Samsung First Responder Discount Requirements And Details

Samsung First Responder Discount Requirements And Details

Samsung Mission statement says, “to devote its talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society. Samsung sets a high value on its people and technologies.” The company firmly believes that it’s all about giving back to the community that has helped the company stand strong even in the most competitive times.  

Samsung always has believed in singing in the glory of the heroes of the community. They believe that the heroes like the first responders should be rewarded for their bravery and unending support in times of disasters and distress. This is one way of working for the betterment of the community by giving first responders a discount on their products. Samsung offers a special first responder discount of 30%. In addition, it also runs several other discount programs for students, government employees, and military personnel.

Samsung is a Korean multinational company with its headquarters located in Samsung Town in Seoul, Korea. They are one of the leading manufacturers of items in the information technology industry, communications industry, and various other items catering to other industries. Today they are a worldwide figure known for the quality of their products that compete in the international market with top rivals.

Why Should You Ask For Samsung First Responder Discount?

Staying connected with family and friends is the necessity of the moment. And what better way to stay connected than by means of mobile phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and so on. Samsung is a manufacturer of such products and is one of the popular choices of many customers today. But sometimes, when you may decide on a product, it goes beyond your means, and whatever resources you have should go into your savings for your family.

And first responders are people who are first on the spot of a disaster or accident when called to duty. It is all the more necessary for them to save money because there is no guarantee in their lives. So in order that they might save and in honor of their duties and sacrifices, Samsung has given a first responder discount to this community of brave people. So if you have been given the honor and the privilege of saving on money, then you should definitely go on to grab the offer and save it.

How Much Is The First Responder Discount At Samsung

Samsung company has been very generous to the brave hearts of society by offering them a huge discount of 30% on all their products. In this way, you can sure be connected with family and friends in such busy times when nobody has the time to even come and meet up with family in person. Apart from such products, they also offer products that help you keep your homes clean and healthy.

So if you are a first responder, then you can enjoy the discount on any of their products at any time. And you definitely are lucky to be in that category, enjoying such a huge benefit given by them. These discounts are also availed in combination with other extra savings schemes offered by the company, with no codes required.

Who Can Take Advantage Of Samsung First Responder Discount

It is quite obvious that the people who can avail of these benefits have to be the first responders of the community. They include people like paramedics, emergency medical technicians, law enforcement officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, and the people who can be immediately reached when 911 is dialed.

It is quite natural that you have to be a fighter who attaches less importance to his own life in comparison to those who are in distress. Then you are one who is eligible to get that discount.

How to Get Samsung First Responder Discount

The company gives a huge benefit of 30% along with other extra savings schemes for the first responders. You do not need any code to enter to avail of that benefit. Any person who is a first responder can ask for that discount. It does not matter which profession you follow, but as long as you are a first responder, you can take those benefits given so generously by the company.

To avail of the Samsung first responder discount, you will have to Sign in with your personal Samsung account. A link will be provided for you. Here is how you sign in:

  1. Click on the discount link provided by them after creating your account with Samsung
  2. Choose the products that you need to buy from their store
  3. Again, choose your option of payment
  4. If you already are a Samsung Discount Program member, you will be asked to go to the checkout page
  5. And alternately, if you are not a member, sign up with your valid professional e-mail address
  6. But when you sign up with your personal email address, then you will have to prove your profession to them. It is done with
  7. After creating your account with them, you will be signed up for their discount programs and receive them when you sign out

Other Ways You Can Save With Samsung

Samsung Customer Satisfaction Survey is done under the name “Samsung Questionnaire”. Your feedback is very important for them. If you give them your valuable feedback, then you are part of that team that will receive discounts and offerings that might be crucial for you.

Some of the other discount programs run by Samsung are:

  • Education offers program: As a part of this program, students, teachers, and parents can save up to 30% on phones, laptops, and more.
  • Military Offers Program: This program is for active military veterans and their families, and they can save up to 30%.
  • Government Offers Program: If you are a federal, state, or local government employee, then you can also get up to 30%.

Stores that offer first responder discounts are Bose, Sonos, Verizon, Target, etc. You will find similar other companies that give the same discount.

Samsung FAQs

Does Samsung Offer First Responder Discounts

Samsung gives a first responder discount amounting to 30%

How Many Times Can You Use Your First Responder’s Discount

You can use your first responder’s discount any time you like, but every time you will have to prove your ID with them.

Who Is Eligible For The First Responder Discount At Samsung

Any person who is a doctor, nurse, firefighter, EMT, law enforcement officer, a responder from the 911 dial team can avail of this discount.


Samsung competitors do give first responder discounts, but there are none like Samsung who give this discount. Their discount is so huge that anyone would like to get it, but it is only those fortunate few who can avail of it.

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