Puritan’s Pride Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Puritan’s Pride Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Puritan’s Pride’s mission statement says that it wants “to make the highest quality nutritional supplements available at the best value.” Being founded in the year 1973, Puritan’s Pride is known to provide essential vitamins and supplements for numerous households out there. The good thing is that most of these products are available at comparatively inexpensive prices at present. This company has the distinction of producing more than 1,200 minerals, vitamins, as well as healthful supplements right now.

Puritan’s Pride will be your ideal solution in case you are on the lookout for premium-quality supplements available on the market. The company is known to market various essential items comprising minerals, all types of vitamins, different types of oils, and herbs. Besides these, the company is also known to provide other items consisting of groceries, aromatherapy oils, plus beauty products, much to the satisfaction of the customers. 

Puritan’s Pride runs several online discounts and deals, and there is an additional third-party website offering a discount which you can avail and get Puritan’s Pride products at the best price.

Why Should You Ask for Puritan’s Pride Senior Discount?

At present, we have seen many senior citizens moving in buses, going to movie theaters, and eating in restaurants at discounted prices. The reason for this is that most of these elderly people are suffering from a lack of adequate funds, and they’re finding it quite difficult to get things going. In other words, it can be rightly asserted they are suffering from some sort of poverty that is not allowing them to lead a decent lifestyle.

In such cases, the senior discounts offered by companies such as Puritan’s Pride will be of great help to them. This company is known to provide discounts on minerals, vitamins, and herbal supplements.

How Much Is a Senior Discount At Puritan’s Pride?

Special Savings are provided by Puritan’s Pride for the Senior Discounts members right now. It will be possible for the members to make the purchase at a discount of 10%

How To Get Puritan’s Pride Senior Discount?

While searching for senior discounts provided by Puritan’s Pride, make sure to verify the title as well as the description of the provided info very carefully. Do not make any mistake while entering the phrase “Puritan Pride Senior Discount” as well. However, you need to be at least 50 years of age in order to take advantage of these discounts. Moreover, you cannot combine the discounts with any specials or offers out there. 

It is a fact that the senior discount provided by Puritan’s Pride will be a fantastic way to save a lot of money; however, there are also some other ways to get the job done as well. For this, receive the most recent offers made by the company in your email box after creating your account. Look at the special offer section at the top or bottom of the homepage to find some astounding offers. Make it a point to gather all the coupons, while updating them regularly as well.

Other Ways You Can Save With Puritan’s Pride

Visit their webpage – There are some ways to come across these types of senior discounts effortlessly. For this, make sure to visit puritan.com, or you may also come in touch with their service people. In case you want to take advantage of the most recent Senior discount from Puritan’s Pride, go through the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages as well. Besides, the company also offers seasonal discounts and offers. You can check the webpage and avail these offers. Moreover, you can save even more if you complete the Puritan’s Pride Customer Satisfaction Survey. After giving your sincere feedback, you will be able to receive significant rebates and incentives.

Sign-up for the emails – If you are visiting Puritan’s Pride for the first time, you can subscribe with your email ID and get 15% off on your purchase.

Join the Puritan’s Perk program –  When you join this program, you earn 10 points per dollar spent. You can also refer it to your friends and earn a reward.

Coupon code from third-party website – In case you want to make use of the senior discount offered by this company, make sure to add the products to your shopping cart. After finding a coupon code at the senior discount page provided by Puritan’s Pride, copy the code to your clipboard. Following this, provide your contact information after going back to the shopping cart page at puritan.com. This code must be pasted in the Discount Code box, and you will be able to take advantage of the extra savings instantly.

Similar companies that do offer senior discounts

Stores that offer senior discounts are as follows:

  1. Bealls – Individuals whose age is more than 50 years will receive a discount of 10,% which will be applicable on Tuesdays. Get hold of a discount card after visiting the front desk while checking out. However, this discount is only applicable in-store.
  2. Burkes Outlet – A 15% discount for seniors is provided by this company every Monday.
  3. Goodwill – It will be possible for individuals who are more than 60 years of age to save as much as 10% every Tuesday on donated items. Make sure to verify the discount rates and days after meeting a local Goodwill vendor.
  4. Ross Dress for Less – Individuals whose age is more than 55 years will be able to get a 10% discount for seniors every Tuesday.

Puritan’s Pride FAQs

What is Puritan’s Pride senior discount age?

One must be more than 50 years of age in order to qualify for Puritan’s Pride senior discount; remember, this discount is available only at the stores offering the senior discount.

Does Puritan’s Pride senior discount have any restrictions?

It is not possible to combine Puritan’s Pride senior discount with any kind of specials or offers

Does Puritan’s Pride accept AARP?

No, Puritan’s Pride is not known to offer AARP discounts right now. Nevertheless, discount codes and coupons are provided by this company at present.

Does Puritan’s Pride come with a senior discount policy?

Yes, senior discounts are provided by this company right now. It will be possible for members to receive a discount of 10% off any purchase. For this, it will be imperative to go to the relevant website and enter “Seniors” as the promotion code while checking out.


Puritan’s Pride has been providing its services for over 45 years, and it intends to produce the best quality nutritional supplements at affordable rates. The most notable thing is that this company is known to provide discounts intended for the seniors so that they will be able to get a discount of 10% while purchasing products. Like all competitive businesses, the company has its rivals. The main Puritan’s Pride competitors are Purity Products, Natures Aid, Universal Nutrition, etc.

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