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Are you planning to launch a digital platform for your salon?  If yes, then it is definitely one of the best decisions because the digital platform has the potential to increase customers, give you more exposure, and drive your sales. But building a stylish website following the trends and writing in beautiful fonts won’t transfer the ball in your court. Rather, you need to design a website whose content will establish trust, awareness, and reliability with your target audience. And to do so, including a salon’s mission statement, is quintessential. 

It is not a carelessly drafted statement or a copied one printed within inverted quotes just for the sake of it. It must be written with all seriousness after knowing its importance and impact it can have. Rather, a mission statement will describe your business, your goals, and the reasons for your business’s uniqueness concisely. To make you more aware of the importance of a cosmetology mission statement and understand the core values, we have explained a few facts in the below section.  

salons mission statement

What is a salon mission statement?

A beauty salon offers a wide range of beauty services like hair treatments, haircuts, skincare, nails, massages, spas, and more. Besides, they use varied products from both local to imported brands. In fact, some salons use handmade or organic products as well. Therefore, you need to explain how your salon distinguishes itself from the rest, the reason behind its existence, and how your services will change the market to your audience. You can accomplish this via a carefully written mission statement. 

Writing a mission statement is not everyone’s cup of tea. It not only needs to be precise and concise but also right on the spot. Clarity, readability, and the right message are the important points to be remembered before you curate a mission statement for your salon. Through the statement, you must aim to connect with your new and existing clients and give them a glimpse of the reason for your salon’s existence and the goals you want to attain through your services. A salon mission statement must highlight core competencies like hair treatments, makeup services,  or nail salons, following current industry standards to provide an unmatched customer experience in the beauty industry, using natural and quality products, affordable budget, etc. 

Why have a salon mission statement?

salon mission

Most salon owners ignore the importance of a mission statement, not realizing the crucial role it can play in gaining the expected customer base. They are not aware, how useful it is in building connections with the users who browse through their website or visit the salon on a friend’s recommendation. Thus, it is very essential to define the purpose of the salon and the keenness to provide superior services.  Below, we have elaborated in detail why having a salon mission statement is worth it.

  • Helps in creating an identity 

With the help of a beauty or hair salon mission statement, you can create a proper brand identity. The market competition is huge and to ace this race, you need to carve your own niche. And a mission statement will help you achieve that because it will describe the reason behind establishing your brand name. 

  • Attracts more clients 

With a properly formulated mission statement, you can achieve excellence in the beauty industry. If your mission statement is understandable, convincing, and promising, your salon will definitely start getting more clients without a doubt. Yes, it will take time, but the results will be fruitful. 

  • Establishes a trustworthy relationship

As per the current industry standards, it has become eminent for every salon business to offer an outstanding customer experience. But you can do so only when you can form a reliable and trustworthy relationship with your users. This is where the mission statement will help you by telling the users how unique your salon is and in what ways, they will benefit by availing of hair and beauty services.

  • Provides specific details in short

Important aspects like superior customer service, range of services, organic products, and competitive prices, must be included in the mission statement. Some companies have one-liner statements, whereas others have a short paragraph of 2-3 sentences. It completely depends on the details you want to highlight in the statement about your beauty and hair care services.

  • Improves business performance 

One of the main reasons for curating a beauty mission statement is to improve your business’s performance. No matter how old your salon is, or whether you are hiring new people, this statement will help you carry your legacy. As a result, your beauty and hair salon will always provide exceptional service. 

  • Establishes the main purpose of the salon 

Using the salon vision statements and mission statements, you can determine the main purpose of your salon. For example, if your sole purpose is to offer quality services, the mission statement must reflect the same. Similarly, if your salon wants to promote the power of beauty, you can define that in the mission statement.

  • Gives a peek into the future 

Despite being a popular salon, you need to form a mission statement for defining how the salon will perform or how the legacy will be maintained in the future. This will help you in setting goals for all workers and new business owners who will be running the beauty or hair salon in the upcoming years. 

How to write a salon mission statement? 

Now that you have understood the benefits of having an impactful and impressive mission statement for your salon, it’s time to understand how to write one for your salon. But before that, let us mention a few points that you can highlight like excellence in the beauty business, how beauty defines one’s personality, celebrating beauty, being confident about one’s natural beauty.

From this statement, you can clearly see how they have talked about the goal of their business, their love and admiration towards all customers, the type of products they use, and what kind of service quality customers can expect from them. 

So, if you too want to curate a realistic, reliable, and concise mission salon statement, you can follow the below-described tips. These will allow you to understand the things your statement must include and how you can make it so convincing. 

  • First, you need to define your salon brand. So, you must delve a bit into the experience your customers will enjoy from your salon apart from beauty and hair services like staff behavior, how you value customers’ emotions and satisfaction, etc. 
  • Whether you want to provide services to men, women, or both needs to be described in the mission statement about your salon. 
  • Write what makes your salon the best and what defines you. Always be true to yourself and make sure that is being reflected in the mission statement. This part will describe your brand’s identity and uniqueness. 
  • Next, you need to describe what you and your employees represent. From excellent customer service to the use of new and modern technologies, you can include anything. But do not put all the matters because that will ruin the effectiveness of your salon’s mission statement.
  • Describe whether you use organic products, handmade products, and so on. You can also explain the ingredients and their benefits that the customers can enjoy. This will define how different your salon is with respect to others in the market. 
  • End your mission statement with a promise to the customers like “we will never disappoint you”, “you will get the best out of our salon”, and more. This will act both as a CTA as well as a convincing statement.

Inspiring salon mission statement examples

Before wrapping up our discussion, we will describe some salon mission statement examples so that you can understand how these statements have helped the following salons and parlors expand their business and drive more targets and revenues. 

  • Lucinda’s hair & beauty salon 

Our mission at Lucinda’s Hair & Beauty is to provide a friendly, personalized service through a team of highly skilled and creative professionals’ teamwork is our most valuable asset which ensures our clients are always number one, and we strive to exceed your expectations. 

  • Ramirez Tran Hair Salon 

We aim to offer customized haircuts and color correction to strike the perfect balance of looks that are enduring, yet original. 

  • Cinta – Hair & Beauty Salon

Inner beauty is your job. We do the rest.

  • Soft Images – Hair & Beauty Salon 

We hold ourselves accountable for exceeding our clients’ high expectations and recognize every client as our ultimate focus. We believe that the actions of one have the power to change the world. We work hard to please our customers. The payoff is, that it brings us as much pleasure as it does our satisfied customers. 

  • Rocket City Style s- Hair, Nail, and Beauty Salon

To serve customers with integrity by being loyal to them, the company, and ourselves. To give superior customer service consistently with a happy, relentless attitude while standing within an affordable budget for families. 


A salon mission statement will not only help you describe your salon’s performance and uniqueness but also help you connect with your customers at a deeper level. In today’s world where branding is very important for businesses, it is important to pay attention to having a powerful mission statement, that helps you get more customers, investors, and associates to scale up your business.

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