Primark Mission Statement

Primark is one of the renowned fashion retailers in clothing, footwear, and accessories. The company was first founded in 1969 in Dublin, Ireland, by the Weston family. After making a huge success as Penneys, the company expanded its wings to other countries as well. Today the retail business has around 370 stores around the world, including, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, US, France, and Italy. The company has successfully reached the top because of the low-cost operation it has been carrying and maintaining the fashion trends. 

primark mission statement

Primark is a recognizable international brand that employs around 80,000 people. Plus, they opened 16 more new stores creating job opportunities for about 4600 people. The company believes in growing talent no matter the experience or the geographical boundary. Thus, they provide an in-house training program for them. 

It is a fashion company that people have adored for five decades. It offers a wide array of collections ranging from babies and kids to womenswear, menswear, and home collection as well. Apart from giving the consumer a fashionable choice in footwear, clothing, and accessory at an affordable price, the company also focuses on the environment. 

Primark mission and vision focus on providing people with a top-notch product, also keeping in mind the latest style, fashion, and price. It is quite apparent that the company is assuming cost to be their leader and committing themselves to provide top-quality products at the best price. Also, the company has set some goals and objectives like opening the summer sale way before, giving the best possible service, and offering stuff for all age groups. 

The company’s core values include diversity, ethics, and protecting the environment among others. For Primark, no one is less or different than the others. The only things that matter to the company are their skills, attitude, qualifications, and potential. Another special thing about Primark is it cares for the environment. 

Primark Mission Statement 

The Primark Mission Statement is “to provide customers with high quality, fashion basics at value for money prices.” The company’s prime objective is to provide its customer with high-quality fashionable clothes at low prices. 

The key idea of Primark Mission Statement is fashionable products at an amazing price. The company wants the people to not look at it as an inferior clothing brand just because their prices are cheap. It wants to clear this misconception and want to emphasize that they believe in quality, style, and affordability. Enhancing lives through fashionable clothing is what Primark Mission Statement is all about.

As mentioned in an article published on titled “Why Is Primark So Successful? The Power Of Alignment” Primark offers great value to its customers. They compete not only on prices but also on a variety of fashion items. Their kid’s collection makes one feel an “Oh-My-God-I-can-buy-all-of-this-and-still-have-money-left-experience.” This is the kind of value proposition they offer which is why they are popular. The company is noticeably clear and focused on what they want to offer and how. They are truly remarkable.

Their 2010 motto, “Look good, pay less” is an extension of Primark Mission Statement. Also, Primark’s philosophy is profit by volume not by decreasing quality.

Primark also works for creating the company a friendly place for customers and staff. So, they always want to come to their store and feel welcomed. The company strives to achieve this by greeting its customers and making them feel special.

Primark Vision Statement

Primark’s vision is to emerge as a popular brand and also establish a strong brand presence. It intends to open new stores all over the world while ensuring environmental sustainability. Their stores would come up in Spain, Italy, America, Netherlands, Poland, UK, and France. 

The fact that the company has established its brand globally despite popular clothing brands speaks volumes about its success. It is competing well with well-known high fashion brands. It has also been featured in Vogue with celebs wearing Primark outfits. The company has come a long way from a discount retailer to a mainstream fashion brand.

The company also focuses on making our environment better. To achieve this, it plans to focus on using sustainable fabrics and recycling methods so that there is no adverse impact on the environment. To show its care towards the environment, Primark has become Leaping Bunny Approved organization which means that all its products are cruelty-free. The company promotes the same idea throughout its supply chain. 

Primark’s key strengths are its value to customers and low operational costs. The company can churn out fashionable products in a low time frame and at a low price through its cost-efficient business model. The low-cost factor is a key aspect of Primark culture. The company has exceeded every expectation despite challenges. Even though Covid store closures costed Primark significantly, slowly, and steadily as the stores have opened the brand is making a comeback.

Primark Core Values

When you look into the company, you will notice the organization works extensively in maintaining its value and ethics. Primark core values include:

Diversity and inclusion: The most remarkable part about Primark is that it has a mix of employees hailing from different cultures. There are employees of 180 nationalities working with Primark. Primark ensures that everyone in the workplace is being treated the same. So, no one is judged depending on their money, gender, nationality, skin type, or any other thing. On the global front, women hold 47% of the leadership position in Primark. The company chooses their working people based on their qualification, attitude, skills, and potential, nothing else. The company also chooses to focus on supporting people with disabilities and supporting them as required. 

Work Ethics: Primark believes in following high work ethics. The company focuses on provided equal wages to its employees. The fair wage policy matters the most to the company. Besides, the company also has a zero-tolerance policy for child labor. To ensure a seamless supply chain, the company has hired a workforce from across the globe and executed an equal pay policy for all. Primark is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) that advocates workers’ rights globally. Primark became its member in 2006 and was ranked “leader” since 2011. The company also follows a flexible work timing to make the work environment friendlier for the employees. 

Environment Sustainability: Primark has made the required changes in its supply chain and raw material to reduce global impact. It believes in recycling and charity. They ensure that their clothes are made by the zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. Also, the company has been using paper bags only since the year 2002. In addition, the leading company has also come up with great initiatives to reduce plastic waste and packaging. Further, it ensures minimum greenhouse gas emission through numerous initiatives. Primark also announced its Sustainable Cotton Programme Initiative under which it aims to train farmers in India, China, and Pakistan to grow cotton using eco-friendly ways.

Animal Welfare: The company is cruelty-free and does not produce anything that involves animal testing. Primark does not test its finished products or ingredients on animals; even its suppliers and vendors don’t.


Primark fast-fashion retailer is known not just for stylish clothes at amazing prices but also for high work standards, fair wages, caring for the planet, environmental sustainability, and determination to excel despite all odds. Primark’s success in the market exemplifies how the company has made efforts to ensure a seamless supply chain, good pay, the inclusion of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and breaking the barriers while ensuring minimal environmental impact. 

Headquarters of Primark: Mayfair, London, UK

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