Does Rei Price Match? Rei Offers The Price Match Policy To Ensure The Lowest Prices

Recreational Equipment Inc., also known as REI, is a popular store in the US. One can buy sports goods, travel equipment, camping gear, and other accessories from their store. It’s a one-stop-shop for all such products. One of the most popular Google search requests concerning Rei is “REI price match Amazon”. But does REI price match? Find out below.

To keep customers happy, Rei promises to provide products at the best rates. Rei announces deals and discounts from time to time. However, the REI price adjustment policy attracts the most to its customers. Yes, you read it right; REI pays you the extra amount that you paid for a product whose price drops within 14 days of the date of purchase. In this blog, we are going to discuss the details of the price adjustment policy and REI price adjustment policy rules.  

REI Price Match Policy

Many people think that Ries Price Adjustment Policy is the same as Rie’s Price Match Policy. Before going ahead, we would like to emphasize that the REI price adjustment policy is Not REI’s price match policy. Before going ahead, let me just break the ice for you; the price match policy is not applicable at REI. In simple words, there is no REI’s Price Match policy.

When you search the Internet, you can get clear details that REI Price Match Policy does not exist. However, the company ensures that its customers get the best price, so they offer products at the best rates. As a sales funnel safety net, REI does offer the price adjustment policy. The policy is pretty simple and comes with a few regulations that will make it easy for you to claim for it. 

Let us now understand the price adjustment policy at REI. As per the policy, if you buy any product from REI and soon find that the same product is available at a lesser price tag at a competitor’s store, you can reach out to the REI store from where you purchased and ask for price adjustment. 

How to get REI Price Adjustment

To take the advantage of REI price adjustment (NOT REI’s Price Match Policy), you need to present proof of lower pricing. After verifying the purchase and other details, you will get the benefit of the price adjustment policy amount i.e. you will get a partial refund. 

The company is not going to exchange the product, but they will refund the difference amount. This amount is the difference between the price paid by the customer for an REI product and the lower price of the same product. 

The following steps take you through the price adjustment policy of the REI:

  • Carry with you substantial proof – Suppose you have brought a product and get to know that the same product is available at a lesser price. You cannot simply go and make a claim. You have to take with you substantial proof that shows that the same product is available at a lesser price elsewhere. 
  • Same product price adjustment – The next important aspect that you must take into account is that the company will make the price adjustment only when the same product is available at a lesser price. It must have a similar configuration, model, and color. 
  • Claim within 14 days – If you want to avail of the price adjustment feature, then you must do the same within 14 days of purchase. If you go for exchange after this, then the company is not liable to make adjustments. 
  • REI will check the claims – REI has all the rights to cross-verify the price adjustment. Only when your claim qualifies the parameter specified by the REI, and the company agrees to it will they accept your claim; else, they have the right to reject your claim. 

However, you must know that there are certain exceptions to this. The following section has the details of the same. 

More About REI Price Adjustment 

Before going ahead to claim for the price adjustment, you must know about the exclusions. Please run through the following pointers before going for price adjustment:

  • The time limit of 14 days – The price adjustment policy comes with a time limit of 14 days. If you claim that, the company would not be accepting your request. 
  • Price adjustment only from chosen stores – An important point that you must not miss is that the price adjustment policy is only valid for products that are from the listed competitors of the store. You must check the same with the company. Talking to REI customer care is going to help you in this. 
  • Legal and authorized store – The next important factor that you must take into account is that the competitor store where you are getting the same product at a lesser price should be legal and authorized. It must be listed with the industry, and if it is not, then you cannot make a claim. 
  • No price adjustment on the REI Outlet section: The company does not offer any price adjustments on merchandise sold on the REI Outlet section of the REI website. In other words, the REI price adjustment policy does not include the products purchased from the REI outlets. Make sure that while going for the price adjustment policy, you do not miss on this, and check the expectations. To know more about what is sold at REI outlets, please visit the REI company site.


REI continues to lure its customers with the best quality products. Time and again, the company also comes up with discounts and offers from time to time to provide the best quality products at the best rates. However, many people are looking for information about the REI price match.In this blog, we have clearly informed the readers that the REI price match policy does not exist. Rather, REI offers a price adjustment policy, and its details have been covered in this blog. The process is very simple, just take the proof of the lower price of the same product with you and present it at REI; they will verify your claim and will refund the extra amount that you paid.

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