channel between landlines and VoIP. 

Point of caution: As mentioned initially, the funny calls made by prank websites must have certain limitations. They are meant only for funny purposes and must be done accordingly. If these websites are used for any unethical purposes like irritating someone or harassing someone, it is considered beyond legal issues. Maximum users, including teenagers, use these websites improperly without considering the after-effects. 

Hence, all should go through the terms and conditions properly before taking any action. Otherwise, the user may become a victim of legal offenses.  

prank phone calls websites

After knowing the concept of prank calls, you must be wondering about some of the exclusive websites that can be used for the same purpose. These websites have been built to let you come out of unnecessary stressful situations in life. Below is a list of the seven most exclusive and highly popular prank call websites that can be utilized for making premium calls:

  1. Ownage pranks Ownage Pranks is one of the most popular prank websites that is used in Gulf countries. Yes, in Arabic-speaking countries. People belonging to the Gulf region will be able to make the best usage of this website. It can be utilized for sending pranks in both male and female voices. While making spoof calls, the details of the sender will remain private. There is a button available below the calling option that will let you send your prank easily. In addition, it also features a recorded and automated prank call service. The website also allows its users to sell merchandise under Ownage merchandise. 
  2. Blow up the phone – The name sounds a bit bizarre, but it is one of the exclusive prank phone calls websites. You can use this prank call website for hilarious phone calls and sending prank text messages to your friends. With the help of these pranks, the receiver will get something that will let him or her laugh all day long. The prank calls and texts from this website can be used to surprise your friends during Sundays that will keep them energetic all day long. Moreover, this website also features the Block My Line option, wherein you can feed your number to prevent receiving prank calls.  
  3. Prank Caller – The Prank Caller is an exclusive prank call app available for Android and iOS users. You need not be tech-savvy for sending pranks, as the website is easy to understand. The interface is user-friendly and flexible. The website facilitates providing a fake caller ID that will prevent you from getting traced. Post clicking on the send prank button, the prank will be sent. Tokens are available for sending more numbers of pranks at a time.
  4. Comedy Calls – Comedy Calls has a range of humorous call options. It comprises different categories of a wide range of prank calls to be made to your friends. From comedy to annoying, every type of prank can be made with the help of this website. If you are a first-time user, then the first call can be easily made at free-of-cost. It will provide you with the experience of the website. If you are satisfied, then you need to purchase a few credits for making some more prank calls. 
  5. Prank Dial Prank Dial is inclusive of a wide range of prank ideas to be sent to your friends and family members. It has a huge database of pranks calls, not just humorous or prank calls, but you can also explore various types of prank calls like love, anger, insult, or annoy. You need to choose a prank and send the same to the desired fun for free. You will also be able to laugh and enjoy the reactions made by the sender. The call must be recorded before sending, followed by entering an alias contact detail. 
  6. Wacky Prank Calls – Wacky Prank Calls is another most popular prank call website meant for prank calling. With a collection of exceptional features, users will be able to send pranks to their dearest ones without dialing any number. The website will provide a particular unique number to dial from the cell phone. All you need is to type the number of the sender and make a prank call following the instructions of IVR. Also, there is no need to download any specific software for using Wacky Prank Calls. The best part about using this website is that you can laugh out loud and enjoy the reaction of the individuals without your friends listening to it. 
  7. KDK Prank Calls – KDK Prank Calls is another excellent website that will help you to make annoying calls to unknown persons. It is one of the largest internet radio shows featuring live prank calls. With a unique interface, you can also download it; you will come across numerous options, including free prank calls, greeting cards, prank phone calls, and many more. The prank calls available seem similar to original calls. Once done with the choice of the option, you will get landed on the forthcoming web page for making a prank call for free. 

Wrapping it up !!!

These are some of the most popular prank call websites that can send pranks to your friends. As the internet comprises a multitude of websites, making a prank call will remain no more a hilarious task. Some websites will provide you with free prank calls against the sharing made on social media pages like Twitter and Facebook. 

Sign up, purchase credits and start making prank calls! 

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