SoFi Mission, Vision & Values

SoFi Mission Statement

SoFi’s mission is to help people reach financial independence to realize their ambitions. And financial independence doesn’t just mean being rich—it means getting to a point where your money works for the life you want to live. Everything we do is geared toward helping our members get their money right. We’re constantly innovating and building tools to give our members what they need to make that happen.

SoFi Vision Statement

No one has added SoFi’s vision statement yet.

SoFi Values

  • Put our members interest first.
  • Run after problems.
  • Embrace diversity. Everyone should feel welcome, included, and able to contribute.
  • Get to the truth and make principle-based decisions.
  • Make your footprint bigger than your foot.
  • Do the right thing. If you’re not sure, do the harder thing.
  • Set ambitious goals, be gritty, be accountable.
  • Take care of other people and help them grow.
  • Iterate, learn, innovate.
  • Be SoFi missionaries.
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