Rutgers Mission Statement Analysis

Rutgers University, founded in 1766, is one of America’s leading public research universities today. It is also known as The State University of New Jersey is located in New Brunswick. The university stands in the top leading research universities list because of its diversity, wide spectrum of courses, and innovative teaching approach. Previously, Rutgers was called Queens college and later Rutgers college. It has three campuses in New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden.

The university offers over 100 bachelor programs, 100 post-graduate programs, and about 80 doctoral and professional degree programs. It has over 175 departments and 29 schools and colleges. This top-ranked public university has over 70,000 students and alumni of 530,000 students worldwide.

The Rutgers mission statement talks about education, innovative research, and public service. It aims to meet the educational goals of the people of New Jersey. At the same time, the vision of Rutgers university is to be a recognized entity for providing academic assistance that acts as a vital source of knowledge and shapes the development, learning, and success of its students.

Also, there are different branches/departments of the university, and each of them has its vision and mission, but their sole objective is to ensure the holistic development of students while servicing society and accepting diversity. The Rutgers core values are treating everyone with equality and dignity. This university of opportunities is committed to playing a key role in the growth and success of its students, faculty, and community.

Rutgers Mission Statement

The Rutgers Mission statement is ” Teaching, Research, and Service”

It can be deciphered from the above that the Rutgers University mission has various perspectives.

  1. Foremost, the University of New Jersey wants to impart high-quality educational programs that include graduate, undergraduate, and continuing education programs. 
  2. Secondly, the university’s mission is to encourage innovative research that helps in improving medical services, solve environmental issues, enhance economic progress, and contribute to the well-being of society. 
  3. Thirdly, the university values and aims at doing public service activities for the residents.
  4. This leading State University of New Jersey also aims to educate future healthcare professionals so that they can provide quality health care.
  • Rutgers University – Newark – aims at public research believes in taking advantage of opportunities and explore them with excellence. Its key activity areas are urban economic development, education, art & culture, safe & healthy neighborhoods, and science for public interest. Their location plays a key role in attracting and cultivating talent and help attain excellence. 
  • Rutgers University – Camden – is known as The Rutgers School of Business and its mission is to help students transform themselves as able business leaders who believe in ethics, inclusion, and equality. The business school aims to attain this by providing an intellectual and enriching environment. It also aims at value-added partnerships for mutual benefit and for the community.
  • Rutgers University – New Brunswick – is a well-known public research institution that is also a leading national research center popular globally. The objective of the university is to work as per Rutger’s University’s mission of improving the quality of education, facilitating innovative research, and learning and organizing/participating in public service activities. It also promotes excellence and fairness.
  • Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) not only offers education in the field of healthcare but also carries out research. It also offers patient care. It has a clear and crisp mission to improve human health. They aim to achieve this through unmatched education in various departments like medicine, dentistry, biomedical research, allied health, and more.
  • Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care aims to excel in offering care to those suffering from addiction and behavioral health issues. They also extend their support to their families. They aim to attain their mission by providing education and awareness to the next generation of health care professionals.
  • The Division of Student Affairs at Rutgers University – New Brunswick – helps in enriching and fruitful communication between students, faculty, and staff for overall development. The objective is to widen the horizons of students by sharing experiences and meaningful interactions. The mission statement of the Division of Student Affairs at Rutgers University highlights the importance of innovative learning and growth opportunities, that make the students future-ready and emerge as able leaders and constructive members of the society at a global level.

Rutgers Vision Statement

Rutgers is known as a powerhouse of academic excellence in several fields ranging from engineering and dentistry to public administration, business, and more. The University of New Jersey works with the goal to churn out individuals with unmatched talent and expertise who will go on to make the world a better place. The university envisions offer world-class education through its top-notch infrastructure, faculty excellence, and lots more. It perceives itself as a university that offers amazing students experience to build compassionate and capable citizens of tomorrow.

University Physical Master Plan was chalked out by involving the whole Rutgers community that included its faculty, staff, students, and neighbors. The aim was to imagine the university’s future infrastructure and surroundings. With a physical and strategic plan in place, today Rutgers University has world-class facilities across all its campuses. It focuses on enhancing students’ experience and offers affordable yet quality education. 

The Rutgers 2030 is about developing Rutgers over the span of 15 years beginning 2015 to 2030. This plan includes not just infrastructure but also natural surroundings, landscapes, and transport facilities.

Being a nationally recognized institute of excellence in teaching, and community partnership Rutgers aims to impart quality education to empower its students to move confidently towards their goals. Rutgers strives to be recognized as the leading research university.

Rutgers Core Values

The Rutgers core values are the foundation to all they want to achieve. The university strongly believes in the principles of diversity, equity, & inclusion apart from excellence, fairness, respect, and integrity among others. It is a vibrant academic community that has students from various backgrounds. Including people from all communities to create a diverse environment is one of the Rutgers main core values. It offers equal opportunities to all.

Core values of Rutgers Division of Student Affairs are discussed below:

  • Students and Community: The organization is committed to providing care and compassion to its community.
  • Learning: As educators, they understand the importance of learning both inside and outside the classroom. Thus, they contribute to personal development too. 
  • Integrity: They see to it that every member of the campus, be it, staff, student, or professional, maintain principle, ethics, and integrity. 
  • Tradition and Pride: They pride themselves on the fact that their history, tradition, experience, and connection contribute to ever-growing memories.
  • Inclusion: The organization believes in diversification, thus recruiting and retaining those who want to serve and dedicate themselves to intentional experiences. 

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