SimplyGram Review – Mission And Vision Statements Analysis

One of the key aspects of growing your social media presence is to get more followers, and the same holds for Instagram. But getting new followers isn’t as easy as it used to be. Social media algorithms are continually developing and putting more and more emphasis on engagement, which is vital for growing your account organically. 

However, with all of us being bombarded with more and more content online, growing your Instagram and other social media accounts have become difficult due to the clutter, competition of massive content online. 

Getting thousands of users to follow you on Instagram is now more challenging than ever. This is where solutions like SimplyGram come to your rescue. SimplyGram is an Instagram growth service dedicated to helping you gain followers by using only organic and legitimate growth strategies. 
In this SimplyGram review, we’ll evaluate as to why the service is rated highly by its users and how it can help your account grow organically.

SimplyGram Mission and Vision

SimplyGram, as it says, is on the mission to help you grow your Instagram account by increasing your following – a task that isn’t easy on your own – without you having to buy fake followers from the notorious bot farms. The simplest way to grow your following is to target the right people, and SimplyGram does just that. 

The Instagram growth service aims to help you grow your social influence by helping you expand your reach. All you have to do is provide them your Instagram profile link, the hashtags, and accounts that have followers you want to target, and SimplyGram will take care of the rest on your behalf. The service does not need your password and other critical information.

No matter what niche you’re covering with your Instagram content, there will always be someone out there who likes the content you post, and SimplyGram will find them for you. They do this by using the Mother-Child Growth Method, which has been on the rise lately because of its effectiveness.

How does the Mother-Child Growth Method Work?

In the mother-child growth method, you have a ‘mother’ account, which is the one that posts all the fun content you want to share, and you have ‘children’ accounts, which are there to help you grow your reach. The mother account does the main job – making content, but the growth and spread depend on the ‘child account.’ 

Since the potential following for the mother account is probably hiding in Instagram hashtags or the following of competitor accounts, the children accounts do the actual hunting. They send DMs to targeted accounts and repost content from the mother account to attract followers. And because they need to target people following certain kinds of content, they also repost content similar to that of the mother account. 

For example, if the mother account posts skincare, then the children accounts will repost skincare tips from other accounts, which will bring in followers looking for skincare posts. When they see that the mother account posts original, new content on the topic they like – in this case, skincare – they are more likely to follow it. 

And as mentioned above, the guys at SimplyGram will also use the child accounts to send DM to targeted users – people who might be interested in your content. They will mention your Instagram profile link within the message and ask the receiver to check your account. 

Of course, the children accounts will have to be branded and customized well – if they look too spammy, they won’t be trusted, which won’t bring in followers.

Why Use the Mother-Child Growth Method?

The Mother-Child Method is beneficial because you’re attracting followers through content that they like, they are more likely to stick around than if you were to buy followers. Because these new followers are actively seeking the type of content you post, they are also more likely to engage with it, making your content more visible on people’s feeds. This way, you can grow your follower count without being too pushy.

Another important aspect is that each account will bring in at least 1-2 followers per day. That means that if you have 100 children accounts, you can get at least 200 followers per day and 6000 per month. As your number of children accounts increase, your followers and the rate at which they grow increases as well.

Why Use SimplyGram?

Because of the effectiveness of the mother-child method, SimplyGram uses it to increase your social reach. By looking at your competitors and the hashtags and accounts followed by their followers, this Instagram growth service can better target the people you want to attract and allow your following to snowball.

But that’s not the only thing SimplyGram does for you! You don’t have to worry about things like changing algorithms after you’ve paid for service because SimplyGram keeps up-to-date with the algorithm and any changes made to make sure your account is growing the right way. 

The service also has one-on-one consulting options where a digital marketing team is assigned to you that helps you make decisions regarding your Instagram growth strategy and lets you know the best way to go about it, keeping in mind all the factors that come into play. 

The best part is that the service is affordable. SimplyGram offers a very low flat rate and gives you the option to subscribe to different packages depending on your needs, and requires no downloads. Since SimplyGram is a service and not a tool, it is run by experts who run the technology behind the scenes and help you grow without you having to lift a finger. Not to mention, the services they offer are entirely within Instagram’s TOS, so you don’t have to worry about crossing any limits and getting into trouble with your account.


Growing your Instagram following isn’t easy, especially when the number of people you can reach on your own who fit your target audience is very limited. With this SimplyGram review, we found that their services can manage to grow your follower base organically and effectively. Unlike fake followers that you buy from bot farms, with SimplyGram, you don’t have to worry about lagging after the original boost either, since the followers you gain through this service are real people with an active interest in your content.

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