Rivian Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Rivian Automotive, Inc. is a manufacturer of electric vehicles, and it also conducts cutting-edge research in the field. It made the world’s first fully-electric pickup truck available to consumers in 2021, beating its high-end competitors like Tesla. Rivian was founded in 2009 by Robert Scaringe. It was initially called Mainstream Motors, and it was renamed Rivian sometime in 2011. Its headquarters can be found in Irvine, CA.

The company has several other environmentally-friendly projects in the pipeline. The Rivian mission and vision aim to keep serving its customers for as long as possible. People purchase vehicles to travel from one place to another, or simply to have an adventure. The company understands this and plans to produce transport that can last longer and cost less. It primarily serves the adventure sports market.

Rivian Mission Statement

Rivian mission statement goes like this, “to keep the world adventurous forever.” Here, ‘forever’ is the keyword. It shows the kind of work they do – research and production of eco-friendly, electric vehicles. It also says that they plan to conceive and manufacture vehicles that will last forever, meaning that they want to create a pollution-free world that will go on for as long as the sun shines.

Another keyword in the statement that defines Rivian’s work is ‘adventurous’. It clearly states that the company is into manufacturing adventure sports vehicles like SUVs. Developing clean, energy-efficient, and rugged vehicles that can perform well over any kind of terrain is their end goal. Rivian’s electric pickup and electric SUV introduced back in 2017 have satisfied their goal to a certain degree.

‘World’ is the third, apparently insignificant, keyword in the Rivian vision statement. It shows that though the company is based in Irvine, it plans to make a global impact. The company already has branches in various parts of the US, Canada, and England. And it also intends to create an exclusive charging network throughout the US and Canada. Thus, it is well on its way to accomplishing its mission.

Rivian Core Values

Rivian core values are:

  • Come Together: The company and its employees work together to create a pollution-free world. They also hope that more and more people will join their cause by purchasing their electric vehicles.
  • Ask Why: And they will provide the answer. If you do not understand a particular part of Rivian’s operation, they encourage you to ask a question, because they know that they will have an answer. And even if they don’t, they will search for the right answer.
  • Stay Open: They understand that they will have to toil, grind, and rewind to get their message across since it is not an easy concept to grasp. Hence, the Rivian mission and vision encourage both its employees and potential clients to have an open mind.
  • Zoom Out and Over Deliver: Most of the company’s time goes into researching and developing the right kind of vehicle. No wonder it took them nearly eight years to launch their first product. It shows that they intend to go above and beyond what they promised – to over-deliver.
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