Siemens Mission Statement

Siemens AG is one of the top-rated multinational companies known worldwide. It was first conceptualized in 1847 in a small courtyard in Berlin, Germany. No one thought that it would become a global giant.

Siemens has completed a journey of 170 years; and over the years, it has expanded its businesses into different zones. From technology to healthcare, the company deals with several industries, ensuring that their services are optimum and cater to everyone’s needs. 

Siemens is known for its spirit of innovation. Whether it is IT, finance, healthcare, automation or energy, the company has always excelled by offering remarkable solutions. Innovation and new creation are the two most important philosophies that allowed the founders to come this far. In simple words, innovation in technology has been the focus of Siemens.  

Siemens’ mission is to create outstanding and high-performing technology and products that will revolutionize the world and change the perceptions of its users and customers. Siemens mission statement is derived from its rich past, underlying beliefs, and ownership culture. It talks about shaping the future through its engineering excellence, high standards, teamwork, and sustainable practices.

The vision of this international company is to meet the challenges head-on and take advantage of opportunities that come their way. The company focuses on electrification, automation, and digitalization, to position itself among the leading multinationals and attain glorious success. Siemens’s main goal is to provide cutting-edge services and products to change the world and the way it is perceived. 

Siemens has come a long way using its engineering excellence, quality, and reliability. It is rightly known as the master of Innovation and Creation. It strongly believes in ethical practices, integrity, setting high goals, and creating a sustainable future. 

Siemens Mission Statement 

Siemens mission statement says that “We make real what matters. That’s our aspiration. That’s what we stand for. That’s what sets us apart. A reflection of our strong brand, it’s the mission that inspires us to succeed”.

 The mission statement clearly indicates the strong brand message of Siemens that talks about its dream and keenness to create something original. The key highlights of Siemens mission statement are discussed below.

Technological Advancement Driven by Innovation

Siemens has always aimed to revolutionize technologies and come up with advanced products. The company does not want to get inspiration from others; rather, it wants to create something original and set a benchmark for others. This clearly reveals the high aspirations of the company. In collaboration with its partners, Siemens wishes to create something new that would change the future course of action. For this, it wants to utilize its engineering and technological excellence. Through new innovations, it wants to gain the trust of its clients worldwide.

Setting new standards or benchmark

The company’s aim is to attain new heights of success, as inspired by its customers, through its capabilities to innovate and technological knowledge. The company has set its mission to devise revolutionary products, and it trusts its dedicated team to accomplish such important goals. They are passionate about developing products to optimize performance and efficiency. This has led the company to find several new innovative ideas and bring them to life. 

Belief in working as a team

With knowledge as its base, Siemens collaborates with its partners and customers and follows sustainable business practices to reach its goals. They provide engineering excellence and are determined to succeed as a team.

Attaining long-term success

The company wants to improve its global positioning despite the competition. One of its mission is to use automation and digitization to provide value to its customers and making the best use of the opportunities. At the same time, the company wants to use electrification, which is futuristic and well-known to Siemens. Also, the company already has a strong position in many aspects, and it wants to sustain it and excel further.  

Siemens Vision Statement

The company aspires to have a future where they want to utilize its creativity, talent, skills, resources, knowledge, and people to introduce innovative products and services which will be breakthroughs in the respective markets. 

The company wants to move in the right direction by following the best practices for its short-term goals like enhancing performance, medium-term goals like strengthening what it knows the best i.e. electrification, and long-term goals like scaling up.

Siemens Vision 2020 is direct towards a bright and successful future that is driven by a clear mission statement, ownership culture, and a well-known strategy. Here are the key highlights.

  • Having a strategic framework including concrete financial targets
  • Having an ownership culture to encourage employees to do their best
  • Streamlining internal processes and structure to improve performance
  • Improving customer and business focus
  • Working on one Siemens management model to attain targets
  • Using automation expertise to venture into digitization

Siemens Core Values 

Responsibility: At Siemens, it is everyone’s responsibility to comply with the ethical standards of the industries. No unethical behavior that might put the users’ well-fare at risk is acceptable in the organization. For conducting business in different areas, the company maintains the highest level of professionalism and seriousness. 

Excellence: Siemens aim at achieving excellence in their services and products. They make sure to attend to different customers and solve their confusion by providing the best solutions. In addition, they also make strategies for continuous improvement in the services to meet their users’ expectations and hopes.

Innovation: The company believes that innovation can change the world for a better future. That’s why they always look forward to transforming the unique ideas into reality for their customers. They also want to establish sustainability through innovative services and products. Siemens measure their success through the success of its customers brought through their innovation. 


Siemens is a name that is synonymous with technology, growth, and innovation. The company adheres to higher professional and business ethics which has helped the company complete more than a century and continues to create a global impact. For Siemens, changes like digitization, globalization, or climate change bring in many opportunities to help them succeed.

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