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The restaurant business is definitely one of the most competitive industries. No wonder there are so many restaurants big and small and even international food chains like Dominos, Starbucks, or McDonald’s. Also, we often hear about new outlets being opened.

Therefore, it’s very difficult to survive in such a competitive market. Every business, especially a restaurant, has a story behind its formation. The type of cuisine, services, and ambiance differ from one restaurant to the other. That’s the reason why you need to communicate your business purpose, perspective, and principles to establish a valuable, trustworthy, and reliable brand with a proper restaurant mission statement

But, do you know what a mission statement is, how it is written, and its purpose? Well, if you don’t, there is nothing to worry about because here, in this article, we will speak about how you can improve your restaurant business and enhance its branding with a strong mission statement. Besides, we will also describe the ways to write the statement, what to include in the restaurant mission statement, and many more such facts. 

mission statement for restaurant

What is a restaurant mission statement?

First, let us introduce what a restaurant’s mission statement is. You will definitely have company values or would like to offer an exceptional dining experience to improve customer loyalty and more. To connect with your target users at a deeper and emotional level, you need to give them something on which they can rely and trust your business. 

For example, you can say that by dining at your restaurant, one can have a great culinary experience. Besides, you can even declare that you use the freshest ingredients, have a dedicated staff, and more such aspects. You can also mention your ambition like being topmost or popular through unmatched services and lip-smacking food. Make sure that the mission statement is concise and mention corporate values too, pay attention to guest experience, and more. 

Why does your restaurant need a mission statement?

There are many reasons for which you need a mission statement for your restaurant apart from attracting investors. You can call this statement the preliminary step towards connecting with everyone and becoming one of the famous restaurants in the concerned state, city, or country. This helps in establishing your restaurant business as a popular brand. In the below section, we have further elaborated on the importance of having a mission statement for your restaurant and what purpose it will serve. 

  • Helps you connect at an emotional level 

One of the major benefits of having a mission statement is to connect with the target customer groups at a deeper and emotional level. It will explain how you value them and cater to their needs. You can even explain whether you offer friendly service or not and if the customers will have an exceptional experience. 

  • Describe the experience your restaurant will offer

If you see the restaurant mission statement examples of famous establishments, you will understand how the statement defines the kind of experience one can have. For example, terms like “memorable experience”, “fine dining experience”, and so on convince the customers that opting for your restaurant will not disappoint them. 

  • Define the target audience

The mission statement must also describe the target audience. For example, if your restaurant serves non-vegetarian food, you can clearly target the meat-eaters in the statement. Similarly, if you serve vegetarian food, you can write words like vegan or pure vegetarian to indirectly imply that every person looking for vegan foods can come to your restaurant. 

  • Speak about cuisine and food quality 

No matter whether you are running a casual dining restaurant chain or a fine dining restaurant, you need to speak about the available cuisines and the food quality. The mission statement of your restaurant will help you achieve this and therefore, you don’t have to repeatedly put content in your digital platform regarding the same. 

The mission statement can also mention whether you are using sustainable ingredients or not. This will further help to create a trustworthy and reliable bond with the customers because when it comes to food, everyone would like to have meals made from fresh ingredients.

  • Give insight into company values 

You need to define the company values so that you can establish a reliable relationship with your customers. Besides, the mission statement will explain what you and your business partners value in the restaurant, starting from quality experience to a friendly ambiance.

  • Explain the purpose and reason of existence 

In the mission statement, you can clearly explain the reason for your business venture. This will also boost the confidence of your employee and make them realize the main goals of your business so that they can’t deviate from the path.  

How to write an amazing restaurant mission statement?  

One of the famous restaurant chains offering awesome doughnuts is Dunkin’s Donuts. Its mission statement is as follows: 

“Everything we do is about you. From chefs who create exciting new flavors to crew members who know exactly how you want your drink – we prioritize what you need to get you on your way. We strive to keep you at your best, and we remain loyal to you, your tastes, and your time. That’s what America runs on.”

Taking reference from this mission statement, we can clearly explain the facts you need to include in your restaurant mission statement for making it convincing, trustworthy, and spot-on. 

  • “You” or the target audience 

Your restaurant’s mission statement must start with addressing the customers. Most of the mission statements use words like you, your, and more. This will imply that the sole purpose of your restaurant is to provide an incredible experience to the customers. 

  • Flavors and food taste

The next key factor you need to mention is the flavors one will experience at your restaurant. Besides, you also need to define that everyone can enjoy an exceptional customer experience via optimal food taste that none of your competitors can provide. Even though this is not true completely, you can convince others about the uniqueness of your restaurant. 

  • Ingredients

Be it high-quality ingredients or the freshest ingredients directly from the farm, you must include it in the mission statement. You can include it by mentioning how good the food will taste and how healthy all the meals will be. No customer will come to your restaurant if the ingredients used are stale and not fresh.

  • Cuisine 

According to your business plan, your restaurant will be based on a certain cuisine like Italian, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Continental, or any other. Mentioning the cuisine in the mission statement will help you specialize your restaurant’s purpose and goals.

  • Priority 

As a restaurant owner, you need to define your business’s priorities. For example, if you prioritize the quality of service, highlight that in the mission statement. Similarly, your pride lies in quality food, do mention it in the statement so that your customers can understand why your restaurant is worth trying out or being loyal to. 

  • Principles

You can easily explain the core values of your business through the mission statement. Starting from serving loyal customers to offering exceptional service, you must include the purpose in the statement to establish a loyal and trustworthy relationship with all your target experience. 

Restaurant Mission Statement Examples 

restaurant mission statement examples

Curating a mission statement without studying the popular examples of restaurants’ mission statements can be very difficult. That’s why in this section, we will present some of the best restaurant mission statement examples so that you don’t have to worry about any error in your business’s mission statement. 

Avanti’s Italian Restaurant

“We prepare and serve high quality, simple food, at a great value, in a home-like environment.”

Cadre Restaurant

“To provide our guests with a comfortable, quality, and satisfying dining experience using local, seasonal ingredients in classic dishes paired with a select wine.”

Celebrations Restaurant & Bar

“To capture the character of our community, boiling down its stocks, foraging its plants, and showcasing its produce; all in an attempt to capture a time and a space in the confines of a plate, but more often in a series of plates.”

Flour Bakery

“Make amazing food – offer warm welcoming service – give back to the neighborhood – run an efficient, profitable business – make flour a better place for both our customers and ourselves.”


“To provide a fun and safe environment where our customers can enjoy good food made with quality ingredients at affordable prices.”

The Old 23rd Restaurant At Christopher Manor

“To provide an enriching unique dining and fellowship experience; such that 

guests find that being at the Old 23rd provides nourishment for the body and strength for the soul.”


“To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group

“Do right and far exceed expectations daily. We do the right thing and lead by putting people first. Each and every connection with our team, guests, and shareholders is our opportunity to create an experience that FEEDs – Far Exceeds Expectations Daily – and show how much we care.”

The Fat Duck 

‘The Fat Duck is a restaurant unlike any other, a place where food is not what it seems. We focus on providing a high-quality gastronomical and multisensory experience focused on innovation and consistency.’


From the above write-up, you can understand how impactful and useful a mission statement can be for a restaurant business. Therefore, your goal must be to ensure that the mission statement you are curating for your business contains all the elements needed to establish a reliable relationship with your target audience. 

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